Friday, October 13, 2017

The rhythms of life...

Twenty one days have passed since we first carried boxes filled to the brim with the contents of our ordinary life into this new dwelling place.
The things which at first daunted me, like the vast expanse of open plan area that would require on any given day to be swept or vacuumed or mopped, now appear more molehill than mountain. Adjustment is coming along nicely and there's a relaxed rhythm we've begun to flow with. 

Every second day I bake a fresh loaf of bread...

...and I can even watch my favourite baking shows as I prepare meals.

With only one car between us at the moment I don't go out during the week as Mr E needs it to travel to work, so many relaxed hours are spent in this large kitchen. To be blessed with so much space and light and peace in a kitchen is a joy beyond what I'd hoped. God is gracious indeed.

Shepherd's Pie made from leftover roast lamb, mashed potatoes and a host of other veggies.

But change of any kind requires a period of adjustment to tweak and undo and discover.
Moving house is no different.
Each day something else is moved or removed, and notes are written on paper with an ever increasing list of things for me to make or Mr E to fix. It's a lovely thing this heartfelt desire to create a comfortable and welcoming home, a sanctuary for the weary and a place of delight for the bright explorer. 

Sophie has always been an outdoor cat, coming inside as evening fell but usually under protest.
She was a gift from Mr E in early 2011 but soon expressed she had a far greater devotion to him then me, with all her affection lavished on him and rarely any to me. Since then I suppose Sophie and I have tolerated each other because of our mutual love for the man of the house, but you know, she too has changed with this move.

Sophie is now an indoor cat and with each passing day she is choosing to spend more and more time by my side. At first it was almost begrudgingly, but here we are, twenty one days into a different rhythm of living, and who is she snuggling up to at night? Me. 
I was quite ill late Wednesday afternoon and all through that night with a crippling migraine and our over-sized previously aloof feline lay across the bottom of my feet the entire time, as though understanding I wasn't well and needing to comfort me. 
And what did Mr E say? "Good girl Sophie. You look after mum."
Beautiful. Blessed. 

Once hubby leaves for work each day I brew a cuppa and go sit out on the enclosed verandah in the early morning breeze with my Bible, surrounded by our potted plants and many palm trees which line the yard.

Each day after housework and Elefantz business has been attended to I venture into the sewing room to work for a little while on projects for the house, things like long narrow runners to cover the top of our bookcases.
Last weekend I dug through my box of old stitcheries and pulled out this "LOVE" block which was originally meant for my "At The Heart Of It All" quilt design, but I later rejected it and made a slightly different love block instead. 

Funny how years later you can look at something you've made in the past but didn't really like at the time and instantly feel a warm glow of inspiration and creativity fill your thoughts.

Fortunately I'd kept some of the fabric scraps from that quilt and combined with a couple of new pieces my old Love block became the star of this simple disappearing 9-patch runner by Sunday evening.

Running stitch with Perle #12 thread added a touch more interest.

Homely, comforting, so basic, so simple...beautiful.

The next runner is now underway with one block made and four more to go. I doubt this will come together in a weekend, but that's fine...I'm enjoying the slower process of making, of being, of living.

This is a Jen Kingwell design from the Moda book "All in a Row Again"

These days I'm rather content pottering around and bringing life into each corner of this home, and into each corner of my heart.

Life was never meant to be rushed through or thrown together on a whim, yet I did live that way for a long time, not fully appreciative of what I had and the gift each morning had to offer.

What matters in the rhythm of life is the day before you, the people God has placed in your arms or in your path, and being grateful for it all. 

The hardest times made me stronger, the sorrowful times built my faith and taught me compassion, the joyful times encouraged my capacity for love to overflow.

Nothing in life is wasted if we learn from it, grow with it, and pass on those precious lessons to the next generation. 

The other day I wrote that I'm sensing a change in my life, and slowly that understanding is becoming clearer. 
Think it will be rather marvelous, rather gentle and domestic and rhythmic and life giving - or perhaps I should say "life living".

God bless you dear one, you are immeasurably precious and not one good thing you have done has gone unseen by our Father in heaven, even if you feel invisible or unappreciated in your every day life. You are never invisible to He who loves you most.



MY MUSINGS said...

Wow Jenny! What a beautiful, inspiring and sweet blog post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your cooking and your sewing~ God's blessings is what makes our lives so precious! His blessings are simple, yet profound~ Love and hugs~

Leeanne said...

What a beautiful post, inspiring words that bring comfort. Your new home looks just wonderful your sense of fabulous style has made it home. Isn't that curious about your cat? Perhaps the cat needs you & you need her?

Ondrea said...

Your new home is an absolute delight by the sound of it. Having some space does make a difference. LOve your cat. I find that cats don't really like just sitting until they are about 2 years old. How old is your cute kitty? We have the perfect cat at the moment. It is the neighbours cat and she is only 7 or 8 months old. She comes over for regular visits, comes inside and inspects everything, enjoys a pat or 2,barely tolerates a cuddle from me , has a couple of munchies and then goes back outside. Perfect! No food bills and no vet bills LOL. This is the first couple of years I have never had a cat in the house and I am enjoying Asha's visits. Cats are very perceptive when it comes to human illness and they will often lay on top of you. Infact, they are quite healing and soothing. Did you ever read the book "Oscar"? Or even the book " Dewey".

Suze said...

