Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lacy buttony ribbon trees...

Do you spend time on Pinterest?
Maybe once or twice a week I settle down with my iPad and a nice cup of tea about an hour before bedtime and have a look-see at pretty and inspiring ideas like new recipes, decorating on a budget, tutorials for things I'd like to learn, gifts, or lovely quotes. 
At the moment my eyes seem to fall more often upon 'seasonal' projects which may (or may not) be made in time for December 25. 
I think it's nice to make something new for the home each year, and even though I have a number of my own Christmas designs to display there are many more ideas out there which make me smile and inspire a different kind of creativity to surface. 

This year it's lacy, button-y ribbon trees.

I found some beautiful photos on Pinterest and wanted to start on a framed version for our home straight away but it's been a very busy fortnight here with family, car, health and business matters so I've had to breathe and pace myself until such a time as I could 'play'. 

Yesterday was that time, but first I chose to make a hanging card and leave the larger framed tree for another day.

I thought the aqua stripe fabric would make a nice background and from there it was simply a matter of preparing a piece of thin cardboard, cutting lengths of lace, ribbon and braid, and gathering some buttons and a tiny bit of bling. 

Mr E came home to find me busy at work with my lacy tree and to be honest I was so caught up in what was before me that I hadn't noticed the sewing room was dark so what a surprise when he switched on the light and everything became clear! 
He assures me I do this a lot, and I assured him that any crafter worth her salt probably does exactly the same thing. We get in the 'zone' and away we go on our project, oblivious to whether the sun or the moon is setting or rising. Right?

Anyhow, with a nice organic chicken roasting away in the oven with an abundance of vegetables nestled around it and a large lemon stuffed inside, I continued on.

This will be an ornament card for a friend and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

Not sure what colours to use in a large framed tree in this style because the red wall in our living room robs me of all desire to use red elsewhere...and pink would just clash.
Perhaps green and silver...I don't know right now, but it will also depend on what's in my stash as I'm not buying any extras.

If this sort of project appeals to you here are a few of the lacy, button-y ribbon trees I found on Pinterest in very different styles.

You can see more HERE on my Christmas Ideas pinterest board  and when you click on any of the the photos from that board it will take you to the original web pages for the photos shown below...

Blossom has left her baby & toddlers clothing business as her hands are full with Cully May, a new baby due in 13 weeks, moving house early next year and Christmas, but she hasn't stopped sewing.

Years ago when I taught myself to do patchwork I would teach her as I went along and she made some beautiful projects including her first quilt at age 11. But then she progressed to embroidery, beading, crochet, scrapbooking, writing...and patchwork fell by the wayside.

Now she has a hankering to patchwork again. Zippered pouches to be exact.
And guess who was the recipient of her first two practice pouches?
Me, and I love them!

She even made them from my all time favourite fabrics (which I'd given her months ago) - Flower Sugar and vintage Tilda from a decade ago...

The smaller pouch is for my migraine medication, lip balm and other essentials that need to stay in my handbag, and the larger pouch is for carrying a stitchery, threads, scissors and needles in the car so I can embroider as Mr E drives us across the state. 

Our little dumpling has recently taken up colouring with crayons and it was lovely to watch her and Blossom drawing pictures together in the early morning light when they stayed with us recently. 

I'm taking a few days break in order to rest up and get on top of a health issue (not my migraines). It's nothing serious, but it's not getting any better and Mr E thinks I should rest up a bit so my body has a chance to heal.
He's such a wise and loving husband, I'm very blessed to be Mrs Reynolds.

Until next time (and always), may the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you and give you peace,



  1. I love the project bag. It is something I have been promising myself to attempt. Actually started a list this morning of things I want or rather wish to do. Hope you are well soon. Julie

  2. Gracias por compartir esa brillante idea de tarjeta de navidad! Creó que haré una para una amiga! Divinas los monederos que ha realizado su hija! Un tesoro! Y que preciosa y grande está su nieta! Descanse y Dios la bendiga. Cariños Vicky

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sending prayers and hugs. Have you tried Botox for your migraines? I was getting up to 20 headaches a month and so severe that Mr. S. even took me to the hospital a few times. Since I’ve been getting the Botox shots I’m only getting 2 or 3 per month and they are much less severe. God bless you Jenny.

