Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tea, quilts and winter...

Today I'm celebrating the first day of winter in my part of the world. 
Oh, how I long for this season when it's gone...but today my favourite season of the year has come to visit, to rest my mind and body, to bless me with cooler winds and breathing space.

Winter in the tropics is beautiful, not cold at all, but cool at night with warm spring like days. I wish I could pop some of my lovely winter in the mail and send it to you. As I write to you this morning I'm wearing a sleeveless tunic top with black leggings and considering whether I should go find my very old and worn black cardigan that feels like a hug when I wrap it around myself? 

My newest morning routine before I step into the office is to brew a pot of chamomile tea and once settled at my desk to pour three hot cups, one after the other, of this golden liquid until I've drained the pot dry...

I buy Nerada organic chamomile tea because it's grown just a bit north of here and when we drive past their lush green tea fields I get excited about enjoying local tea, about supporting local agriculture, about feeling a closer connection to the region we call home. 
And it tastes wonderful too. 

Perhaps it's the welcome delight of winter's arrival, but today I'm not doing any work in the office. A day off every once in a while is good medicine for the soul, and my soul feels in need right now.

I've pulled out a magazine project that caught my eye a couple of months ago...

"Log Cabin Home"
Isn't the sentiment perfect?

- family makes this house a home -

I bought the Spring 2017 issue of Simply Vintage magazine specifically for this wall quilt pattern and today I will pull out fabrics and maybe even prepare some of the applique.
I'm two months ahead with Stitchery Club designs so I might gift myself a week to play in the sewing room...

Another project I intend making, though this will be a long term one over the next year, is "Vintage Heart" by Emma De Stefano of  Treehouse Textiles in Victoria. 
I saw this on her Instagram page and fell in love...

...but as I'm not familiar working with these colours or prints I decided to purchase the starter kit of 30 fat sixteenths as well. This way I can more easily shop for similar fabrics to complete the quilt.

Gosh, it's different to be planning projects that don't need hand embroidery (or very little of it) or require my mind to design.
Perhaps wanting to make a quilt is another winter inspired thing?
Whatever the answer I know these projects will be fun.

One more lovely addition to this first winter morn of 2017 is a vase of snapdragons...

I saw them at the supermarket yesterday for $3.50 a bunch and promptly bought two. The other bunch is on the dining table.
It's been months since I bought flowers, unusual for me, and they have been missed.  Floral displays in happy colours brighten our home and lift a tired heart.
Time to return to this joyous habit.

I wonder what you're planning for the first day of winter?
Or perhaps you're in the northern hemisphere and about to embrace summer?

May your day be blessed, and filled with wonderful ideas to enjoy in this new season!



  1. Ahhh, your winter days are what we experience in late summer to early fall. I am such a fall baby...born in mid August, wilting in the heat. Give me a cool day, cozy sweater and comfy quilt ANY day of the year.
    It seems we have a kindred heart, Jenny. Faith in God, love of embroidery (I very much admire your work),simplicity and a lovely pot of tea...but I will take Earl Grey please.
    Relax and enjoy the winter season❤

  2. I sure like your version of winter! Our first day of winter usually includes several inches of snow and very cold weather but it's great for tucking in and being cozy. Enjoy your day. Grandma Rita

  3. It sounds like you are at a good place, I look forward to seeing your sewing projects. You have very good taste. We are still awaiting summer in the UK. I cannot wait to take my cardigan off!

  4. it's been a very warm autumn here & the grass hasn't stopped growing, so i've been mowing today.
    those quilt projects look adorable! have fun sewing
    thanx for sharing

  5. Treehouse Textiles is in my area. If ever you want anything from there just let me know. I have my eye out for Simply Vintage mag whenever it appears in the newsagency but haven't found this one yet. A starter kit for that THT project is a wonderful idea. Kits can sometimes create more enthusiasm to get started. I look forward to seeing those projects in the future. Mmmm chamomile tea is very soothing and calming. I wish I could keep my creative space as tidy as yours . Winter up your way would be rather nice unlike down here. I think winter began 2 weeks early here. The cold, drizzly cloudy days do not inspire me at all.

