Sunday, July 1, 2018

Block 7 - A Year in the Garden BOM...

I sat down this afternoon and formatted this month's free pattern into a PDF for you to download, after all, there's only so much boredom a girl can take when she's down with pneumonia. 

Thank you for your prayers and comments (I have read and been blessed by every one). Recovery will be slow going as I feel barely any progress has been made so far, but I'm alive and have medication, vitamins, a bed to rest in and a husband who loves me, which is far more than many in this world have so I call myself blessed.

I'm pacing myself with episodes of The Crown because I don't want them to end too soon so between them I have my home library being dusted off cover by cover as I reacquaint myself with books on homemaking, decorating, crafting, sewing and Jesus. All the good stuff, the nourishing, inspiring and teaching stuff that I may have missed when life was hurried.

Someone asked me to share the titles of those homemaking books I showed in my last blog post, so here they are...

I am not going anywhere near my cookbooks at the moment. The do not tempt me at all.
Food is not tempting, but gallons of ginger water definitely is. I do eat small portions at mealtimes in order to take my antibiotics, but right now it's difficult to imagine salivating over particular dishes, be they sweet or savoury, however I'm sure in time that memory will come flooding back.

The hardest thing of all has been not seeing Blossom and her wee girls.
It's been over three weeks now (the first week Ross was on holidays so they were busy doing things) so she sends me daily photos of the children and we laugh a lot in our texts about Cully's insistence that she wear her ballerina tutu to bed every night, and Rafaella rolling over and scooting across the floor when on her back. 

We're planning for them to come for a short visit next Wednesday, by then I can at least be sure I'm over the infectious stage. Can't be too cautious with babies involved.

Here's Rafaella, almost 4 months old now...

Anyhow, I'm going to give you the link to download the July block and head back to the couch for another episode of The Crown.

If you missed any of the previous blocks in this year's BOM you'll find them over here with links to their various blog posts, or simply download them direct from my shop.

Bless you heaps,


  1. Bon rétablissement et bravo pour ces jolies broderies

  2. Rest up dear Jenny. Hoping and praying you feel better soon and can recover fully from your illness. Bask in the love tbat surrounds you and enjoy the beautiful home you have created. Hoping tbat the visit on Wednesday from your gorgeous granddaughters and Blossom will boost your spirits and their loving embraces will help towards your healing. Take care and look after yourself and your beloved. Thanks for the joy each of your designs and blogs brings to us all. Get well������

  3. I’m praying for you to be better soon. Thank you fir the block. I’ve git to catch up.

  4. Feel better real soon. Thank you so much for another wonderful BOM.

    Carol O

  5. Hello Dear Jenny; My Mother gets Pneumonia almost yearly and usually ends up in the hospital. So, I do understand what you are going through. I would love to be there and help, but my prayers will be sent instead! Your grandbaby is so adorable. I do hope you can see them again very soon! I printed out the BOM and can not wait to get started on it. LOL. I am way behind though, so it may take me awhile into the next year to get all caught up. I so thank you and appreciate your putting these designs together, well designing them first (hee, hee) and sharing them with us. Sending my prayers and love.

  6. What a sweet grandbaby! Oh my goodness, so special. Hoping you can get your health back in order sooner than later!

  7. Thank you Jenny! I am getting on caught up on my BOM right now. Getting ready to start. Rest and prayers and enjoy that down time if possible.

  8. Thank you for sharing Jenny and I am sorry to hear you are unwell, I hope you feel better soon and try to rest.
    best wishes
    Julie.C x

  9. Chère Jenny
    Je vous souhaite un bon rétablissement , profitez de la cahnce d'avoir autour de vous des gens qui vous aiment...
    Bises de la France

  10. Espero que se mejore, gracias por estos bordados tan maravillosos.

  11. Jenny thanks so much for sharing the book titles. I’m finding most of them second hand through Amazon and I am looking forward to adding them to my own collection. Keep resting. Pneumonia unfortunately takes a toll on you. And only rest will do. The healing will come. Still praying for your recovery. God bless you.

  12. Continuing prayers for your recovery. It is a long, slow road that we can't rush, no matter how much that is our desire. Rest in the love of your beloved, family, friends and our Lord!

  13. Oh, Jenny, it is so good to hear from you! This forced slow down has to be hard for you but I know that pneumonia hits you with a double punch. Love the new pattern. Grandbabies just make life so much better and yours are gorgeous!

  14. Thank you Jenny- I truly hope you feel better soon.

  15. Sweet pattern. Pneumonia is not fun. Take it easy. It seems to take forever to get rid of it totally. I've been there done that.

  16. Continuing to keep you in prayer for a full recovery! No need to answer - just get well!

  17. What a beautiful picture of Rafaella. I hadn't thought she looked too much like Cully May, but in that picture, she rather does. I'm glad you are slowly mending, and that you are taking it slowly instead of fretting. This is a time out blessing for you. The new pattern is terrific, and I hope to start on my birds this fall when school is out, so this one pops right into that folder! I was in the temple Saturday, and put you and your family on the prayer list.

  18. Beautiful July - thank you Jenny. Rafaella is looking gorgeous! Praying for your health and strength. Blessings.

  19. I've had no computer for nearly a month so have missed out on your lovely posts. I can't use a mobile phone for the internet, just not my thing so I'm way behind on blogs..
    So glad to hear you are on the mend, I'll be lighting a candle for you at the cathedral on Monday. God bless.


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