Monday, May 16, 2016

Sewing from The Splendid Sampler...

It's only two weeks now until I can show you my design in The Splendid Sampler project! It has plenty of stitchery so you may need to find a comfy spot on the day because your fingers will be busy for awhile. 

In the meantime though, have you made any or all the blocks from the 27 already shared?

I'm picking through and choosing sewing themed blocks for a wall quilt to display in my sewing room.
Yesterday's honey of a block was Pat Sloan's sewing machine and because the designers have had access to all the blocks since last year I was able to make my version a while ago. The fabrics used are scraps  of Lecien and Moda pieces from my oddments bin...

After stitching down the applique I added one of my treasured vintage buttons for a pop of creativity which gave it a retro style finished look!

Here's the first two Splendid Sampler designs I made in my choice of sewing themed blocks...

Head over HERE to the Splendid Sampler website to download all 27 blocks shared so far.
Some are patchwork, some applique, and others are embroidery - but they're all free and gorgeous!

 I'm waiting to begin the next few Splendid blocks for my quilt because I need to complete the tutorial for a set of hanging pockets I'll be sharing here on the blog later this week.
I said the other day it would be ready on the 17th, but as this sciatica issue has slowed me down a bit recently I'll push the tutorial forward to the 19th. 
A wise decision, methinks. 

 Enjoy your day sweet friends,


  1. That is a lovely block Jenny, am going to make that one as well as have just completed a sewing machine block that I have made into a cover for my machine so that will go very nicely with it. Have only done the other one with the flowers so far due to lack of time but am really looking forward to your block.

    I sympathise with the sciatica, I have it to and have managed to aggravate it today by of all things reaching for a towel when in the shower, very sore now!
    Take care and get lots of rest.

    God bless.
    Alison x

  2. The retro-style button was a perfect touch for the sewing machine block. I've not made any of the blocks so far but seeing yours was so inviting I'll be checking out all the others this evening. We understand totally about your pain and the need to take care of yourself. You are so very generous with your designs, making us wait to see what you create is certainly not a problem! Diane from Minnesota, USA

  3. Your fabrics are very sweet for this block. The button on the machine really adds dimension. Love this block. Healing Energy continues for your sciatica. I know this pain all too well.

  4. Your Splendid Sampler blocks are lovely in the fabrics you have used.. Love the vintage button...

  5. I just love that vintage sewing machine block!!

  6. Good Morning Jenny! Your sewing machine applique is adorable! You are truly gifted and I am honored to be an online friend! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  7. Your blocks are looking great Jenny, I love the addition of the button. xx

  8. Of course! you take care of your health. This is a very wise decision.
    God bless you. Hugs.

  9. SUPERBE !!! J'ai réalisé 9 carrés...
    Belle semaine

  10. Love your sewing machine, and your other blocks, too. Such pretty fabrics, one doesn't want to waste a tiny bit!

  11. Beautiful. Great idea to choose sewing themed blocks - but what about that rabbit block! Ha..ha...

  12. I love your block Jenny and although I have finished the same one I am running about 3 behind. I have been sewing the little door hanger 'Someone special sleeps here' for my grandson.Take care of yourself.


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