Monday, September 18, 2017

And there's dust everywhere...

But I'll start with something pretty.

Four nights, four corners embroidered with a vase of posies.
Now I'm debating whether to add a row of running stitch above the border.
But I'm so sore and weary from packing that I think that decision can wait until we've moved, unpacked, settled and breathing again.
Or I might pick it up tonight and mindlessly dip the needle in and out until I have a sweet red, green, yellow or red dashed border around four sides. 
I really can't say.
Exhaustion does that.

But it's a good exhaustion.
A hard worked "I'm achieving something" exhaustion.

But that dust.
Oh my, the dust.
As I pack box after box, carefully filling each one with no room to spare and everything nestled safely, my eyes discover more and more dust bunnies appearing over the wooden floors.

I want to vacuum them up but what's the point.
The more we pack, the more things are lifted and shifted and shuffled around, the more dust bunnies will appear, bringing their friends to party with them.
So Dust Party Central must stay for now until the last box and chair and bed and broom have been loaded into the moving truck and they've no gathering or hiding places left.
At that point the cleaners will arrive to scurry them on their way.

Boxes are slowly climbing up walls and along hallways.
Sheets of butcher paper await fragile things to be wrapped...

...and rooms are emptying.

Mr E has taken the potted plants off the deck and gathered them downstairs where they await transportation in the Jeep later this week.

I had no choice but to trim my cherry tomatoes which were growing over the deck and down the side, and gather the fruit already on the vine.
Never mind, it's still mid season for tomatoes in the tropics so they may bush out and flower again after the move.
 Or there's always next year.

I'm preparing a box of essentials for that first night in the new home.
Cotton sheets, towels, toilet paper, kettle, mugs, iPads and our current reading.

And there may or may not be a block of chocolate and a pack of Allen's retro mix lollies in the box too, after all it will be a huge day loading the truck from this house in the morning and unloading it at the new place that afternoon so treats are essential recovery tools. 

Mr E finally got the Jeep all back together last Thursday after 14 long weeks of waiting for parts from overseas and fixing every thing that needed repair, so we celebrated with a long drive along the shore in moonlight.
Alas, Friday morning the radiator cracked. 
Can you believe it?

Fortunately we could order that here in Australia and it arrived via courier today so my beloved is downstairs once again working on the car.

We're so grateful to God for carrying us through the ups and downs of this year, for balancing our health, car and other trials with things which came together almost effortlessly. 
We're so blessed to be His children, to be loved and cared for by such a gracious and good heavenly Father.

This blog post helped me take a break from packing and now that I've sat for a while, drank a litre of water and taken many good deep breaths, it's time to do a little more and also to think about dinner.
We're still using up what we have and tonight a beef stir fry with rice noodles is on the menu.

I might just mention to those members of the Stitchery Club who have recently emailed to say they did not receive their September patterns - have you checked your junk or spam box?
The patterns were emailed out earlier than usual on the 15th this month due to our move.
If you can't find them there please email me (here) and I'll resend, but I will be offline between the 21st and the 24th. 

Take care dear friends, think beautiful thoughts, be kind and trust God.


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Leeanne said...

It's a BIG job moving............perhaps you need some traps for those dust bunnies! :-)

Ondrea said...

Oh my! That brings back memories. Just the thought of moving again makes me shudder. You have certainly achieved a lot of packing in such a short time. Even when I clean out a cupboard and dust is around I need to take an antihistamine. I was going to say to pack mugs, tea , coffee and a kettle in a separate box so you can find it as soon as you move but you already had that organised. I should have known LOL. Soooo exciting!!!! ( A row of stitches along the edge would look lovely).

May said...

It's such a big task Jenny moving home you are doing a very organised job... it will all come together Beautifully... I got my wonderful stitchery club patterns for Sept I love them all... Keep safe and rest when you can... I'm so excited for you and I'm not even moving... Have a blessed week ahead... May x

Karen B. said...

Gosh Jenny,
you have been very busy. I remember our moving days. Whilst in the army and after I have packed out home up about 16 times over the past 25 years and it is very exhausting. Make sure you rest and don't over do it. I love your stitching so much!
Many hugs,
Karen B.

Maria said...

Oh busy busy busy packing...sorry the Jeep needed more work....

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Jenny - your Jeep is acting more like a Ford! Jeff and Sam were working on Sam's car til after midnight last night, not sure how much sleep Jeff got - he gets up at 5am. Sam's car is acting like a Ford lately too, lol. You are so organized - I should have hired you for our move, lol!!! Lots of rest stops dear girl, and protein. [My grandpa worked for Ford - he said it stood for Fixed Or Repaired Daily].

CalamityJr said...

I think stitching that border will bring you calm after these very busy days. I'm wondering, though, if perhaps you have a variegated thread so you don't have to choose between red, green, yellow, or blue?

Anonymous said...

