Thursday, July 6, 2017

Slow days, painting and sewing...

Mr E is still working away on our old Jeep. It seems every time he pulls out one part to fix he finds two more waiting to stand in line.
It's frustrating and his back, neck and arms sure do ache right now, but he looks at the big picture...when all the work is done we'll have a car that will last, one that he knows inside and out. I'm so very proud of his diligence to any task. 
I also appreciate my husband for asking each morning, "What can I do for you today, lovely wife?" and being honestly prepared to put aside his own plans to accommodate mine if I have a need.

Last weekend we decided to have a break from his Jeep repairs and my housework and see what was on offer at local garage sales. At first it was slim pickin's (as my Pop would say) but then we found a few goodies. 

These beautiful kitchen towels are huge and soft as soft can be. They're quite old, the original waffle weave variety. Four have a nice machine satin stitched zig zag trim in pink and green...

...whilst two others have hand embroidered little flowers in single strand chain stitch. Made my heart go pitter pat.

Mr E doesn't quite understand why treasures like this make me so happy, but he's happy for me. 
I paid just $10 for all six.

Another wonderful find was a quilt stand, though I do wonder if it's really a free standing towel rail? 
Never to mind, it was very cheap and in dreadful condition but I could envision it draped with a few quilts once Mr E transformed it with cream paint. 
And so he did...

While he was painting I remembered a little green metal photo stand hiding away in the linen cupboard and ran downstairs to ask if he'd transform it as well.

This little tea set also came home with us and after a jolly good scrub it was ready for Cully May to play with the next night when she, Blossom and Ross came to dinner. 

In the kitchen my baking days have produced Chocolate Brownies, Italian Lemon Cream Cake and fresh loaves of bread...

On the savoury side of life I've been cooking up corned beef and mustard sauce, lasagne, home-made beef and vegetable pies, and the odd chicken stir fry or curry.  The family are all wearing contented smiles this past week and patting their tummies.
Food, the sharing of it, really is good for the soul.

I kept meaning to make a few new aprons (as I'm going through them at a rate of knots) but my time in the sewing room has been producing other things.

I'm currently working on a new design featuring the next Tilda range to be released on August 1st, "Harvest". 

For the longest time I've had a hankering to make some flying geese blocks for a mini quilt project that keeps popping up in my head...

I've made 32 blocks and think that's enough but you know I may change my mind and use them differently to my first pattern draft.

That's why I'm blogging today. Because I needed to put my mind elsewhere for a few hours and then return to the sewing room with fresh inspiration and a clear direction on how I'll complete the mini quilt...

...and you know, I think it's working. 
A slight variation on the original idea is being drawn in my mind's eye as we speak.

But before I return to those pretty blocks there's a fresh baked loaf of bread cooling on the bench ready to slice and I can hear Mr E coming up the back stairs, so I must away and prepare us a stack of corned beef and pickle sandwiches for lunch. 
With a pot of tea.
And chocolate brownies.

I'll miss these slower days when he returns to work next week.

I do hope your days are bringing simple pleasures and delights too.



  1. Hi Jenny lovely post i love the goodies you bought,Cully May will love her new tea set.
    Love your tilda project and love the baking you have been doing,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. Glenise Magnano - Gold CoastJuly 6, 2017 at 2:48 PM

    Another DELICIOUS post by you Jenny. Your photos and comments are so wonderful and your cooking skills are amazing they put mine (which these days are pretty non existent) to shame. Can't wait to see what wonderful gorgeousness you make with the Tilda Harvest blocks. Also love the tea set you bought Cully May. So very cute. Thank you as always for uplifting me and turning an ordinary day into a special day with the inspiration you share on your blogs. Thank you.

  3. Great finds. Love you Tilda Harvest sewing. Can't wait to see the finished item.

  4. Love the towels you found. I see the embroidered ones have a series of holes along the edge. I don't know if you know but I've seen those used to crochet an edging on them. With crochet thread size 10 and a size 7 (I think that"s a 1.5 mm) steel hook you could do a beautiful edging that adds your own special touch. Or not. Just something to think about. Are you planning on making a little bag for Cully May"s tea set? I've seem on the net a drawstring bag that opens up flat to make a play mat and when playtime is done you just pull the drawstrings and everything is in the bag nice and neat. Enjoy the rest of Mr. E's time off. Time together is so precious.

