Sunday, November 12, 2017

The things we cannot see...

I was reading 1 John this week and for a few days kept returning to this verse as a reminder that each day is an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden sins I cannot see.

And you know, He is faithful to do just that, but not so He can swat us on the backside and give us a stern talking to.

He wants to correct our path out of danger, set our heart on a right course and lead us into a closer walk with Jesus.
Every time we allow the Holy Spirit to dig out the weeds, turn our green light to red, or close a door in our face, it's because of LOVE.

As a parent I many times have had to remove my children from situations that were not safe, or reprimand their bad behaviour. Not because I wanted to ruin their fun, but because I could see the lurking dangers that they could not.

Our God is a gracious and forgiving Father, a far better parent than I will ever hope to be, and it is in the moments when I bow my head before Him and pray for my loved ones, forgiveness, our needs or what direction to take, that I realise I too am still a child.

His child.

And a wise and loving Father will only ever lead His child towards righteousness.

be blessed,


  1. So true; and it's so reassuring when we can see clearly 'later on' why HE removed us from certain situations. We didn't understand at the time, but it all made perfect sense in time.

  2. Hello Jenny! I am going to save this post and reread it quite often in these times I am facing and totally not understanding. Thank you so much for sharing this. I truly believe that the Lord used you today to send this message to me personally Jenny. Continue posting what you feel is right in your heart and when you feel it is from the Lord. God Bless you and have a wonderful day!

  3. Amen....Praise you Lord God for loving us so. Thank you Jenny!

  4. Amen, Jenny. Spot on. Thank you.

  5. A lovely gentle reminder. Blessings G.

  6. wonderful thoughts, and that is how I've come to see Heavenly Father: a kind, wise father who wants to correct us in order to help us. Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, H

  7. Amen Jenny. Lovely post.

  8. Jenny, sometimes it is hard to understand what the Lord is doing in our lives. This has been a particularly difficult one for me but I have learned a lot although it is still a work in progress.


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