Friday, May 5, 2017

Tutorial - applique with lace...

When I showed sneak peeks of this design on Instagram as I was preparing it in late March there was a very excited response so I decided then and there that it would one day become a tutorial.
And you know what?
Today is that day!

Taking the time to add those lacy textures to my stitchery lifted it to a new level and you can do the same because it's quite a simple and quick process.

The actual stitchery/applique pattern I've used for this tutorial is available HERE in my shop but you can take the lace applique idea and use it any way you like.

Let's begin!

In my design I have traced the vase shape from my pattern sheet onto a piece of cream linen, including the embroidery sections which 'spill over' onto the vase...

Choose a few different lengths of lace, varying the style, width, texture and colour.

I began with two narrow pieces of  65 year old lace, placing one at the bottom and one at the top of the section of vase I wanted to cover. 
Make sure the most decorative edge of the lace faces away from the centre...

...and machine sew in position along the inside edge.

Now lay two more pieces of a different lace over the vase shape so that they just cover the machined edge of the first pieces of lace, remembering to keep the most decorative side of the lace facing away from the centre of the vase.
Sew them in place along their inside edge.

Finish the layered lace applique with a piece of lace which has a decorative edge on both sides.
It should cover the machined edge of the previous lengths of lace.
When you're pleased with the placement sew it in place with a same colour thread just catching the inside edge of the lace.

Now you'll need some fusible web paper. 
I use Vliesofix but you may use Bondaweb or something similar when you applique. 

Cut a square large enough to cover your vase shape with a bit to spare, fuse it behind the vase and once cooled peel it off.

As the top and base of the vase can be clearly seen I used them as my guide for cutting a rounded middle for my vase. This is guesswork and both of my vase sides are not perfectly mirrored so don't stress about it if the vase is a little narrow or a little wider than the pattern sheet has it drawn...your work is unique to you so just have fun.

Now you need to trace the flowers onto your chosen embroidery fabric and once that's done you can very carefully fuse your vase in position. 
(don't trace the vase onto your fabric)

I placed a handkerchief over my vase as I fused it in place and then turned the traced embroidery over to the back and gently ironed that as well (warm and dry iron setting) to really secure that fusible webbing at the back of the vase to my stitchery fabric.

Blanket stitch around the sides with a single strand of matching embroidery thread and your layered lace vase is complete.

Here's my completed "Linen & Lace" design...

I continued adding texture with my choice of embroidery stitches...

"Linen & Lace" will be displayed inside a frame when I find the perfect one as it will look beautiful hanging on a bedroom wall or standing on a bedside table, don't you think?

Have a wonderful weekend! 

It looks like ours will be a cool and relaxing 28 C (82 F) which is perfect weather for checking out the Saturday morning garage sales across Townsville. If I find some bargains I'll be sure to show you next week!



Águeda said...

Dear Jenny:
Thank you for the tutorial. It is a great idea.
I understand you will do with etsy. There is many e-sites (and many banks too) with no security thinks for people.
I wish the best for your family and you .
Be blessed.

SandyMay said...

An absolutely lovely piece, Jenny. Thanks for the tutorial. Your work is always so dainty and exquisite. swalker287 (at) aol (dot) com. (Maybe someday I'll get a blog, but more than likely not. This old dog is not learning many new tricks.)

Glenise Magnano - Gold Coast said...

Stunning work and design Jenny. Thank you for taking the time to give us the tutorial. So pretty so sweet. Thank you. thank you. Hope you and Mr E have a wonderful weekend and find some lovelies at the garage sales. Bless you.

shirley flavell said...

beautiful design and a wonderful tutorial. Thank you Jenny.

Little Quiltsong said...

I've kept admiring this beautiful lace vase. Thank you for the tutorial on how you add the lace. Love the different texture it brings to the whole embroidery block. Beautiful!!

Ondrea said...

Such a wonderful innovative idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Many projects would look beautiful with appliqued lace. Enjoy your weekend. Angel hugs.

Simply Ann said...
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Caitlyn said...

Did the bank not give your money back? We use a regular credit card (paid off in full every two weeks, of course) and if it gets hacked we have the money back and a new card within a day or two. But I know lots of people like to stick to cash-only.

Caitlyn said...

Can I ask what stitch you used on the green leaves? It adds some really nice dimension to the design! I'm quite new at this, so I don't recognize a lot of stitches yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I would have done it a much more difficult way! LOL

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh that is too pretty, Jenny!!! Love it. Like Susan, I would have done it a more difficult way as well, lol!!!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely thankyou Jenny for the tutorial xx

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for sharing your talent with us yet again. Your work is stunning as always.

Ángela said...

Beatiful. Thanks a lot for sharing. I learn a lot with your fantastic tutorials.

Martha Roberts said...

Thank you for the beautiful tutorial. Now I am on the lookout for some lovely scraps of lace. Love your blog. I check everyday to see if you have posted a new entry. Part of my morning routine.

prairie said...

Great way to do it. Thanks so much. Inspirational, because I'm trying to think up a little post card lesson for our beginning stitchers! It gives me ideas. Thanks so much.

Winifred said...

That is so pretty.

Glad 28 is a comfortable temperature for you, I'd be sweltering. Enjoy!!!!

Createology said...

Jenny Dear your tutorials are always very clear and easy to follow...Thank you very much. Enjoy your weather and forays. We went from Summer heat right back to Winter in just one day. Oy Vey! Happy Month of May Dear...<3

Joanne said...

Warmed up to 18C here yesterday! People enjoying their coffee out on the terrasses! Summer clothing! Makes me smile when you write about the weather their! Such as it's cooling down to 28C! If we have five days in a row above 25C they call that a heat wave!
I really enjoy your blog!
Take care,