Monday, April 17, 2017

The lake, and a first Easter for Cully May...

Our time away was beautiful.
We stayed high atop the tablelands at Lake Tinaroo where the air is cool and crisp, mobile phone reception is virtually non-existant, peace and calm are normal, and the view makes you wish you never had to leave.

Our home for three days was a beautiful town house set amidst lush greenery, overlooking the lake...

Some of the townhouses are owner occupied (I was so envious) whilst the rest of are let out for tourists like us to come and find refreshment away from the city.

The grounds were lush, green and beautiful, with a rolling sway of lakefront grasslands and gardens surrounding us on all sides.
I could have taken a thousand photos, beauty was everywhere...

From our upstairs balcony we watched the moon rise each night over the lake, then just before dawn I'd leave Mr E to sleep while I tiptoed downstairs to brew a coffee and settle myself outside on the verandah with my Bible to greet the sunrise...

Our time away was short, but it was a lovely time of refreshing.
When we visit here again we shall plan to stay much longer.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and after taking Cully May to her first Easter church service, Blossom and Ross brought their little Miss over to our house for a visit.

As she is just 8 months old there were no chocolates for her this year but I did make her a little bunny pillow, long and narrow so she can cuddle it easily...

For Blossom and Ross I took an idea from Annabel's blog and wrapped blocks of exquisite Lindt chocolate in pretty paper...

The marbled papers were a gift from my friend Margaret, and Blossom loved them as much as the chocolate so she carefully smoothed them flat again to take home with her!

Cully May kept us all laughing and on our toes.
She pulls herself up on the furniture now and takes little steps along the edges.

When I brought the camera out she pushed her face towards it and made the cutest faces for me. We were all laughing so hard...

"I can clap, Nana!"

"Watch me climb over the couch before daddy gets me!

"Isn't my mummy beautiful?"

"I love watching Nana with the camera..."

"I have two teeth."

What a day, a very special Resurrection Sunday for our family.

I hope yours was wonderful too,


  1. Hi Jenny lots of beautiful pics,glad you had a lovely time away and how cute is your Cully May,hope your day is a good one my friend.

  2. Such a lovely spot for your short time away with Mr. E and to know how refreshing it must have been for you...Bliss! Cully May is just the cutest. Lovely papers to wrap special chocolates. I would also save them for a future project. I used to save presents wrapping paper and iron it to freeer paper to make cards and envelopes to then send my thank you's to the gift givers. I especially loved to use fancy tissue papers that I would crumple up before ironing to the freezer paper and the textures were lovely. Wonderful Week Dear...

  3. What a beautiful place to stay and relax....
    Gorgeous photos of little Cully May.. she will love her special cushion to cuddle into...

  4. Oh Jenny, little Cully May is just sooooo beautiful & sweet. Look at that precious little face !!! I just want to reach into my screen & give her a hug. So pleased you had a nice break away, the place you stayed at looked wonderful xxxx

  5. Cully May really makes me smile. She has a sparkle in her eye and looks like she loves the camera. Cheeky little possum. What a lovely place you stayed at on your break. So pleased that you had such a lovely time together. Hopefully it has refreshed you both. Love the pillow you made. So cute!

  6. What a delightful Easter you all had. Don't little ones make it special. Your break away sounds lovely. I find that a few days away is just as re-energising as a longer holiday. Here's hoping you can do it all again soon.

  7. What a wonderful and beautiful way to celebrate Easter. Family, firsts, coolness and love are all gifts from above and should be celebrated. An Easter to cherish. Cully May is so precious.

  8. Such beautiful holiday pics - the views priceless! Little Ones bring a special joy - so much fun to see Cully May and her next milestones!! So glad you had a special Easter with all!

  9. hello dear very pretty holiday pictures..i love them all so much.
    cully May is so precious.
    i love your post always so much.
    you are my blessings.
    love you x

  10. I just had to come look at all the pictures of your cute little baby. Thanks! She has certainly made my day.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the beautiful place you stayed. I can understand how you might have wished you could live there all the time! The flowers are so very beautiful. What a peaceful time that seems, the peace coming right out of the photos into my living room.

    Cully May is adorable, whatever she is doing. I can imagine the joy she brings and how she keeps you laughing. She is growing so fast! The pillow is adorable; what a great idea.

  12. Those pictures make me want to give Cully May a big hug -- you will have to do it for me! :) She is so sweet!! Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of your travels, and of your sweet family!!

  13. haha...funny story........Joe helped build those townhouses!!! True! Our best man was the is a beautiful spot. So pleased you got to get away and rejuvenate and return to such a beautiful family Easter. xox

  14. Our youngest granddaughter loved to have her picture taken too. She still does and she will be 24 the end of May. Grandpa nick named her "Hollywood"! What a beauty your Cully Mae is!

  15. Beautiful scenery, beautiful baby! I can almost feel her cuddly softness :)


  16. Lindo passeio e linda neta, Deus os proteja e abençoe muito!

  17. Thank you Jenny for sharing the adorable photos of Miss Cully May. What a sweetie she is and so happy. So glad you had a wonderful Easter and the photos of the Lake holiday look gorgeous and so peaceful just what you and Mr E need.
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog and stunning photos and stunning work and beautiful inspiration as usual. Thank you Glenise, Gold Coast.

  18. What a sweet update! I'm so glad you had a time to get away and relax. And what precious pictures of your sweetie(s)!! Such priceless memories!!

  19. Oh my goodness sign me up to live in that beautiful place - wow! So glad you got to get away hon, I'm sure it did you both good. Cully May is too adorable for words - and she has teeth now!! Woohoo!

  20. Cully May is so adorable! I love those pictures! She and Ava seem to be doing about all the same things. Their teeth sure do come in fast...Ava has 7 now with the 8th about ready to come through anytime.

  21. It all looks so wonderful. I have some photos taken around 10 years ago at Tinaroo of my parents and my aunt and uncle. The men have both passed now and see all that lushness of the grass it's exactly how I remember the photos by the dam. Gorgeous. And so is Cully May. So adorable.


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