Monday, October 3, 2016

Craftsy changes update...

I've had a lot of emails overnight about the Craftsy changes and some people having trouble downloading my patterns, most recently this month's free Gentle Domesticity block.

First of all, log in to Craftsy.
If you're already logged in (I am permanently logged in on my laptop) try logging out, then log in again.

Go to my store page.

Above the pattern photos and to the right is a drop down menu to choose 'best match', 'newest', etc. 
Choose 'newest' and the most recent patterns will appear at the top of the shop page.

Under the photo of this month's Gentle Domesticity blocks you will see 'pattern download'. Click on that.

Now you're taken to that particular pattern's page.
Click on the 'add to cart' button to the right.

You'll be taken to another page, where you must click on 'download pattern' (or 'continue shopping if you have more patterns to obtain).

Now you'll be taken to yet another page...tired? I am. 
On this page, finally, click on 'download pattern' again, and this time you can actually download it to your computer.

One last thing, as much of a run around this process has been, you now have your pattern/s, so the final step comes from me.

Sweet gal, breathe deep and let go.

Gather supplies and stitch yourself something pretty.
You've earned your sewing time today.

Back again on the 6th, but for now I'm offline and handing the old laptop over to Mr E so he can swap everything across to my new one.
I predict many sewing hours for me over the next few days...

big hugs,


Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the pattern!
Craftsy seems to be easier now than before for me. Maybe I wasn't used to it?
Windows 10, if installed, with making adjustments, turning a lot of options off, will be fine!
Succes with the new laptop adventure!

Take care,

Lin said...

What confused me Jenny was the drop down menu to find newest. Instead of clicking on the arrow which is what you usually do with drop downs, you had to click on whatever was already in the box. I spent ages trying to click on the arrow! Many thanks for the patterna and good luck with the new computer. Our local computer whiz added windows 10 for me and somehow he has made it almost like my previous programme so getting used to it was dead easy. xx

Anonymous said...

My drop down menu didn't work at all, but I found the pattern on page two. I thought it would be on page seven! LOL I don't like that I can't access all my patterns the way I did before. It was MUCH easier, as was the download process. I just figure a 12-year old programmed it and didn't know any better. LOL We'll all adjust eventually. I'll probably use it a lot less, though.

JES said...

Just darling! I had no problem downloading! :) Which is a first for me :)

Mary said...

It worked easily today. Thank you for the lovely pattern.

Baa. xxx said...

Happy happy wonderful sewing hours Jenny!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Brilliant, my dear, thank you....

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