Sunday, January 29, 2017

His Strength (with free stitchery)...

I think perhaps it can seem like I have it 'all together' in my life most of the time, but in reality I begin many days with a heavy heart.
That's why I wake a good hour before my husband, slide out of bed onto the hardwood floor and walk softly down the darkened hallway to pour a cool glass of diluted juice, gather my Bible and my glasses, and go meet with Jesus.

My head will be swimming with all the 'to-dos' of the day ahead but my heart is longing for the kindness of my Saviour and the words of life and strength He has which will lift my countenance and set my feet to higher ground. 

Why the heavy heart as I rise you may wonder?
Nobody's life is free from trial I do not think, and I am certainly not immune. Let's just say that much like yours my life is a cycle of seasons, each bringing their own joys and their challenges.

The Scripture I'm sharing today is one that brings me to tears, because the comfort it offers is real and touches deep into my being.
My flesh and heart do fail me, often, and I can come all undone like a ball of yarn which has been carefully wound and is suddenly snatched up by a willful kitten and in seconds becomes a tangled mess spread across the carpet.
That heavy sense of frailty, vulnerability and being totally overwhelmed rushes in quickly and I feel unable to pick up the pieces and begin again...

...but then Jesus.

My God.

My Strength.

My Comforter.

My hand to hold and my ear to hear and my heart mender. He comes to my rescue. I take one wobbly step towards Him and He runs twelve towards me.

That's why I cherish our morning date. That's why I make each day with Him count. That's why this Scripture means so much to me.

Yesterday I was pondering the words and decided to sketch it as a stitchery so I could display it in my home where my eyes would fall often upon it...and then I thought, maybe you need it too?


The pattern is a free gift, for freely He gives and so shall I.

As you stitch let the truth of this Scripture soak deep into your heart and never let it or Him go, because your flesh and heart will fail just like mine and you will need His strength one day, perhaps many days.
He is your portion FOREVER sweet friend and He will never, ever fail you.

Your sister in Christ,


  1. Thank you Jenny, for sharing this lovely verse and stitchery. Loved your post!

  2. You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for this reminder and the pattern.

  3. Wonderful to know there are others who also cherish early morning hours for visiting the Lord! ♥♥♥ Dankie vir die mooi patroon!♥♥♥

  4. Muito obrigada por tuas palavras. Me animou muito nesta manhã de domingo!!!
    Vou, já, já, bordar este salmo lindo!!!

  5. Thank you once again Jenny for sharing your walk with Jesus with all of us. Once again you have pointed me to scripture which blesses my soul. God Bless You,

  6. Thank you for sharing! Not only would I like to stitch this for myself but I am thinking it would be a wonderful gift for my Womens Bible Study leader, she would love this.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this gift. I treasure it.

  8. Ah! Perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Like you, it's a daily need. I end troubled days by peaceful time in the scriptures, so that I can sleep and begin again another day. I know that I am blessed immeasurably. I know that every life has trials, and that those trials are our teaching ground. Without them, we don't learn faith, trust, and strength. Without them, we are easily uprooted, and we can't endure to the end. Without them, we don't learn love and compassion, and we don't become the humble and teachable people God means us to be. I love (yes, really - love!) this stitchery and am so grateful to have it and to have you in my life. You are a blessing to me, my heart-sister Jenny.

  10. Thank you Jenny, you are a beautiful witness for our Gracious God. You touch my heart for him and I know many others.

  11. Simply gorgeous - and one I will stitch for mum - as this was our verse for her surgery. I can't wait to get started. Jenny-girl, you are an amazing woman of God, you always always always point to Him in everything you do. You are a BLESSING.

  12. Hi Jenny

    Thanks for sharing why this scripture is important to you. Bless you for your honesty in what you shared and I agree that some days seem to contain more than we are able to do! That's why, like you, I cherish that time early in the morning with my Heavenly Father whose love and mercy give me strength to face each day,

    Bless you for sharing this pattern-it's such a blessing to have His Word to treasure and to see displayed in a beautiful way.

    Bless you


  13. What a sweet design. My aunt did much embroidery and I enjoy the look of common everyday items embellished in this way.... and having a verse makes it special. Thank you.

  14. YOU are a treasure. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    The new stitching is beautiful. :)

  15. Jenny! Gracias por ese diseño tan lindo y por compartirnos parte de tu vida. Lo valoro mucho. Todavía no sé en qué lo voy a usar. Estoy pensándolo. Pero mientras tanto te comento que llevo diez años en mi casa, la cual es propia y a pesar de eso, todavía no la siento como mi hogar. Hay algo que me hace sentir que esta no es mi casa y leyéndote me doy cuenta de que quizás deba cambiar mi actitud y prodigarle más amor. Dedicaré este año a eso. A amar más a mi casa y convertirla de una vez por todas en mi hogar. Gracias nuevamente. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

  16. Oh Jenny, you lift my heart and your words are of comfort to me. May God bless you in so many ways. Thank you xx


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