Saturday, June 3, 2017

The gifts we are given...

I never forget from where my design ideas come.
I am honestly aware each and every day that as quickly as the Lord gave me this gift, He can choose to take it away if I abuse it or forget to give Him the glory.

Today's Scripture, Exodus 35:35, reminds all of us from whence our skills are sourced, and because of this my personal prayer is that when I stitch I do so to His honour and with love in my heart for the recipient.

Rushing from one stitchery or project to the next used to be the way I worked a few years back, but even though I do have a monthly time frame to follow these days, now I choose to enjoy each moment spent with needle and thread and don't rush anything. 

The blessing of a God-given gift is something to cherish and I was reminded of this recently by the example of my youngest daughter. By seeing the deadlines ahead I'd created a burden in my mind, but when I chose to embrace the gentle art of my employment with gratitude once again that burden lifted and joy flooded in. Gratitude for being able to do what God has called me, and enabled me, to do, and joy that He entrusted me with such a gift.

You have a gift too, perhaps a few, which enable you to glorify the Lord.
Rejoice in those gifts today and give thanks to your Father who has chosen you for them.

Aren't we incredibly blessed!?



  1. You truly are blessed with a gift. I so enjoy your posts.

  2. So true! You are certainly blessed with creativity , kindness and love which you always portray through your beautiful designs. Angel hugs.

  3. Très jolie photo et très beau message, la vie est un cadeau et un don de Dieu.
    Bon week end

  4. Yes....I am incredibly blessed!!! Learning to "live in the moment" is counter to the culture that has developed........actually, it always has been there but it so seems to dominate these days. Make those "to do" lists/cross them off; make your way through the week to get to that beloved weekend!!; keep looking at that "next" thing; what's "new" to have it----all that will rob a body of the joy of the moment. "Entering into His rest" goal.....

  5. Beautiful post!! You are an inspiration and blessing with your work and blog posts, Jenny!

  6. To see how you have yielded your life to His is a joy and a blessing to me. This is very thing He has taught me the last few years and I am now enjoy His rest through all circumstances, constantly feeding on His Word and remembering He is in control! Glory to Him!

  7. Absolutely, we are blessed, even in the midst of tribulation, our blessings overflow. I believe our Heavenly Father knows how grateful you are, because your blessings of inspiration continue unabated.

  8. You have a way of blessing all of us with your posts! I am so glad you are taking your time and enjoying every stitch...that is the way we are supposed to do it! I am enjoying the blessings of being with my dad and caring for him for the last year+...he will be 96 in two weeks and he is still there mentally, sharing memories with me of his youth and the early days of his marriage with my mom. It is all in how we choose to see it, blessing or burden...I'll choose blessing every time!!!

  9. You truly are blessed with the gift..
    You are a beautiful soul
    I love you x


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