Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vintage lace...

It's been a slow process but over time my collection of lace has been growing.
Some are antique and more than 100 years old. Others are vintage, closer to 50 or 60 years in age, and a few are just entering their third decade. 
I also have a small selection of newbies that were just too pretty to pass by when I saw them.
Whatever their age, the pretties mingled in my lace box are a delight to the eyes.

Occasionally I gift a yard or two in presents to friends and I also like to add bits and pieces to special projects like Bible or journal covers, bookmarks and cushions.
A small length of exquisite lace can add elegance and a delicate finish like nothing else.

This particular 100 year old lace is one I have kept for years, waiting for the perfect display...

...and here it is.

When I was sketching "Simple Things" the design began with a jam jar shaped vase wrapped in a pretty scarf, a spray of wildflowers spilling out. 

The vision in my mind of this very scene was from Nana's kitchen's table when I was a child, and it was by allowing my memories to travel back to those 1960's summer days that the idea of laying a piece of my precious lace along the bottom of the jar came to be.

It represented her 'best' tablecloth, cream crocheted lace, a tablecloth which Pop and I only saw displayed over the old formica kitchen table when Nana served a Sunday roast...

I'm going to carefully hand stitch the lace onto the stitchery before placing the completed design in a wooden picture frame.
Unlike Nana's cream lace tablecloth I shall keep this on display every day...a tribute to my childhood with her and Pop, and the simple things she did that made our little three-room flat a happy and loving home.

"Simple Things" is one of the new patterns inside the February 17th issue of The Stitchery Club.
Memberships for this month close at midnight on the 16th.

Go HERE to find out more.

Have you thought about adding lace to your stitcheries?

At the weekend I finished the "Beloved" stitchery pattern by Allie-Oops Designs as my Valentine's project for the home.
It turned out even lovelier than I'd hoped...

There's two other stitcheries waiting to be completed as new cushion covers but I must be patient and put my attention to pattern writing for the next couple of days.

Normally when I write the monthly Club patterns a good supply of chocolate is on hand to ease me through the hours of deciphering pages of notes, typing, photo formatting, redrawing pattern sheets and cross-checking threads, fabrics and sizes...but I'm being good and taking the super healthy path as my body needs me to stay on track nutrition wise after two months of galloping migraines.

So it's lots and lots of salads, raw foods, berry smoothies, water, and minimal sugar.

And to be honest, though my migraines have not changed (even the newest wonder drug isn't helping) I feel much better within myself, and I always do when I eat this way so why do I stray??? Oh yes, that's right, the sugar temptations.

So as much as I am able I shall stay the course and enjoy the benefits within my body, and at least for the time being avoid sugar in it's refined chocolate-y form.

NOTE: We think the brain trauma injury is why the migraines have increased in number and severity. It's just part of life as I know it now, but after 46 years of migraine I can take it.

May your day be joyful!


kallii said...

Not far behind on the migraines, 45 years here :(

I have found recently that I can have my chocolate and feel better too. I know they have it in AU too. It's from Beachbody and called Shakeology. Pricey but so good and it's filled with all kinds of good things and daily supplies of things too. Migraines are better except when the weather changes drastically.

Anonymous said...

I lived with migraines from puberty to menopause. I know how much they control your days. Thankfully I have not had a single one since I made it through menopause. What a blessing. Grandma Rita

Ondrea said...

I am so sorry that you suffer so much from migraines. Good on you for eating healthily and avoiding sugar. Sugar creates all sorts of health problems and it is so addictive. Love your sweet block and your collection of lace is beautiful. I must say that I do love those scissors too!! Angel hugs.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Jenny what a lovely tribute to your Nan - and the addition of lace is so perfect!! I love adding lace too, but don't have much...I'll have to be on the lookout for it. Somehow I keep finding vintage rickrack instead, lol. I really love your new cushion, I may have to make one too, mum's getting good mileage out of her rice bag lol! And I dearly love seeing it in your home, you are beloved by me, dear Jenny. My precious prayer partner....I'm so sorry that the migraines haven't abated, even with the new meds, you know you're in my prayers hon.

Baa. xxx said...

Tisk, those pesky migraines!. I'll keep praying for you dear Jenny. So love what you've done with the lace. It will all look beautiful in a frame. Can't wait to see it.

Clara said...

Jenny, I understand both suffering for migraines and handling ancient laces........I've a box full of ancient lace that my beloved grandma gave me......
Take care and go on stitching.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Jenny, So sorry about the migraines. I must have missed something somewhere,you mentioned a brain trauma injury? :( The stitching is lovely. You gave me an idea: I need to go find the extra lace from my wedding dress and use it in a stitchery. Hope you feel better soon.

Janice said...

Beautiful lace. It really suits your stitchery. I also have a large collection of vintage and antique lace, and a lot of Mum's has just arrived here too. I never know what to do with it other than pet it.

Winifred said...

Migraines are awful. Luckily I don't suffer much but my son has had them since he was 3 years old. One was so severe when he was 7, I thought he had a stroke. No medication worked for him either but they have become less sever as he gets older.
The lace is gorgeous and the flowers remind me of your earlier shabby roses designs.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful block, and that lace is so perfect with it. Isn't it great when the perfect project comes along? Oh, yes, no migraines, but tons of chocolate to ease the stress the last few months. The waistline definitely shows it, too! LOL

Rosie said...

Love your vintage lace, no wonder you hide it from me when I visit! Things that remind you of your Nana are certainly very special.

Helen Philipps said...

Such a sweet embroidery and I love the addition of the lace. I was so sorry to read about your migraines and how long you have suffered them....they are so debilitating. I do hope they will lessen for you. It was so lovely to read your memories of your Nana and to see how they inspired your sweet work.
Take care.
Helen xox

Linda Goudelock said...

Not sure if it will help with your migraines but walnuts are brain food. I eat them raw as a snack

When I grow up I want to be as proficient in stitching as you are. All your work is beautiful

Createology said...

Focusing on your health should and must take top priority dear. Migraines are debilitating and never good. I love your stitchery and the backstory of how it came to be. Lace makes me swoon. Healing Energy Dear Lady...<3

Ladydukes said...

I love all of your so delicate and feminine blocks! Would love to be a winner!

BBT said...

My favorite dessert is A Italian dessert, called Tiramisu.
And I would love to win this lovely embroidery.