Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Some stitching tutorials...

I've had quite a lot of requests on both my Elefantz Facebook page and on Instagram lately for stitching tutorials.
These are things I have shared in the past so here's a recap for those lovely gals who need some hints and tips for sewing tiny backstitch as well as a few other stitches.

Read THIS blog post from two years ago which covers backstitch and lazy daisy stitches as well as offering you a free practice pattern...

Another detailed embroidery tutorial was shared HERE in October 2014 as part of a 5-day series of blog posts taking readers step by step through the process of making a Holiday Hostess table runner. I did a few videos for this...

Perhaps you want to make the table topper as well?
Follow the links below the photo.

Day 1 - here
Day 2 - here
Day 3 - here
Day 4 - here
Day 5 - here

Another question that keeps popping up is what supplies I use when I stitch. This is also a question which has been answered in a blog post.
You can read it HERE.

Hope you enjoy trying the patterns and stitches!
If you have other questions write them in the comments section below and if I can answer them I will.

Bless you heaps,


Little Penpen said...

Thank you Jenny! I plan to sit down and absorb this info sometime today. Your stitches are so pretty and so consistent!

Águeda said...

Thank you, Jenny! I learn nice things from you! Have a blessed day :)

Brenda said...

Good Morning Jenny! I went and checked out your other posts; I am addicted to tutorials of all kinds (hee, hee, hee). It was wonderful to hear your voice and put a voice to your face! So in doing so, I had to print out a few more of your patterns; they are all so spectacular! I have been looking and printing out various stitchery patterns that will work on table runners, stockings and especially Christmas Cards. But in doing so, I have run across some great stitching tutorials. They really are all basically the same, yet someone will do something just a tad bit differently or give a great tip. I think that is why I love tutorials the way that I do, I always learn something that is incredibly helpful. So thank you for sharing and especially for designing the Christmas Tree. It is beautiful and quaint! Again Thank You for Everything that you Share, Design and Teach it is truly Appreciated! Have a fantastic Creative day!

Anonymous said...

It's good to have it all together in one spot. Thanks!

VikiVictoria said...

Thank you!! for posting these tutorials! You have a new crop of fans😀💕

Ju said...