  4. Such a beautiful project using lace. Your version is so pretty. Blossom's pouches are lovely and so useful. Ooooo, Cully May......absolutely adorable and a real little girl with her dark curly hair. Such fun colouring. I am looking forward to that stage with my munchkin. I hope you have a lovely rest. Angel hugs.

  5. The trees are fantastic, beautiful pouches she is making, and your dumpling is too cute! I just don't like any of your migraines (I get those, too!) :-(. My mom got them, my sister, and me. Now, one of my sons. Nuts, chocolate, and cheese seem to bring them about sometimes. I will be praying...

  6. I love your Christmas tree. I’ve seen the pins but, unlike you, I have just drooled, not acted. I’m glad your are going to rest as you need it, so you enjoy your time with your lovely very family, especially at this crazy time of year.

  7. Heal well and soon so you can enjoy this special season. Love.

  8. I love the Christmas tree you made, Jenny. Now do take notice of your hubby and rest up and get better again.

  9. Hi Jenny,

    Love your new blog look!
    Wishing you rest, and rejuvinating days!

  10. Your lace Christmas tree is adorable and I love the pic's of the ones from Pinterest. That cross stitch one with the little beads for ornaments was incredible! Blossom definitely inherited her mom's wonderful talents and I love the pic of your granddaughter with her crayons. She is a beautiful child!

  11. Beautiful inspiration Jenny. The ribbon trees look delightful. I had not seen them yet on Pinterest. Using Selvages would also be cute to include with the laces. I have seen the ribbons tied to sticks for little Christmas trees and thought they were so cute for little ornaments. The world is a glow with beauty this time of year. I also like to add something homemade each year to my Christmas decorations. I am wanting a Christmas quilt so badly and always think that once December 1 arrives. ..... Why don't I think about that in July? So I have more time to make it? I do so poorly at seasonal sewing because the December days pass so quickly. Blossom's beauty shines out so in the things she makes. Your little pouches are a treasure and little Cully Mae..... looks so squeezable sweet in her little XO. outfit. Blessings to you all as we Celebrate the Savior who came. Janita

  12. Love your Lace&Ribbon Christmas Tree - what great ideas! Cully May's hair is getting long and looks so adorable on her. Love Blossom's pouches and how she gave you her first makes - so special!

  13. I love your new picture! You look so happy. The trees are darling and I am so glad you are listening to your sweet husband. Get your rest. We will still be here. We love you lots! Have a restful weekend. K-

  14. Hello Jenny; Your Christmas Trees are lovely! I will check out your pintrest page and see what other goodies you have saved, I really enjoy pinning and dreaming about making all of the special projects everyone shares. The special bags that Blossom created for you are beautiful! How wonderful of a treasure to be used over and over with a thought of her every time you do use it! Your Granddaughter is just adorable and so precious discovering new items. Mr. R is right in making sure you are rested well and that health issues you are having need to be specially taken care of. My prayers are with you and your whole family Jenny! Have a restful healing few days!

  15. Zone - yes! The tree is great, and will be cherished, I know. I use Pinterest to save things I don't want to forget. LOL I don't follow much or see much, because I know I could get sucked right in and spend hours. I enjoyed seeing the things you found - you have much more self-discipline than I. =) What a gorgeous picture of Cully May. I'm surprised she is using the skinny crayons as most littles just break them. I'm glad Blossom is focusing on her family first. She can go back to other things later when they are a little older. I didn't realize a move was in the picture. I hope it isn't half-way across Australia, because I know how you will miss that little girl and the new baby, too.

  16. Prayers for a complete return to excellent health for you...quickly!!

  17. Love your Lacey Tree project. Love the colors you chose....And look at Culley Mae...So adorable. Blossoms pouches are very nice. And what a great gift to you .... Hugs my friend

  18. Love the ribbon trees. That photo of Cully May is really gorgeous, she's a beauty.
    What lovely presents those bags are so practical & pretty too.

    Take care of yourself I'll remember you in my prayers Jenny.

  19. Take care if yourself, Jenny. Rest, relax, take deep breaths and get well soon. You are loved. 💞😘

  20. I read your post this morning waiting for a friend to go to Bible study together. I said a prayer for you. May your day be filled with rest and good health

  21. Merry Christmas Jenny from our home to yours.
    Faith in Texas


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