Monday, July 31, 2017

Block 7 "The Love of Home" BOM...

This month's block in my free 2017 BOM is one that made my heart sing with every stitch.
Cross stitch, a HOME theme, fussy cutting applique and tiny 1/2" hexies...a recipe for warm and happy hearts, yes?

Those pretty fabrics I've used in the border and fussy cut for the applique heart and paper pieced hexagons are called "Bunnies & Cream" by Lauren Nash for Penny Rose Fabrics. 

I've never been a bunny person, day it happened. The fabric happened actually, and the bunny love came with it.

And cross stitch. 
I adore the gentle homeliness of it stitched on linen...

In fact I'm so pleased with this design that it was difficult to choose how I'd display it in my home.

A door hanger came to mind initially, but over the weekend as I was sorting out my old recipes to share with you for our Living the Gentle Domestic Life Cookbook I realised it would be perfect as a binder cover for the recipes!

More pieces of that pretty fabric, a linen lining, some wadding, hand quilting and a few hours of sewing play...

I even used some lovely "home" cotton lace along the spine!

Isn't it perfect?

Inside there's a clear envelope to store new recipes I collect and if they are really good I'll make up a recipe sheet which will then be included in my cookbook binder. 

It was at this stage I realised the recipe sheets I've shared with you so far weren't really the right colour or style for my pastel binder.

So I made some new ones in pinks and blues...

...and this time I made them smaller so that the recipe prints on one page instead of two. 

There's even a new cover page.

I don't know how you'll display your sweet block when you stitch it, but I'm very happy with how my cookbook binder has turned out.

It also keeps me on track for making useful projects that serve a purpose.

(note: this pattern will remain free until December 31st, 2017)

If you'd prefer the new pastel recipe sheets instead of the three retro ones I shared recently you'll find both versions HERE in my shop.

Use the link below to download the new pastel cookbook cover page.

If you'd like to know more about the Living the Gentle Domestic Life Cookbook read this post. 

It's Monday night as I write this and tomorrow Blossom and Cully May are coming for lunch and probably afternoon tea as well, so I have baking to do in the morning and toys to prepare for our almost 1 year old.
Last week I filled an old plastic vitamin jar with buttons and Cully May thought her new shaker was wonderful. My next idea is a jar of pretty ribbons which she can pull out and put back in again...simple things for motor skills really, but children do tend to enjoy the simple toys.  
That's why I'll be sure to wrap her birthday present in layers of gift paper on Friday - scrunching and ripping the paper is always the best gift for toddlers.

May your week be blessed with goodness and grace, health and happiness, stitching and baking...



  1. A lovely binder cover. You made me smile by remaking the recipe sheets. It never would have occurred to me to match them to the color of my binder. LOL I admire domesticity, but I don't think that's my natural state. =) Pragmatism is probably my natural inclination.

  2. Thank you so much for the remakes! They are lovely. How do you get such lovely photos? I usually make and give away, so a photo is all I have of a project. I know you are busy so just when you get time. How about a hint? Hugs, Kathy

  3. Thank you once again sweet Jenny. I love your generous BOM and its wonderful message. How thoughtful of you to recolor the recipes to match the new binder cover. You always amaze me with all you accomplish. Cully May and Blossom are so lucky to have you thinking of them and sharing your love and talents. Shake, shake, shake...<3

  4. Girl, you have out done yourself this time! Your designs are always so lovely but this one is absolutely gorgeous. Great idea making it into a recipe book. I am eager to print it up now and get in to my sewing room to select threads and fabric so I can start stitching. Thanks so much for another lovely sweet stitchery and applique. It brings sunshine on this cloudy day.

  5. Thank you Jenny, very lovely.....

  6. Lovely design Jenny and what a great way to use it - you have given me an idea! xx

  7. Wonderful Jenny! Miss H is coming home on the weekend. It'll be fun!

  8. What a gorgeous design - love this Jenny, thank you!!! Love the cookbook cover idea also. I can't believe Miss Cully May is almost a year old!!!!

  9. LOVE IT, Jenny!!! It's fabulous! Kisses, my friend.


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