That is a LOT of packing! I know you will be so happy when it's all over. You are smart to have that box ready, and definitely, it needs chocolate! Your flower vases are wonderful, too. I don't know why, but I expected a few French knots around the flowers. LOL The running stitch sounds good, or you can just say it's the last thing you FINISHED in your old house! Best wishes on a speedy and effortless move, with not one thing damaged. I'm so glad you didn't have to wait for a radiator - what a pain! Hopefully, nothing else goes wrong for a long time. =)

kupton52 said...

How exciting for you...may the move go smoothly and you'll be settled in your new home in a short time. I would LOVE to move...we've been in the same house 40 husband loves it here and will never move. And since I love him, I'll be here too. Blessings...kathy in WV/USA

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move Jenny, hope all goes well
Alison x

Farm Quilter said...

Moving is so difficult, whether you are moving down the street, across the country or to a new country! Keep your strength up by taking care of yourself. Praying for you as you climb yet another mountain!!!

Sharm said...

Good luck with the move. I notice you have all the same types of boxes - that must be so much easier. I always seem to just be using what I can get hold of from Bunnings, ect. Packing is such a big job, although I'd be quite happy to be packing at the moment - still waiting for our house here in Vic to sell so we can move to Maryborough in Qld! We have our son, dil and grandies from Townsville planning to meet us at Maryborough for Christmas and it sure would be nice if we were actually living there by then! Have a safe move (guessing it's a local move - we used to live right on the Kirwan border lol). Good to have that "1st day" box of essentials - you always can tell a seasoned mover when they mention that box lol
Big hugs to you and God Bless,

Janice said...

You won't know yourself when the move is all done and dusted (no pun intended). It will be worth all the hard work you are doing now. Enjoy that Jeep now it is back on the road.

Lorrie said...

Moving is so much work. I've done it 21 times, some of those overseas moves, and it's always a lot of time, sweat, and dealing with those dust bunnies. It's good to know when to quit and take a break. Wishing you moments of joy during the day.

Glenise - Gold Coast said...

Good luck with the move Jenny. Look forward to how you will transform your new house in a loving and cheerful and very pretty home. Good luck, rest up when you can and God bless you. xxxx

Baa. xxx said...

Oh, there I was smiling to myself about the Jeep - then next minutes reading about the radiator - about frustration! It's going to be so good in your next place - can't wait to see how much you love it and how you decorate and make it your space. Look forward to the photos!

Martha Roberts said...

Wow, all the boxes. You are doing great with your packing. I am not moving but I need to act like I am and do some cleaning out. A box for throw away, a box for give away and a box for put away. You are so organized and just think of the happy day when you unpack in your new home. Can't wait to see your photos. Still praying for a smooth house moving.

Joyce said...

Just seeing all those boxes made me think of our 1500 mile move from Texas to Arizona. It took forever to pack everything thing up then 2 nine hour days of driving and a night at a motel with two dogs and two cats. Exhausting! Praying for an easy uneventful move for you and Mr. E. So happy the jeep is finally repaired. Take care and God Bless.

Ingrid said...

Te felicito Jenny. Cuán organizada eres. Me gustó la idea de preparar una caja para destapar primero con las cosas primordiales que se necesitan. Gracias a Dios tu esposito tiene mucha salud para poder reparar el radiador.
Me dio mucha risa cuando hablaste de los conejitos de polvo. Ten cuidado y no aparezca Totoro buscándolos, jejejeje.
Recibe un fuerte abrazo lleno de energías para que lleves tu mudanza a buen término. Disfruto mucho tus publicaciones, porque hablas de tu cotidianidad y se nota que disfrutas todo. Lo grande y lo pequeño también. Bendiciones para ti y tus seres amados.

Deb said...

Darling Jenny, I am in awe of you. Such an organised woman but so much hard work. I know you will have had help to pack but please don't do too much. At least when you are in your new home you can unpack slowly and pace yourself. I hope all of the shift goes smoothly for you and Mark.
Looking forward to seeing photos when you have time but make you that you have rest time too.
hugs xxx

Kay said...

Good luck with the move. We are just decorating and moving bedrooms around, and that is bad enough. xx

grammajudyb said...

Oh my, the thought of moving sends me into panic mode. We have been in our current house for 29.5 years. You can imagine the accumulation! Uffda!(that's an old Norwegian phrase the means OMG or oh boy! or something awful!) Take care of yourself and breathe. Good luck!

Lin said...

Moving is always such a traumatic time Jenny, especially when trying to run a business from home at the same time. Give yourself a break - I am sure everyone would be accommodating if you said you were going to take a month off. Your long term health is far more important that trying to stick with a monthly commitment. I send love and prayers to you both at this difficult time - but please consider you health and your family and think about your priorities. With love. xx

Michelle said...

I'm praying for you today as you move. For safety and energy. Hope things go well. How far will you be from your daughter's family now? Enjoy setting up your new home with your wonderful husband.

Createology said...

Jenny Dear you and Mr. E have earned a nice long rest after this move. Blessings on your new Home Sweet Home...<3