Friday, October 21, 2016

Pincushion time!

Do you have a wicker basket full of pincushions?
I love pincushions and needle-books even if they don't get used because they seem to possess a sense of domesticity, comfort and care. No matter where they lay throughout my home there's an instant picture being painted in my mind's eye of womanly productivity and delight. In fact, I simply tingle with joy at any evidence of sewing no matter whose house I'm blessed to be in. 

Which is why I'm spending a month making pincushions.
It's lovely offering six stitcheries through the Club each month, but how much fun to be given four different pincushion patterns too?

They'll be different sizes, different styles, different  colour schemes...but they'll all be pincushions.
In fact, I'll even share tutorials here on the blog in November.

These are the first two I've made.

Spring Bouquet (because it's Spring in Australia right now)...

This pincushion is nice and firm and I've added quilt binding around the sides for stability and a polished appearance. 

Pretty Poppies (because we're getting close to Remembrance Day)...

This is a nice big pincushion with front pocket for storing scissors and other bits and pieces, great for taking to your sewing group...

If you'd like to become a member of The Stitchery Club all info is over here.

I was going to sew a third stitchery into a pincushion this afternoon but got sidetracked de-cluttering the walk in wardrobe instead, then once I'd gotten into the groove of re-organising it seemed silly to stop so I pulled everything out of the linen cupboard and continued on!

At 2.30 Mr E (who had been working outside on the Jeep) came upstairs and asked about lunch. Oops! I do tend to forget about food when I'm on a mission.
Guess the sewing will wait for the weekend. In the meantime, my wardrobe and the linen cupboard look great and the car boot is loaded up with goodies for the Salvos. 

Is there a room or cupboard in your home that needs a clean out?
Why don't you make a point of getting to it before the end of the month?
My next task is the bathroom cabinet.
And I better scrub the bath while I'm there. Darn.

Have a lovely weekend no matter what you get up to!


  1. What wonderful for you needle-holders, Jenny!!! I in a delight!!! You are absolutely right - needle-holders are not much, they really give our house the faint note of comfort!!!

  2. Oh these pincushions are absolutely gorgeous. They are so special. You make such pretty things, Jenny!!

  3. I love pin cushions Jenny - and your new ones are beautiful, I love the poppy design. xx

  4. Good Morning Jenny! Oh these are beautiful pincushions! I am so glad that you share your special projects and lovely stitching with us; they always bring joy to my day. Plus, I am always inspired. Slowly but surely, hubby and I are doing some reorganizing throughout our home also. It does feel wonderful. Thank you again for sharing and inspiring and have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Jenny I just love the Pretty Poppies Pincushion. So beautiful....

  6. I'm beginning to think you mission in life is to keep us busy and having fun.
    I see Christmas gifts for my sewing buddy's. Thank you

  7. These are so pretty, Jenny! You continue to outdo yourself every month!

  8. I marvel at how much stitching and sewing you get done. I am abysmally slow, and it's not because I am striving for perfection. Your designs are lovely, and your techniques are something I try to emulate. I love to visit your blog, although I am mostly a silent lurker. It is so inspirational, and you are so generous with your ideas. Thanks for all you do. swalker287 (at) aol (dot) com.

  9. Your pincushions are delightful! :)

  10. I love pincushions! I even have a pinterest board just for pincushions. Oh, Happy day! Thank you, sweet Jenny.

  11. My whole house needs a clean out, but it seems pointless until younger son finds his footing and his own place. =) I love both pincushions, but especially the poppies one. How gorgeous! I hope the Jeep is going to be taking you on a road trip next week! I have a shelf of pincushions. I never thought of putting them in a basket! I'm missing the decorator gene. I'll have to look at the thrift stores around here and see what I can find.

  12. Jenny, I love these pincushions so much! Your work is exquisite and I just signed up for your Stitchery Club. Can't wait to start on these... Thank you for your designs and your inspiration. I'm hoping you are enjoying a fabulous roadtrip right now!

  13. You can never have enough of pincushions, even if you already hve a huge bakset of them :) At least, I think so

  14. I love this idea of pin cushions, my favorite is the Poppy one but I love them all. Each year I make gifts for the residence of a Senior facility as a thank you for helping me with quilts.

  15. Gorgeous pincushions Jenny. both are so pretty.


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