Sunday, November 5, 2017

You were made to create...

Creativity is an integral part of us, it’s who we are because we are made in the image of God and He is our Creator.
Some people think the gift of creativity belongs to others, but not to themselves. They look at the ideas which come to life in the work of a landscape gardener, cake decorator, textile artist, painter, author, musician or potter and in comparison feel they have no such talent to offer.

But they are wrong.

Yes, creativity is showcased when a person’s work is sought after or given monetary value, that is true, yet every day you and I create in ways that most people will never know - and that is the very essence of God being expressed through our lives.

When we set a table for luncheon, carefully arranging placemats, aged napkins, a jug of sparkling water afloat with ice cubes and thin slices of fresh lemon, flowers or leafy stems cut from the garden and flowing over the sides of a simple lace wrapped jam jar…we are being creative.
When we turn over the soil along the edges of our garden and plant seedlings of petunias, violets and marigolds…we are being creative.
That flourish of sesame seeds scattered over a loaf of bread just before baking, the pink and white striped straw dropped into a child’s glass of chocolate milk, fragrant candles lit and displayed along the mantle just as the sun sets below the horizon, or a colourful gypsy scarf tied wistfully to a bed post…these are creative touches.

Never doubt your own unique creative gifts, for God Himself impressed them liberally upon your DNA.

Over the coming week let’s choose to do our tasks a little slower, with more intention and reflection.
Consider each small act of creativity and perhaps write them down so that by the end of this week you can see, even in the small things that most people never notice, just how creative you really are.

Then be encouraged and give thanks to God who has blessed you with His wonderful inspiration to create.



Delight in Nature said...

An inspirational blog that reminds us to use the gift of creativity we all have within us. Thank you Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminder to slow down & give our tasks more attention. When we do they become more than just duties, but opportunities for creativity. Also, when we live in the moment we enjoy our life so much more! Diane from Minnesota

Carol Derouin Freeman said...

Thank you Jennifer, for you encouragement. You always make us feel special. I Love your blog, your webpage and all the beautiful "creations" you share with us. You truely have brought me back to something I love.......Needlework ! Until finding your facebook page I thought it was a dying art, I feel we all have become a long distance family from all over the world. The lovely ladies on FB have touched me in so many ways. The mornings now are not complete till I check your Facebook page, and this page also. God Bless.

R's Rue said...


Farm Quilter said...

Jenny, you are so right! The gentle art of homemaking has been disparaged for decades as almost worthless. It actually has great value as it is at the core of raising our families, creating a warm, welcoming place of refuge from the buffeting of the world. Thank you for reminding us of the reflection we are of our creator in our daily lives and encouraging us to be mindful of the creativity we bring to every task.

Anonymous said...

Amen. As the world becomes more and more stressful and draining on our loved ones, all these little touches become more and more important. The world still does not value "woman's work", but it wouldn't get far without it. =)

Lori said...

Thank you, Jenny. You are always so encouraging. In a day when churches are too busy with 'outreach' to come and visit their own lonely flock, you are a breath of joy. Thank you, thank you.

beefi8 said...

Jenny, you are very much a blessing to me!

Peggy Ott said...

Thank You Jenny! This is beautiful and a keeper to remind me I am doing God's work each day.

Blessings to you and yours!

Brenda said...

Dear Jenny; After an entire day spent in a hospital room with my Daughter, my Husband, My Mother and My Father it took me a lot of thought and a few rereads to even begin to understand what you were trying to say. I know a bit of that is based on the fact that before I took up quilting, I honestly did not consider myself creative in any way. Even in my stamped hand embroidery projects that the threads were my choice through and through. Or was it because last night, I was informed that within the next few days my Father was going to be sent home with Hospice to help him in any way that they could for the remainder of his life. But this morning, when we all arrived at his room, stood by his side and waited for the Doctor for a short time before finding anything to busy our hands and our minds a tad bit. I had grabbed a bad of embroidery threads and applique pieces to work with. My Father, who has always loved every snippet of project I create wanted to see what I was working on this time. He was just laying there, looking so frail and so afraid, I asked him if he would like to help me sew some of the pieces on. I went on to tell him that I knew he could because of the stories he has told me of the time that my Grandma was so ill she had to stay in bed for a couple of months; she chose my Father who was about 7 to do quite a bit of the chores or to help her accomplish tasks in bed, like hand sewing or mending. She took the time to teach my Father hand stitches. He laughed and was very happy for awhile, taking his mind off the situation. But, I already knew, that his eyes were to bad to continue sewing. Well, we are not positive what is going to happen. But we do know that God is holding our family strong and making the Doctors take second and third tests and he has 3 specialists all working together very hardly trying to keep my Father alive.

Would you please include my Father and my family in your prayers and if anyone else would like to include us in their prayers, we sure could use all the Love of God and his Followers prayers wholeheartedly right now. Thank you and God Bless you!

Love your Sister in Christ Brenda

Tania said...

Dear Jenny,

I answered your latest post before reading this one. How fitting this is to where I am now. Thank you for you beautiful words of encouragement.


A Joyful Cottage said...

Just what I needed this morning. Thank you, Jenny. xo

Thumper said...

Jenny, you are so right. Thank you for your constant affirmation. We women need one such as yourself.

DH and I just celebrated our 38th anniversary. After working outside the home for many years we decided that I should retire. We both had high stress positions and were wound up and crabby when we got home. It made for a very stressful home and relationship. We are both happier and our relationship is stronger. Our home is now a safe haven.

I was a SAH for many years to three sons. Women used to comment on how my mind was wasted. I have since learned that staying at home didn’t make me stupid. It made them smart. They are all successful and well adjusted adults.

We have learned that God’s plan works best.

Brenda, Your family is in my prayers.