Saturday, March 18, 2017

Who holds me...

In the mundane living of day to day life too often my thoughts are captured by the concerns of this world, the 'what ifs' and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles placed before me.

My eyes have shifted from God and settled instead on what I see and feel, at times overwhelming me with an obvious inability to remove sorrows and struggles, or 'fix' the past.

It's during those moments, those seasons of life, those dark nights of the soul, that I need to crawl into the welcoming, waiting arms of my God more than ever. I need His embrace, His comfort, His hope and soothing promises...I need to behold His beauty and relinquish my darkness.

I need to be reminded Who holds all my concerns in His care and Who cares for me.

Today's Scripture is a balm to my weariness and a light to follow.

May it be so to you as well.



  1. Have you read The Shack? Great book and now the movie is out, saw it yesterday. Loved both. A different way of knowing and accepting God as your saviour.

  2. Thank you for sharing that today, it is good to remember Who holds us... xx


  3. Jenny, your writing is beautiful!

    I agree with you - in that fleeing Babylon, and relying on our Rock, alone, brings such a relief, and such real joy!

    Rachel Holt

  4. I really needed this today, Jenny. The Lord used you to encourage me!!

  5. I always look forward to your weekly scriptures, Jenny - and again love the one you chose for this week. In God's presence we are always comforted - such a wonderful place of Refuge :)!

  6. Just the scripture I needed today. Blessings!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us today, Jenny. I know that I really needed to read this passage, your words and turn towards the Lords arms. I hope with all my hopes and prayers that your day is filled with the brightness of the Lord.

  8. Beautiful and touching, Jenny. Thank you. xo

  9. I can't even fix the present. =) Thank you so much for this great quote, but even more for the things you said about it.

  10. Dear Jenny,

    Thank you so much for this post and reminding me to wrap myself up in the arms of God, my Father and creator. He is all I need.

    Many blessings to you as you go about your day,



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