Saturday, June 18, 2016

Life Is Sweeter...

Ah, the weekend has arrived, and after an early morning coffee at the beach with my beloved Mr E I'm ready to do a quick tidy of the house before settling down to some menu planning, reading, and stitching.
What's on your agenda this weekend? Hopefully something relaxing and fun!

Yesterday I was at Blossom's all day playing nurse while her DB was at work. She's like me you know, not kept down easily and preferably 'doing' rather than 'resting', but with pneumonia rest is the best thing so that's what I made sure she had.

By the time I left she was a little bit pinker in the cheeks, but Blossom has a way to go before she's over this nasty illness. Today her daddy and DB will do some clearing away around her house and she can keep resting. It's hard with a baby due next month, but if she takes it easy and lets us help I'm sure all will be fine. Thank you for your prayers, you are blessing our family and our precious girl!

 As you know I've been a Flower Sugar World Ambassador for Lecien Fabrics over the past year, but recently I chose to step down from this role to devote more time to my family, The Stitchery Club, my blog, and a wonderful Australian venture.

I do find it hard to work with a company in the USA when I'm all the way Down Under and have no desire to leave my shores, but I have to say that Yoko at Lecien is a delight and has made things as easy as possible for both of us this past year given that we're working half a world apart. It's been a privilege to design with their beautiful fabrics and I'm sure I'll continue to do so just for my own pleasure.

This month I completed my last design as Flower Sugar World Ambassador, a pretty mini quilt to make you smile!

"Life Is Sweeter" is 14 1/2 inches square and the fabrics used for the applique and borders are Lecien's new Flower Sugar Carnival. 
I love the white lace doily detail behind the floral sprays...

...and the tiny spots and rose bouquets which were perfect for some fussy cut appliques in my centre stitchery block.

I added a simple border to the block in order to highlight the fabrics, but also to let the stitchery shine...

"Life is Sweeter" now hangs on my office door, a happy cheerful greeting when I walk in there each morning!

The pattern is my welcome gift for all new members of The Stitchery Club but if you're already a current member, or you would simply like to have the pattern, it's available HERE in my Craftsy Shop and also in my Etsy Shop over HERE.

If however you'd like the pattern as a gift simply head HERE to The Stitchery Club for details.

Well, I must away to give the house a bit of love before I settle in for a relaxing two day break. 
Have a good time too, okay?



  1. I love this mini quilt Jenny and can't wait to make it. All my live and prayers for blossom, how lucky she is to have you so close to look after her. Hugs

  2. Hope Blossom continues to improve and is soon feeling a lot better. What a sweet little design... so pretty! Enjoy your weekend! Christine x

  3. Lovely design and beautiful stitched design. Glad to hear Blossom is a bit better.

  4. Gosh I love that fabric. I bet Blossom is more willing to rest in bed than you think. I have had pneumonia and spent a week in the hospital with it. AND I bet she is willing to do whatever she needs to do to keep that little baby well for the next month. Now I'm going back to re-read this post. I just love that design.
    xx, Carol

  5. Good Morning Jenny! It is good to hear that Blossom has some color in her cheeks and has all of you helping her to reach being healthy for herself and the baby. My mother gets pnemonia quit often and our family goes through the loving process of getting her healthy again. It always feels so wonderful doing things for her during this time. I know that you all are feeling the same, with an extra boost of love and kindness for taking care of the baby also! May the Lord continue to watch over all of you and keep you strong, healthy and full of love and kindness to help Blossom through this time. Amen.

    I really love your new project Jenny. It is filled with such bright and beautiful fabrics that work so perfectly together. The stitching and applique is lovely, the mixture of the two and using the specific picked areas of the fabrics to use was a great idea. Truly the project is a perfect way of greeting so hanging it on a door is a fabulous idea! Thank You for sharing your vibrant and lovely art work with us once again. Have a fantastic creative day!

  6. Beautiful work, gorgeous colours :)

  7. Blossom is blessed to have such good and caring folks to help her get well and prepare for Baby. Lecien Fabrics have been lucky to have you design for them and it can't be easy from two different locations. I love their bright cheerful fabrics. Your greeting is just perfect as you enter your happy place each day. Prayers continue dear...

  8. Your blog cheers me up - my children are older but I worry about them more now then when they were younger. My son was in the hospital due to some kidney issues but he has been released and is doing well. I love Lecein and so glad you introduced me to them. This weekend I am thankful my other son can have less stress in his life.

  9. Beautiful work as always Jen. I do hope all is well with your dear girl and she is healing....hugs to you all x

  10. Gorgeous, of course! I hope you'll keep showing the things you design with their fabrics. I have a very hard time finding them, and was surprised to know they are in the US. I'm so glad you were at Blossom's and helping her stay down. I know it's hard for a goer and doer, but this is not the time to push. Next month, wow this has gone by so quickly.

  11. Hoping Blossom feels better real soon!
    Hugs, Kathy

  12. Hugs to Blossom as I continue to pray for a healthy mommy and baby. Love the new design and fabric. I pray for you, dear Jenny and Mr. E. Sometimes I think it is harder to be the mother of the new mommy than being a new mommy. I have been both and I really wished I could take some of the uncomfortable feeling away for my daughter. Hoping Blossom continues to improve. :^)

  13. The mini quilt is so pretty! Lecien loses a great designer. But I understand you. The first is family. And you little baby Blossom here at july... God Bless you.


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