Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Strawberries two ways...

Last week Mr E asked if I'd make him a slow Guinness Stew over the weekend, so on Saturday morning I set myself to the task at hand.
Once I'd browned off the beef, onions, and garlic I added the Guinness, spices, and beef stock to the pan before tipping it all into my slow cooker for a nice eight hour braise. 

Still in my apron, and the kitchen a mess anyway, I decided to make a Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. 

This is a recipe I've made for about 25 years and one I knew my daughter Blossom loved, so I rang and asked if she and her DB would like to come visit for dinner that night (and bring their little Cully May for nana and pop cuddles!). Without hesitation, she said yes. 

I shared this recipe on the blog many years ago but as it's such a good one I thought you may like to download it to add to your own recipe files.

My good friend Fee is an avid fan of this recipe too. From the first time I shared it on the blog she's made it a regular treat for her family.
But the strawberry love doesn't stop there!

Fee has also become an avid fan of my Elegant Strawberry Pincushion pattern/tutorial...

In fact, she's spent the past few days making a few of them, all deliciously elegant.

Here's one, but if you'd like to see them all pop over here to her blog for inspiration and more strawberry eye candy...

What have you made recently from strawberries?



  1. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!
    I'll have to give it a try soon!
    Love the variations!

  2. Thank you very munch. Your recipes are fantastic! I will buy Guinnes today. I wll try the stew . Have a blessed day. Hugs for everyone,( specialy for CullY May )

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day in the kitchen.

  4. Thanks for both the recipe and pincushion tut...
    Enjoy your evening with Blossom, her DF and baby Cully May.

  5. Fee's strawberry is very pretty. And your strawberry recipe looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jenny you are the most wonderful inspiration! The way you simply say, "Still in my apron" and the gentle way you invite Blossom and family for impromptu dinner just makes me want to follow in your footsteps. Love and family is such a Blessing...

  7. Your recipe looks yummy, but our strawberries have stayed expensive this year. Usually, there's a time when we can get them for about $1 a quart, but not this summer! I bought some occasionally anyway, and just ate them right up plain. Thanks for the recipe, though, since I expect we'll have them cheaply again next summer. Thanks for showing Fee's pincushion, too. It's another lovely one.

  8. coucou Jenny ! je viens me reposer sur votre blog et lire votre article alors que dehors il fait très chaud, je préfère rester au frais ! hummm les fraises, je vais regarder cette recette ! un grand merci de la partager avec nous, je ferais aussi peut être ce joli tuto de fraise, va savoir !!! j'ai reçu le stitchery club d'Août, et comme d'habitude c'est superbe, et je crois bien que je vais adorer aussi celui qui se prépare pour septembre. bonne semaine pour toute la famille ! hugs, Martine

  9. Your strawberry shortcake looks divine. We don't have strawberries here in N.Z. at the moment but will make this recipe up in the Summer. Thank you Jenny.Your friends handmade strawberry looks lovely as does yours. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.


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