  6. Jenny I'm in Victoria Lancefield (near Macedon ) and it freezing at the moment , I'm off to the Gold Coast so I can thaw out but only there for 1week then back home to prune roses. We had our quilting show in Lancefield last week end we are a group of 25 girls and have a show every second year I made a quilt out of the Milliflora book call the La Passi------ and got 2nd in the viewers choice very happy as I work very hard fussy cutting it and hand piecing the EPP then quilted it on my 40 year old machine. Now back to my quilting. I have to rejoin my Stitcheries as I cancel my pay pal account and reopened it like you said when I rang you.

  7. Summer is definitely coming on here....I love that log cabin project...have always like that pattern but haven't ever actually made one...Your studio looks so neat and tidy...
    Have fun,
    Mama Bear

  8. That kind of winter sounds nice. Love all your pretty pictures!

  9. In the states we are in spring and the temperature is sweater weather, beautiful. I started snapdragons from seed and they are ready to plant and today the tomatoes get planted. Washing clothes and hanging them outside. Have a great day Jenny.

  10. The US goes by the quarterly solstice/equinox, and it's still spring here, but it might as well be called summer as it's in the 27-30 range every day. Not happy to think of it going even higher before long! But I'll be inside stitching and making my own good weather. =) I like the colors you have chosen (seen on IG) better than the ones in the article, but I liked seeing the pattern up close, because I didn't realize there were words on it. I bet you'll think of a few words that need to be stitched on the other project, too. =) Beautiful snapdragons! I saw a sign on the freeway today that said, "Buckle up, Buttercup!" and it reminded me that I'd love to find some buttercups! Snapdragons at a great price like that, even US$, would be wonderful! Enjoy your week of Jenny time.

  11. Lovely projects Jenny. Enjoy your playtime and your winter. We are poised between spring and summer - strange weather with hot days and then storms - we have not had that for some years. Enjoying the spring colours though. xx

  12. Those ideas sound great. Look forward to seeing them in progress.

    I love those snapdragons. My granddad use to grow them but when we were little he called them rabbit's mouths because you could press the back of the flower down & it opened like a mouth.

    Just got back from Italy so I'm revelling in the slighter fresher air here in the North of England but it's still a tad warm for me!

    There's nothing like a cardigan to make you feel cosy. I live in them a lot of the year especially pure wool ones.

  13. I love the calm, peaceful feeling of your posts! Your home is very inviting. The flowers are beautiful! My snapdragons are budding as it's spring here in the Pacific Northwest Washington state. I'm afraid I do not tolerate heat well and can identify with how the tropic summers are hard on you.

    Your new projects are a beautiful endeavor, I hope you enjoy many hours of relaxation with them!

  14. It is always good to read all the way throught your blog posts. You chose a beautiful project from the sinmply vintage magazine. I have them all except for Nr. 1, for me the magazine is a library of beautiful projects.
    We have had the first few hot days here, we are just starting into summer. After a long cold and wet winter and spring we all long for sunshine.
    Have a nice weekend

  15. I am doing 'both a blessing' by the same designer as your one in simply vintage. So lovely.

  16. Flowers - love them but now that it is summer it is just too hot. People around me love the summer - I do not do well at all. The heat just is not good for me and soon I will be going to TX (even hotter) to take care of grandchildren (such a joy).

    I will be doing more cross stitching for my summer. Good for you to take some time off, I am taking 2 weeks in July to regroup. Love your blog.

  17. Well I hope you got that cardigan out, you have such a brief time to enjoy it! We'll be hitting summer soon, I can't wait, my favorite time of the year - here in Michigan it's OUR brief season. Lovely new projects, girl, and what stunning flowers!!! I think a week off is just what Dr. Allie ordered....

  18. Bellissimi questi fiori. Si io sono nell'emisfero settentrionale e non vedo l'ora di godermi questa estate tanti attesa!!!!
    Un forte abbraccio Savina

  19. This post reads as if you are relaxed and ready to enjoy your Winter. Yes, I am enjoying Summer which is my most favorite season. I love the warmth and sunshine. Your fabric quilt projects look like they will be perfect for Wiinter. Kudos on being prepared ahead of Stitchery Club time. Tea sounds like a good idea...<3

  20. Your version of winter sounds just like today in my part of the Northern Hemisphere! (Victoria, BC) Sleeveless tunics, leggings, and a cardigan are staples in my wardrobe. I always get a surge of energy in the fall, here, when the seasons change. It's not just physical, but creative as well. It sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying the planning and anticipation of these new projects.

  21. Thank you for showing us how little Cully is growing. She is adorable.


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