Friday, October 28, 2016

I was working on...

...something while we were in the car on our road trip. It began at home then came with me to be completed while we were away. 

During the late afternoon highway hours I tend to get very tired and need something to keep me awake so I can chat with Mr E helping his concentration as well, especially as early evening brings kangaroos, wild pigs and wallabies across our paths. Such was the case our first day on the road so out came my partially stitched block, needle and thread.
Strangely enough I chose satin stitch flower centres and buds to focus my sewing attention on in the waning light, which amused Mr E no end as they needed unpicking and restitching numerous times during the steep and winding mountain descent between Mount Molloy and Port Douglas.
Arriving at the motel as the sun was setting I packed my sewing away and decided I wouldn't even look at it again during our short holiday.

That resolve lasted all through the next day.

My needle resumed it's task on day 3 during the trip home, but this time we drove the coastal highway which had a lot of road works so there was plenty of stationary time to fix my Monday mistakes. Mr E again found this amusing. Gotta love that man.

Here's what my distraction-from-tiredness-in-the-late-afternoon-sun became...

The colours were inspired by a random fat quarter I found at Spotlight a couple of weeks ago and some vintage Bakelite buttons from my stash.
No idea what the fabric is, and I couldn't find any more of it.
If I could, I'd probably have bought the bolt. 
It even feels beautiful...

Last night I was exhausted, satisfied, but exhausted. Every muscle and bone throbbed.
4WD-ing over muddy and rugged terrain tends to do that. 
It's not until a day or two afterwards when the thrill and adrenaline have subsided that you realise the ache ringing out in your body is real and requires attention by way of rest.
But like I said, it was a satisfied ache, a 'slow-down-and-enjoy-simple-things-for-a-few-days' ache, so I made a big jug of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, sat down with pencil and paper, and drew a simple design to stitch. 
After all, stitching plants me in one space and stills my mind.

Mr E chose a movie, we sliced Ciabatta, cheese and salami for dinner, and I stitched this while we relaxed.
Very simple. Very easy. Very enjoyable. 
(the food was good too)

It's Friday afternoon here in my little corner of the world and we're winding down.
The weekend looms near with the promise of delicious curries at the Indian Festival and maybe some garage/yard sales at dawn tomorrow if we can find any selling camper-van gear.
With only three days left of Mr E's holiday break we'll take it slow and relish every hour, simply savouring the moments.

Hope you do too.



Smily-Света said...

What a nice picture you've created! Very tender, sweet (but too much) and beautiful!

Melody said...

Beautiful designs Jenny, can't wait to stitch them

Baa. xxx said...

You write it so well, I can imagine being there. Lovely designs!

Ondrea said...

Absolutely beautiful designs again.

Wendy said...

they are both so beautiful!

KimM said...

Both are sew lovely, Jenny!

Anonymous said...

I wish you still had a week of relaxation left together, but I'm so happy you've had this much. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I miss riding in the passenger seat and stitching. I get a lot less done, too! =) The designs are both wonderful, and I'm so glad we'll get them in Stitchery Club! Enjoy this last three days, and do take it slowly! I hope you have a great time at the Indian festival and find something wonderful for van camping.

Karen B. said...

Oh Jenny,
as always I again just love what you have created. I must say that your black and white piece has really done it for me. It is so simple and elegant and just beautiful but so is all your other work too.
My love to you and yours.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Martha Roberts said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. Sounds like a lovely time you had together. LOVE the black and white. I may or may not have to put a little red in there somewhere. ;)

Createology said...

Your day trip times three sounds quite interesting. Your stitchings are sew sweet and I am happy to hear they will be in November Stitchery Club. You are fortunate to be able to stitch while passengering in a moving automobile.

Susan said...

Love reading your blog, such a inspiration to me. Thank you very much