Monday, July 17, 2017

TUTORIAL - a jenny-leaf and scissor keep...

My sweet little textured leaves came to life one day as I was doodling and stitching. 
I wanted to create a new leaf to compliment a posey of flowers in a design and thought how lovely to combine my two favourite stitches – back stitch and blanket stitch.

Someone else may well have done similar leaves in the past but I’ve never seen a leaf like mine before so I’ve called it a Jenny Leaf because it features in most of my designs lately.

Want to try one?

Trace the design onto your fabric, fuse a thin stabiliser behind the traced design, choose a green thread and we can begin!

Note: I've stitched my leaf with a single strand of Aurifil 12 weight which is the same as using 2 strands of embroidery floss. 

Start your backstitch at the base of the leaf where the centre line begins.

Stitch around the whole leaf.
Your entry holes for the right side of the leaf will become your entry holes for the blanket stitch so think about this as you stitch.

Small stitches will mean more blanket stitch veins on the leaf.
Larger stitches will give fewer veins.

Ignore the first backstitch entry hole (if you have small backstitch) and begin your blanket stitch at the second entry hole on the right side of the leaf. However, if your backstitch is large begin at the first entry hole.

Sew a line of blanket stitch all the way up the centre of the leaf.

When you come to the top omit the last backstitch entry hole if your backstitch is small.

If your stitches are large sew a blanket stitch into every entry hole along the right side of the leaf.

Finish the centre line of the leaf by sewing one straight stitch and ending it just slightly above the point of the leaf. 

Stitch the second leaf.
It will be much quicker this time. 

Now that you’ve sewn two leaves would you like to make a little scissor keep?

Fuse a piece of thin Pellon behind your stitchery.

Trim the stitchery to 3” (wide) x 3 ¼” (high).

Cut a piece of pretty fabric the same size.

Pin the fabric and the stitchery together, right sides facing.

Sew a ¼” seam around 3 sides, and ¾” along each end of the fourth side to leave an opening for turning out.

Turn the needle-keep right side out, press, and fill the inside with stuffing. 

Ladder stitch the opening closed.

Instead of a flower we’re going to add a button under our leaves.

Choose a button to compliment the fabric you’ve used at the back of your needle-keep.

But if you want to really compliment the fabric you could always do what I have done and self-cover a button with a scrap of the fabric for a perfect match!

You know, with a pretty pair of embroidery scissors one of these scissor-keeps would make a lovely gift and as it's July already it might be time to start filling the Christmas pressie box.

Just a suggestion! Ha ha!

I've included this full tutorial in the free pattern so save it to your computer and it will always be handy. 

Start to finish this little project took me 30 minutes so it might be a good one for a friends sewing afternoon at your house...of course with coffee, cake and chatter it might take you a little longer than that, but imagine the fun?!

It's Monday morning here and while Mr E's at work and Blossom's beloved is back from overseas so they are relishing family time with little Cully May, I shall get moving with housework and a bit of baking because...we have friends coming to stay later this week for a one night stopover as they travel around Australia on their motorbike and sidecar. 

We've never met in person but have known them for a number of years so it should be a lovely night!

I wonder if you can guess who?

Enjoy the new week!


Anonymous said...

Perfect! I already bought a pair of scissors for someone, and now I can make a pincushion to go with it. That could be tomorrow's project in the evening, or Thursday's in the morning. Thanks so much, Jenny. I do like that leaf, and now Jenny leaves will pop up all over the world. =) Your tutorials are always so easy to follow.

Leeanne said...

beautiful! great close up photo's so we can all see your lovely stitches.

Joyce Stratton said...

I'm looking forward to making this. Thank you Jenny. It'll make a great stocker stuffer for my sewing friends and family.

Ondrea said...

I have never seen a leaf stitched like that either. It is certainly quite pretty and easy to do. Thankyou, once again, for sharing your design with us. The scissor keep /pin cushion is a great idea especially for a quick easy gift. Looks like I shall be making a few of them ready for gifts. Good to hear that Blossom's hubby is home. Enjoy your mystery visitors.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Lovely stitching as always, Jen. If your visitor is Janice, say hello from me. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you Jenny - for the free download and this lovely tutorial. The Leaf embroidery really adds dimension to this cute design - beautiful! Enjoy your baking day and your time with your guests later on in the week.

Brenda said...

Hello Jenny, This is a fabulous embroidery leaf technique to use! I am so glad that you shared it with us along with the great project! It will make a perfect gift for a couple of quilting friends! Have a great day!

sillyheart said...

Sweet as sugar Jenny! Thanks for the great illustrations. Love everything you do!!!

Lorrie said...

What a sweet little project. Love the leaf!

Susan said...

Thank you for the pattern and tutorial.

Gmama Jane said...

Your stitching makes me smile! My sister Sarah Beth loves to embroider and due to an autoimmune disorder, she is retired and rarely leaves her home. Stitching is her therapy. SEW, of course, I introduced her to you and all your lovely stitchery patterns. What a lovely surprise when for my Birthday, I received a white chefs apron with Jenny of Elefantz stitching patterns on the front! It now is work by my body double that stands in my sewing room. I will have to figure out a way to share the picture with you! Out had so much sentimental value to me knowing my sweet baby sister's hands lovingly stitched each stitch of a pattern from my favorite embroidery designer!!!
Thank you for the inspiration you are too myself and so many others!
JaneEllen Hillis
Alabama, USA

SISTER:. Sarah Beth Christie
North Carolina, USA

Winifred said...

That is so pretty. Have to ask what a scissor keep is. I thought it would be a case to keep them in but obviously it's not. It is lovely and would be a lovely pin cushion. Nice that Blossom's husband is home, they must miss him. Good job they have you & Mr E Jenny!

mb4rwss said...

Thank you for the tutorial and free pattern. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends!

sam said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I love the new stitch and the project is so sweet.

Elaine said...

I've been in love with these leaves, Jenny! Thank you for the tutorial and gift suggestion.

Lizblois said...

I've just found your site and I'm so excited to start stitching some of your designs and reading your blog, newsletter and devotionals. I just have one question (at the moment) how did you make the cord you use to attach the scissors to the scissor keeper, is it a plait of the embroidery thread or something else?

Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's a twisted cord. Take a long length of 6-strand embroidery thread. Twist one end to the right and the other end to the right, holding one end in each hand so you're actually twisting each end in opposite directions during this process. When it feel tight get someone to put their finger in the middle and bring both ends together before letting go. The cord will now twist automatically and you have a cord.

GetSewing said...

What a nice stitch idea!