Thursday, April 20, 2017

New designs and more vintage linen...

Stitching the new designs for May has been a delight because they are all very different and I really enjoying using different textures with both stitches and lace...

The theme for May is *beauty* because each of the embroideries convey beauty in a unique way.

From the layers of lace in the "Linen & Lace" vase to the little bee embellished hexies in "The Summer House" each of the five designs has something of beauty to display.

Would you like to stitch them?

To receive all these patterns sent directly to your email inbox next month just visit The Stitchery Club webpage here.

It's really that easy.

Now that I've finished stitching the May designs I can take a little break to play in my sewing room with these vintage napkins.

My plan is to centre two over the top of plain quilted squares of fabric to make new beside table toppers...

...and perhaps use the other two in a bag? They'd be gorgeous as pockets,

I also have these sweet little coasters which could become lovely pincushions...

...but I still have my thinking cap on at the moment so that plan could alter as the days go by. 

What would YOU make with these lovely vintage linens?



  1. More beautiful designs made even prettier with the use of lace. I wonder if it would be difficult to make a lamp shade and matching tissue box cover to have on a bedside table made from the vintage napkins. Just a thought but one I have no idea how to make happen LOL. Hope you are well. Angel hugs.

  2. Lovely stitcheries Jenny, so, so lovely!

  3. Your ideas are wonderful!! It wasn't until your blog posts that I now see lace and old handkerchiefs in a totally different light :)!! Love your linen and lace vase design - beautiful!!

  4. wow so so cute.
    big hugs and smiles x

  5. Beautiful designs, Jenny, but the one that stole my heart immediately was the linen and lace. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Nancy

  6. Hello Jenny! Your designs for May are so lovely! I adore the bee house, mainly in part because I am learning hand piecing and the hexagons would be excellent practice to include them in embroideries. Yet, as always, I love every one of your designs because of the simple beauty and honesty that is in each and every one. Thank you for sharing and adding a touch of beauty to this day!

  7. This is off topic, but wanted to share with you. Mr. R and I were looking for something to watch on Netflix. We happened upon Dr.Blake Mysteries. We were hooked and them I recall you mentioning borrowing the DVD from your library. They were a joy to share with my Mr.R. Wishing you a blessed day.

  8. All beautiful designs, but I especially like the bee hive. I never know what to do with vintage linens, hence nothing ever happens with them! Your ideas sound perfect, though.

  9. Woohoo Jenny-girl these designs are brilliant!! Love your treasures too, I have tons of vintage linens all stored away, waiting for inspiration [and time] - I love the idea of those lovely pink coasters as pincushions, although I'd be hard pressed to use them!

  10. Hi Jenny!

    How about 'sleep pillows'? These are simply small pillows (almost sachet style) containing fragrant herbs suitable for lulling you off to sleep!

    Rachel Holt

  11. Jenny, the vintage linens could be used for a handkerchief sachet. The cute little coasters would make lovely pockets on a dress for miss Cully May. xxxx


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