  5. Sounds like a change of scenery was just you both needed, you sure found some treasures. Just think of the fun tea parties with your little ones! The Tilda project is looking nice already. I recently made a cushion with stitchery for a friend and trimmed it with Tilda fabrics. My mouth is watering looking at all the yummy goodies you have baked.......did I tell you I do taste testings..for FREE! :-)

  6. So glad I stopped by this morning.

  7. It sounds like you had an absolutely delightful and productive day. One to remember.

  8. I love finding old linens, embroideries, doilies at garage sales. I have two of my granddaughters this week and they are so excited to go "junking" with Nana. Mmmm, fresh bread. I haven't made a loaf in awhile, I had better get to baking!

  9. The quilt rack is beautiful and the little tea set is so cute. Congratulations on all your great bargains. From the looks of the quilt fabric, your quilt will be very pretty. I wish I could bake like you do. I love to bake but my husband can't eat just one piece of something. He would devour the whole thing in one evening. I don't need it either. I've gained too much weight and need to eat a LOT less. Oh! The linens are lovely! I enjoy your blogs.

  10. How wonderful finding such lovely things. I bought a white (not as fancy as yours) white towl rail at an Op Shop a few years ago which displays my little quilts. I am rather impressed with yours. Your project looks interesting and I am looking forward to seeing it finished. Mmmmm, yummy sweet treats . That little tea set is sooooooo cute! You will have many fun times sipping tea with Cully May. I can already see her big eyes and gorgeous smile when she first sees it. I can see some cute fabric cupcakes and lamingtons on a plate too. Just incase you haven't got enough sewing to do😄

  11. Good finds! That tea set is so cute. And doesn't paint work wonders?!

  12. Happy that you and Mr E had a day away from home together. Your quilt rack will display your quilts nicely.

  13. Oh, Jenny, that was a soul satisfying read. I could feel calm stealing over me as I read about your sweet activities. Those finds were terrific, and what a cute little tea set for Cully May! Mr. E did a beautiful job of transforming your quilt rack and prop thing. You have the vision! Those are tiny flying geese and I'm interested in what you will make with them in your final version. Have a wonderful rest of the week with Mr. E. He's really being patient with that car!

  14. What wonderful finds and isn't it wonderful what a coat of fresh paint will do. Flying Geese blocks is one of my favorites along with Pinwheels.

  15. Beautiful post...Love your wonderful finds Lovely news you and hubby had a wonderful day together Cant wait to see what you have in mind for the Beautiful Tilda fabric Have a happy rest of the week...

  16. Such treasures – and everyone is going to love having tea with that precious babe. I am searching for that towel hanger/quilt rack too. Our yard sales are gone for these heat intense months of summer but come fall I will continue the search.

  17. Your posts make me want to move to Australia...just across the street from you!! Good choice to take a day off together and you made some great finds. Yet again, I find an oasis of peace, tranquility and joy here with you. Keep enjoying the important things in life!!

  18. Jenny Dear I love to visit and read what you are contentedly creating for your husband, family and home. I can only dream of doing the things that would bring great JOY. This home and property continue to drain us in every way. We shall remain postive over despondent no matter how hard it is. Summer is here in full heatwave. 102F in the shade is so not normal for us and it is HOT!!! Ran some errands today and made us Root Beer Floats...just because! It brings me back to my childhood and a smile comes over my face. I always love what you are designing and sewing. Mr. E is tenacious with his Jeep repairs and I do hope he completes them soon so you can enjoy your excursions. Blessings Sweet Jenny...<3

  19. I love this post Jenny. You got some great finds at the yard sales. I love vintage linens, especially those with hand embroidery. Your dinners and baked goodies sound wonderful. God bless you and Mr. E.

  20. Your post was just the tonic & diversion I needed today dear Jenny. Those teatowels & garage sale finds of yours made my heart well & truly go "pitter patter" too! Have a lovely weekend dear friend xxxx

  21. I have a few of those towels, love them so much and have to keep them away from the family, lol. Great finds Jenny, Mr. E did a gorgeous job painting! I can picture the quilt stand in your new the look so far of your mini, really lovely fabrics!


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