I love this LOVE block. It's so sweet without being syrupy. Life is full of changes whether we want or like them. Tonight I was just thinking of some relationship changes and I miss every one even though some of them were healthy changes. They were all important to me at the time. I had one lady who asked me why I let someone from the best have "that much control over my life?" If I could help it, I certainly wouldn't. I certainly would not have chosen some of the heinous things that person did to me as a child either. For many years, it made me a stronger person, learning to navigate life. Now, I'm disabled due to those heinous acts and keeping them a secret for over 40 years. My brain stopped functioning in some capacities; my body stopped making some things that I need in the amounts that I need; and other effects. Others in similar situations commit suicide or are never productive members of society, I am blessed. Just today, I received a brand new sewing machine from a nice man whom I have never man who is giving sewing machines to those who would like to sew (maybe again) and need a machine. It's a nice, small machine with a few decorative stitches (I don't need many), one step buttonhole, and postage paid to me. Did I say I am blessed? I can hardly wait to sew again. God is good and sent an angel to deliver a desire of my heart.

Little Quiltsong said...

What a lovely blog post! I feel the contentment you have in your new home after this move - the joy. Awww - and sweet Sophie, now getting attached to you, and staying close - love that. Love seeing that fresh bread - need to make some again too. Our weather has turned cooler now, and soups and bread will be on the menu more. Such cute table runners too with your pretty designs. Enjoy these rich blessings - so happy for you, Jenny!!

Janice said...

I'm glad that your new house is really becoming your home now. If Sophie settles to be an indoor cat as well as our Joey did (he was a full on farm cat) she will be a contented girl, as will you.

Moira said...

Manifold are God's blessings in the lives he sets before all of us. Thank you for the reminder to take time to appreciate it all in the busyness of life.

Little Penpen said...

What a beautiful life! I am trying to slow down each day and notice everything around me, especially when I'm out and about.... to see who God puts in my path each day and try to figure out why. I try to smile and encourage those I see. I just love your bright open kitchen and your new runner is beautiful. I"m glad Sophie is taking good care of you!

Kristy said...

Jenny- it is like you have a window to my aching soul. Jesus is using you in my life. I am so glad you have found a place of rest and joy. Your words are a balm to my soul. Thank you for sharing your joys and sorrows with us. Thank you for being obedient to Jesus. Thank you for the lovely projects you share. You are a blessing and a huge encouragement in my life. K-

Simply Ann said...

I love reading your blog. It is though you can put what is in my heart into words. There are so many women who are not content in their homes. I love being home. I love making my home a sanctuary for my husband. Every morning I head out onto our deck, breath in the cool fresh air and thank God for all the blessings in my life.

Love the runner that you made. So beautiful. Right now I am knitting little dresses for dollies. Christmas is around the corner and with 8 precious little granddaughters and 2 sweet little grandsons I much to make and do.
God Bless,
Frankie Ann

Allie-oops Designs said...

Such a gorgeous post, sweetheart, I'm so glad you're settling in nicely and have such a beautiful place to call home! Wow Sophie has changed - sounds like the kitty equivalent of a seal of approval on the new place. I hope you're feeling better hon. Love your new Love tablerunner, so pretty!

Farm Quilter said...

We do tend to rush through life, rarely taking the time to see the blessings bestowed upon us. Thank you for the gentle reminder through the glimpses of your life to slow down and appreciate all that the Lord has done for us. I am so glad you are happy in your new home - change is never easy even when it is eagerly anticipated. May God continue to rain His blessings down upon you and thank you for sharing those blessings with us!!

Susan said...

I am glad you are settling in and finding peace in your new home. That bread looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, how I love the peace and contentment that is coming through and from your post. This move was definitely a happy choice, and as I look at your pictures of cooking and the kitchen, I can imagine how content you are in that wonderful space. I'm so happy you found this house, and that the move has been so good for you. The things you are making for your home are wonderful to make and wonderful to enjoy for years to come.

Anneb said...

Be blessed. Thank you for the lovely block. I do enjoy reading it.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for that last line on your blog that " not one good thing you have done has gone unseen by our Father in heaven, even if you feel invisible or unappreciated in your every day life. You are never invisible to He who loves you most". Sometimes when you struggle with health issues you forget about how HE feels about you. Thank you for reminding me HE does know and understand what I am dealing with and HE cares.
I am so delighted you have a wonderful house and making it a home. I too have recently started making bread and the aroma is do comforting. Take care....

Gloria said...

Very inspiring blog post. You sound very happy and at peace in your new home. Made me feel the peace in my own surroundings today. So glad you are doing well and enjoying your new space. Everything looks beautiful, love the runner.

ChrisDeeCaregeiver said...

Jenny, your writing is as beautiful as your stitching. Thank you for this glimpse into your new life in your new home.

Martha Roberts said...

Oh, what a lovely post! So glad to know you are feeling happy with your new home. Beautiful runner for your bookshelf. I always thought anyone loved by a cat is well-loved indeed!

Diego Lopes said...

What an inspiring post. I love how you're taking your time to adjust and let life be as simple and easy as it should. Love it!

Tammy said...

I love seeing your new home. It looks very comfortable. I love all the things you have made that are on display and in use in your home....Love your cat. Gorgeous ....Also can't wait to see the new runner finished that you are working on. It is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you my friend. You need to write that book.....You will sell tons. I head you can self publish your own books on Amazon. Don't know how that works or if it is true....You do need to do a ladies devotional book.

Createology said...

Jenny Dear I read your posts with definite attention and I reread them with intensity. Your words are wise and comforting. As days get hectic and overwhelming I stop and think of how I can choose to be mindful and present and enjoy every minute. Life is Good and I am Blessed. Thank you very much for sharing your stories and feelings. Lovely Home Dear...<3