Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The "Cully May" quilt project...

A day early and I'm back online with a brand new laptop loaded with Windows 10 (ack!) and something special to show you.
Mr E has worked for 48 hours on my new laptop to set it up and transfer everything of Elefantz Designs over from the old laptop...and then, bless his cotton-pickin' heart, he made it all 'user friendly' for this gal who does not like technological changes!
Seriously, my beloved is a true champion, always at work to make my life that little bit easier. How deeply I love and appreciate him!

Another person who holds my heart in her hands is our precious new granddaughter, Cully May.
She was two months old yesterday (the time has flown!) so when I was offline earlier this week it was the perfect opportunity to put all the little stitcheries I made earlier this year for the June issue of the Stitchery Club into a quilt for her.

I have pieced it very simply with nine stitcheries...

...and bordered them with florals and soft candy pink stripes to make 8" blocks.

There's a simple double border around the outside with a floral/bird print and more of the candy stripe, finishing the quilt top at 38" square...

Now to the big decision.
Whether to put pink Minky on the back...

...or to quilt traditionally with cotton wadding and pink/white spot backing.

Blossom and I love the softness of the Minky and as we live in the hot tropics there's more chance of using the quilt with less bulk and warmth.

BUT, I love traditional quilts and it would be much sturdier and do less damage over time to the embroidery if it had wadding and a fabric backing instead of Minky.

Also, I'm freaking about sewing Minky behind the quilt top as it's very stretchy and the quilt top is not. I could do an envelope style and forgo binding but I don't like that look. 

I posed the question about using Minky as a quilt backing on my Instagram page and got some great advice...but I now need to step back and weigh up the options before moving forward to finishing the quilt.

Any advice you have I'd love to hear it.

As well as working on the quilt I've been completing a design and project for November (I'm way ahead for once) but because October's Club patterns won't be sent out till the 17th you'll only get a tiny peek at the one of November's designs.

White linen and cotton lace were a perfect pairing with Bonnie & Camille's 'Vintage Picnic" print in navy and red floral...

Apart from sewing I also took time to purchase potted peace lilies for myself and Blossom.

I did not have flowers at my wedding 25 years ago, instead the altar was lined with peace lilies.
They live up their name as their beauty on our dining table makes you catch your breath and smile.

I've also decided to feed my need to study and learn, so apart from continuing with my favourite daily habitual practice...

...I've chosen to follow a long held dream.

For many years it's been my desire to study health and nutrition but the expense of an online course runs into quite a few thousand dollars which we do not have. After serious consideration I opted to purchase this huge double volume of the Farmacist Desk Reference and learn about the healing and medicinal qualities of plant foods.

The author is not a Christian, but I am, and therefore I believe it was our Creator who gave fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies and cause our health to thrive.
It will take me a year or two to work my way through these volumes but I'm pretty happy that I can finally study the subject that's been on my heart for so long.

Life through October will slow quite considerably with Mr E home and this is a really good thing for me too. This week he's worked on my laptop and now he'll do some repairs to his Jeep...then I sense a road trip may be in our future. 

We do love a good road trip.

In the meantime, my sewing machine is set up and I have at least a hundred stitcheries to play with and make into projects...

...after I finish the "Cully May" quilt!

And about those Cully May Quilt stitcheries...

The stitcheries I've used in her quilt were all in the June issue of The Stitchery Club so in case you were not a member back then I've added that issue to both my Craftsy and Etsy shops and have it on SALE until October 12th.

Normally the issue (which includes 11 embroidery patterns) is $16.95 but it's down to $12.95 for the next week.
The nine stitcheries I've used in the quilt from June's issue are -
Beloved / Cherished / Princess / Ten Toes / Ten Fingers / So in Love / Dream Come True / Happy / Sweetest Smile

To purchase in USD through Craftsy go here.

To purchase in AUD through Etsy go here.

The finished quilt pattern will be shared here on the blog next week as a free gift.
You might have those stitcheries finished by then, yeh?

I hope your month is relaxing, your week brings joyful surprises, and your day is better than you imagined.

with love


  1. Beautiful Jenny. Maybe the old fashioned way so this can be a special quilt and then maybe make another one with more fabric in and less stitcheries and back it with the minky??? Ha..ha....I just made twice as much work for you!

  2. Great colors and fabric choices on the quilt. Good luck on your backing decision, I would do a traditional quilt. Best of luck to you on your studies.

  3. Wow! What an awesome post! Cully May's quilt is looking so sweet and shall be a cherished heirloom.I am loving the October stitcheries which I have just looked at. Good on you for studying. Years ago I did a correspondence course for Flower Essence Therapy which include the Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Remedies and ones from California and other places. I have also done a small course in natural therapies which was at a local community house. Aromatherapy is also another fav of mine . I think my interest in complimentary medicine stems back from my maternal grandmother who was into food combining and other nutritional things. Have fun.

