Monday, August 1, 2016

Block 8 "Postcards from Heaven" BOM...

These months are really traveling quickly through 2016. It seems like only a couple of months ago Allie and I were making plans for this BOM, and now we're into our 8th block!

The August design is by my dear friend Allie, and I love how she has focused on the importance of following Jesus, the one true Light.
Allie stitches all her blocks in Redwork, such a homely style which truly resonates with the motivation we had for these postcards, God writing as a father to his daughters...

To download Allie's free pattern visit her blog HERE.

My blocks are all stitched in colour with the addition of either beads or buttons. You'll also notice that instead of the KJV text which Allie uses I write my words in conversation form, as one would write a message on a postcard.

 If you'd like to stitch my wording simply download the template to trace HERE.

Missed the first seven blocks?
You'll find them HERE.

May you be blessed as you stitch!


Little Penpen said...

How beautiful! I have finally started stitching one of these and love it! I've decided red, white, blue as my color theme.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this one! It's going to have to go right next to Joy cometh in the morning, whether it should or not. These two are favorites of mine! I love your version, too.

Águeda said...

Thank you very munch. I love yours postcards! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, its such a joy to stitch your creations. Thank you again.

Tuppence said...

Pecioso bordado y preciosas palabras,,cada vez admiro mas tus maravillosas puntadas..
Un beso Nora