Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Applique, with a practice pattern...

I love adding pops of applique through my stitcheries. 
In fact that's what I love most about this year's BOM "Gentle Domesticity"! All my favourite scraps of fabric are finding themselves a pretty place to show off...

I don't throw away any fabric cut-offs that are 2" square or larger, but store them in two plastic containers which become treasure troves of sweetness, perfect for applique or making hexies.

Over the weekend I began two new designs for The Stitchery Club in September. The theme next month is "Picking Flowers" and most of the stitcheries will feature applique. Want to see?

A floral orphan charm square became a hooded cloak, whilst narrow strips of aqua gingham and pink roses married as a trim and peek-a-boo dress...

The next day I gathered larger pieces of fabric, two teal and two pink. 

When creating a design which will be displayed in a larger project it's time to dig into my fat eighths or fat quarters...

Yesterday and today I've spent time completing these two sweet patterns.

"She Picks Flowers"

"The Flower Thieves"

I love the gentleness in these two designs, made prettier with applique.

If you've not tried applique before I have a couple of tutorials that may help you get started, here ...

and here.

I'll even give you a free pattern to practice with!

Download the "Bird on Bloom" pattern here in my shop as a practice gift from me to you.

Bless you heaps!


  1. Oh, Jenny! I do not know how you do! Your job is already beautiful, and you make more and more beautiful every day.
    Thank you very much for your generosity. Have a good day. Hugs.

  2. You are a master at what you do, I look so forward to your blog. Photos are wonderful and your stitching is upper class. Enjoy your grand child.

  3. Good Morning Jenny! I get so excited every time I see your name in my email! I rush to open it; almost like a little one opening presents! LOL. Yet, once opened you reveal such spectacular delights! Today, I downloaded the pillow pattern and applique it is so adorable. I am slowly trying to redo my household accessories in brighter and lovely fun designs. So many of your designs are being used! Although, I am really a slow crafter...hee, hee, hee. So my hand stitching takes me two to three times the amount of others. I am fine with that, I just do it for the pleasure it gives me and then the final beautiful treasure!

    Thank you again for sharing all of your special talents with us! I will thank the Lord once again for leading me to you! I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Thank you for this great post!
    will give this practice project a try!

    Take care,

  5. Love that cushion, just might have to make this one too!

  6. Thank you Jenny, just gorgeous, I love applique too and also your choices of fabric, beautiful creative work. Have a wonderful day, Judithann :-)x

  7. Jenny I love these, the girl whos picking the flowers is lovely. And the birds to. I came to visit just in time I never did applicate ever so Im going to visit the tutorials thank you for being so loving. Have a wonderful evening, with love Janice

  8. Oooh, birds! So cute! Thanks for the peeks. Sometimes, I think those keep me stitching! Thanks, too, for the practice appliqué flower. As I was reading your words, I thought, "No one writes quite like Jenny. She makes a beautiful presentation even in the way she describes things!"

  9. how pretty is this..let me count the ways...J ( 1) E (2) N (3) N (4) Y ( 5)

  10. Thank you for this lovely pattern. Guida

  11. Beautiful Jenny! The little girl is so, so lovely! And the birds entirely 'tweet'!


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