Thursday, October 13, 2016

A rose sewn bird...

Some of my very first designs featured lots and lots of shabby roses. In fact a few of my first quilt designs were "Shabby Rose" quilts and they're still among my favourites today.

The sixth design for this month's Stitchery Club issue celebrates those first roses...

The theme for October's patterns is "A Stitchy Kind of Christmas" so I have added rose topped scissors on my signature bird's wing...

I'd like to finish this design as a hanging bird ornament. 
By drawing a 1/2" border around the outside of the embroidered bird I can cut on that line, sew the bird to a same shaped piece of backing fabric, stuff with filling and add ribbons to hang.

If I have time today that's what I'll do.
If not it will be tomorrow, but I'll be sure to show you once it's finished.

There's only 3 days left to join the Club and receive the October patterns as they are emailed out on Monday 17th.

JOIN today and  don't miss out.

Just to jog your memory, here are the other five designs inside this month's issue...

Note: A few people have pointed out that my "Handmade Helper" sewing machine is facing the wrong direction, but the thing is that's how I drew it and stitched it. Daft me! LOL!
So, included in the patterns will be two version of the sewing machine, one facing left and the other facing right. 

Have a lovely day,
I'm off to give Cully May her quilt. Yay!



  1. Maybe it's a left handed sewing machine! All of this month's designs are delightful.

  2. As alway Jenny all the designs are lovely. With love Janice

  3. I didn't notice the sewing machine was facing the wrong way until you mentioned it :-) The designs are very eye catching Jenny - one of these days I will have some time to dig out my needle and thread again. I have a christmas table cloth I was embroidering but haven't touched it in over 12 months. Sigh.

  4. Beautiful designs - you are so creative. I too didn't notice the sewing machine the 'wrong' way till you mentioned it. Love it that way - and isn't that how I first started to sew with my little toy sewing machine :)!!

  5. So anxious to get these, hoping to get a throw done for this Christmas.

  6. Well, the machine can be a good idea. Perhaps it is a sewing machine for lefties :) it is still beautiful.

  7. Honestly, I don't care which way it faces. Maybe it's for a left-handed stitcher! Being the right-handed sister to 3 siblings who were left-handed, I certainly could understand if they'd like one! I think I'll just sew it this way. =) What a great finale to a wonderful month of stitcheries. Thank you so much, Jenny!

  8. I remember the shabby roses they certainly were lovely.

    Enjoy your visit.

  9. Your designs are delightful and this little bird will make a wonderful ornament. I am so thankful I joined your monthly Stitchery club. Sweet Bird Blessings...

  10. All so beautiful . I love your bird.

  11. Oh how sweet is that little bird. I would love to join your stitchery club but I am in the middle of moving out of my condo which sold and into a spare bedroom of a friend until I find a new home. I am hopping this little bird will be available individually at a later date for purcgase. Once I settle in I want to relax and get back to stitching.

    Have a blessed day.

  12. Your designs are beautiful. I think the sewing machine is gorgeous like it is.
    Happiness is handmade.

  13. I'm a new Charter Member and am so excited to get the first designs. You do amazing work! Thanks!

  14. These designs are so pretty ♥


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