Saturday, February 11, 2017

Last chance...

The February issue of The Stitchery Club is only six days away from being emailed to all my subscribed Club members.

This month we're stitching with home, garden, reading and a change of season for those at the top of the world in mind...

The project for February is a sweet lace edged bookmark which is much simpler to make than it looks and you'll discover that when you follow the step by step tutorial...

Also inside this issue I'll show those who are new to this kind of embroidery how to swap trickier stitches for simpler ones...

...steps to preparing a pattern for applique, plus how to add applique to a basic embroidery pattern you already have... well as how to choose thread colours for a new stitchery.

Memberships close on the 16th February if you'd like to join in time to receive this issue, which will be emailed to all members on the 17th.

As a new member you'll also receive a free gift pattern within 24 hours of subscribing!
The "Basket of Roses" stitchery and bag pattern (which includes a tutorial) will be emailed as a pdf file to the email address you sign up with.

(the "Basket of Roses" pdf pattern is also available to purchase here in my shop)

Visit the Stitchery Club webpage HERE for more information and a link to subscribe.

You'll receive 5 new stitchery patterns and a project pattern in an e-book format emailed to you on the 17th of every month for as long as you choose to stay a member.
Membership is $9.95 per month.

Your gift pattern and all issues of The Stitchery Club will be sent to the email address provided to me by Paypal when you subscribe.
If you would prefer your pattern and monthly Club issues to be sent to a different email address please let me know here. 

Time for me to down tools and chill out for the weekend.

Hope yours is relaxing too!



Alenushka22222 said...

Jenny, it's gorgeous! Everything is so gentle and cozy!

Createology said...

Goodness the days go by quickly...however receiving your monthly stitchery designs makes the rush all the better. Lovely designs and I will be reading and absorbing your tips and how-tos. Thank you dear. Relax your busy self and B.R.E.A.T.H.E. XO

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful month, Jenny! I think I have to make that bookmark for a special gift in December. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful designs. I'm so happy you and Blossom took up embroidery!

Gaby said...

Dear Jenny- it´s so lovely Stitchery :o)
Kindly regards Gaby

Unknown said...

Jenny, I sent a first-time pymt to you from:Sadler, Texas. Am excited to join your club! I hope I'll be able to also make the little Need me Book,'s So Cute!! Alexia Marie