  4. c'est super Joli Jenny, bravo ! c'est cool, c'est justement la date où je me suis abonnée !!! donc je pourrais bien le faire, n'est-ce pas ?! j'adore les tissus que vous avez employés, plein de douceur.
    les broderies d'octobre vous encore être à tomber !!! Pour la machine à coudre, j'ai déjà vu ce modèle, sur plusieurs blogs, en êtes vous satisfaite ? et peut elle être employée aussi pour le patch ?
    début octobre, les matins et soirs se sont rafraichis chez moi, mais les après midi sont encore bien ensoleillés, et je profite de prendre un bon bain de soleil ! passez une belle journée.....

  5. Hi Jenny, Cully May's special quilt is gorgeous, I'm not an expert but I think the traditional way too, I feel it will be more user friendly (especially with your beautiful stitcheries) as the minky being polyester even though cuddly and soft is a warmer fabric. I have made polo fleece podletts and polo fleece ribbon blankets for family friends babies and young children in Cairns and they did and are getting much use, the podletts being kept in the car. I have today been sewing soft micro baby polo fleece ribbon blanket and podlett (that is a foot enclosed blanket where the harness can still be used and the sides tucked around baby or toddler or big person for that matter and then can be left down a little when too warm) for my nephew's 2 month old baby son. I have made lots of these including one for myself for chilly nights in front of the tele. Anyway whatever you choose Cully May will love and enjoy using. Enjoy your break with Mr E, oh and your studies, sounds very interesting Judithann :-)x

  6. Good Morning Jenny! From reading your delightful post this morning, I can tell that life is going pretty well for you and that is spectacular! Thank the Lord Almighty everyday! Your quilt is so precious and dainty, your grand baby will treasure it always! I can not offer any advice because I have never used Minky fabric just cotton batting and then cotton fabrics. Either choice again will be the right choice because the little one will not care and will use the quilt every day! A few more days until the wedding and then maybe things will settle back to normal. Have a fantastic creative day!

  7. Just stunning Jenny. Cully May is stunning, too. Blessings

  8. Miss Jennifer,

    Cully May is a blessed baby. You've created such a dear, beautiful keepsake for her!

    I look forward to hearing what you learn from your fabulous purchase!!! I've never heard of the Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine, but believe God has given us real food for good health. Like you, a purchase like that will need much prayer at our house. :)

    Please be sure to teach us what you learn so His church will be healthy, strong and full of praise.

  9. What a wonderful way to use the stitcheries, it's so pretty, so pink and so feminine! Personally, I don't use Minky on anything I want to last. I don't really like it for sewing, though it does feel soft and yummy. Why not make a stuffie to go with the quilt? Perhaps an Elefantz? =) I'm SO glad you decided on this alternative way of learning what is in your heart to learn. I know it will bless your life, your family members lives, and all the lives you touch in so may ways. Good for you for persisting and finding a way.

  10. The quilt will be beautiful and well loved no matter which option you choose to finish it.

  11. I love Minky fabric however I shall vote for the traditional wadding and soft pink polka dot fabric. This quilt is precious and so is Cully May. I am never a fan of learning anything new with computers especially Windows 10. I do like learning new skills and lifestyle beneficial changes. Enjoy your Mr. E being home with you. He is a rare man to be so thoughtful and caring of family and especially you dear.

  12. It's very ..very beautiful... A baby will be happy with you.
    I'm agree with you about natural foods etc...
    well done for all

  13. I have 13 grandkids and they all love the baby quilts I make them with minky on the back. It's worth the mess while cutting out and stitching. Such a beautiful gift for your sweet little one.

  14. I love your gran-baby's quilt, will be interested to see how you go with the minky fabric. Congrats on the beginning of your long awaited study dream. Thanks, Guida.

  15. I make a lot of baby quilts for all my friends, and I always back them with fleece, so I would go with the Minky backing. Back quilts need to be washed a lot if they actually get used, for obvious reasons, and I think that fleece copes better with the rigerous washing they end up getting.
    I always machine quilt them, and back with the fleece, and then I can say that they can shove it in the wash with everything else, and not have to follow special instructions. They may not last forever, but I think the nicest child's blankets are well loved and worn.
    You can always make Cully May a quilt for her twenty first, which can then last long enough for her to pass it on to her grandchildren.
    The quilt is beautiful by the way. I particularly like the floral fabric you used.

  16. That quilt is just lovely- lucky little girl!

  17. Thank you for the beautiful post, Jenny.

  18. I have only one word about Cully May's quilt...perfect!

  19. Cully May's quilt is beautiful! Maybe you could use a sheet or piece of muslin instead of wadding in the middle - that would lighten up the traditional quilt idea. And congratulations on following your dream - sounds exciting - I hope you post about it as you learn.

  20. Cully May's quilt is just beautiful, Jenny.

  21. The quilt for Cully-May is almost nearly as sweet as she is.
    I'm glad you study nutrition and health. That's a nice theme .And it is helpful for the family and home. Congratulations on your decision. I think it's very successful.
    I am also glad your break in October with M.E. . That's a good thing.
    God Bless you.

  22. My that quilt is absolutely gorgeous.

    Have to say I can't comment on the Minky! I've never heard of it but then I haven't been sewing for many years now. It does look very soft & cuddly.

    Take care & have a good break with Mr E!

  23. Stick with pink poke a dot. It keeps it timeless and beautiful. The minky will get lint balls. I have used it, but i would only use it for gloves, scarf and hat set.


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