Friday, September 7, 2018

Week two - alphabet pincushions...

Did you make an "A" pincushion last week?
I have seen a few completed stitcheries and pincushions being shown in our Gentle Domesticity facebook group this week and love the different colours and trims being used!

One problem which seemed to crop up via email and also on my FB page was a few ladies who did not know they could download the pattern from my Dropbox link without signing up for their own DB account.
When you go to the page via the link I shared you'll be asked to join but at the bottom of the page there is an option to say that and you can still download the pattern. Okay?
I am adding a second download option this week just in case some of you still have trouble.

This week we're stitching "B"...

Again, the pincushion is a simple one, but is made to look rather elegant with the addition of a few buttons and some chain stitch sewn between the stitchery block and the border fabric.

Note: Sew the buttons in place after filling the pincushion.

Perhaps a few pearls or crystals would be a nice addition, replacing the buttons?

As with the "A" pattern I've chosen my embroidery threads to blend with the pretty floral fabric and I encourage you to do the same. It's something I do for every one of my designs and helps enormously later on when I want to use the completed stitchery in a project. 

You'll notice the little flower bud is embroidered with satin stitch.
Look closely and you can see that I've sewn the satin stitch in two directions to separate both sections of the bud. 
Begin with a vertical satin stitch for the top of the flower bud and finish with horizontal satin stitch for the base.

I have filled the pincushion with crushed walnut shells and a few ladies have asked where to purchase this. Most pet supply shops will have bags of it in the reptile section as it is used as a base inside lizard tanks.

Crushed walnut shells are great for keeping your pins and needles sharp but you need to sew the back of your pincushion closed with tiny stitches to avoid spillage.

The "B" pattern was free until October 5th.

If you'd like the set of patterns for A - E they are now in my shop as a $2 purchase.


There's been a lot of positive response to these small alphabet stitcheries so I thought I'd offer you a much larger set of alphabet designs, a pattern which has been my best seller for years.
Each letter of the alphabet is a unique design and measures around 5" square.

For the next week I have the full pattern set on sale for $7.50 here in my shop.

Grab this fabulous bargain and you'll have a variety of beautiful designs at your fingertips ready to stitch for gifts!

The lawyers have changed the date for us to take possession of our new home so rather than it being on Mr E's birthday it will in fact be three days after. Still, it's only 13 days from now...and then just 18 days until we up and move in. 

The days are flying by and yet not one box has been packed...but fortunately we're not hoarders nor do we own a lot of 'stuff' so realistically we could pack up a house in a day if we had to, though at our age we'll begin doing a little each day from next week. 

Mr E still has two weeks left of the school term (he's a teacher) and I need to get designs stitched and patterns written before the 17th, so doing a bit here and a bit there should in the big scheme of things have us ready to roll when the movers arrive.

We're eating healthy and staying true to routines in order to keep as relaxed as possible, though in the days before the move dear Blossom will be our cook as she wants assurance her parents are looking after themselves, bless her.

I'd best be off here and go back to preparing a new set of Christmas designs for stitching.
Goodness, it's creeping up fast isn't it?!
May your day be blessed, your heart lifted in delight, and your weary arms refreshed...



  1. Thankyou for the next alphabet pattern. Although a bit disappointing it is probably better having those 3 extra days to move. Hubby's birthday will not be as stressful. Keep calm and keep on stitching LOL. That is my motto this past week in order to stop going crazy LOL.

    1. Moving day did not change, just the day we receive the keys is now three days later.

  2. Jenny, I have never heard of using crushed walnut shells to keep pins sharp. You are never too old to learn something new :-) Not long to go now till you move into that beautiful house. No Cowboys games to watch now unfortunately :-( Happy packing. I had better get packing too as the builder is coming on Monday to discuss the renos.

  3. thanks for the next alphabet design...this pincushion with the letter 'b' will be for me😊

    love your 26 individual designs ...
    have a nice day

  4. Thank you for these embroidered. I have A done. How do I get a photo to you. Looking forward to B. These are lovely to do now that the evenings are dark earlier here.

  5. Love this little cute pincushion! Thank you for the sweet alphabet letters.

  6. Jenny, just as a guideline, could you tell me the width of your strips? I am just loving these pin cushions. I made the A and need the B. Then I need to wait for the D, K, and L. Thanks Jenny!!

    1. I cut the border fabrics 2” wide down the sides and 1.75” wide top and bottom.

  7. Love both letters. I have not started them yet, but hope to soon. Thank you so much.

  8. As usual, thank you Jenny for this beautiful design.

  9. Thank you dear heart! I am praying you're able to get everything done without stress, and God gives you the strength you need. Moving is not for the faint of heart, but just keep remembering that this is the last time!!! Oh I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

  10. Just having a plan that you can slowly work on a little each day takes so much stress off of big jobs. Thank you for the sweet pattern!

  11. The b is b-eautiful! I haven't stitched yet, but I'm taking the designs to Edi's next week where I will work on them. My weaveline did arrive and I'm in good shape now! Thanks so much for this happy little post. I can see you are busy, maybe a tiny stressed with all that has to be done, but not overwhelmed, and planning ahead. What good timing that the move comes during term break! Take care of yourself and Mr. E first, every single day. I'll be praying for peace and strength as you go through this process of moving into your wonderful new home.

  12. Hello Jenny; These embroidery letters are so pretty and dainty, I am seriously considering creating quilt blocks with them. But, I want to ask you first if you would be alright if I do that also? It is a bummer that the days have changed for your moving, yet I know it is happening for a reason and the Lord is taking care of everything. I think it is so wonderful that you are not stressing and are keeping on a routine, which so helps you in all aspects. The same is true for us. How precious for Blossom to take care of you, just like you like to take care of her and her family. Have a fabulous day! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Thank you so much for alphabet b....Looking forward to stitching these . But I'm behind on stitching. Oh well. I hope to get caught up in the house and back to stitching really soon. How exciting . it is getting closer to your big move. Wish I was there to help you move. It will be hard work. But just think this is the last and final time you move. You can do whatever how ever you want in your own home....Have fun decorating it.

  14. As always, your designs are gorgeous!

  15. Oh, how lovely!!!! Thank you!!!! If I had to move, I'd open a window and build a fire.... we aren't hoarders, but I've been in this big old house 27 years..... I think I'll take a cue from you and do a little stuff reduction!!! How exciting to have a new home to decorate!! Enjoy!!

  16. Dear Jenny. The BIG day is coming fast. Good luck with the packing. Wish I could help you pack. It is never easy. Your pincushion is adorable. Thank you. Enjoy your Sunday and good lick with the move. By the way Coles have Christmas puddings and cakes on the shelves already!

  17. Your work is so beautiful and you are so kind in sharing them with us.

  18. Another beautiful letter and pin cushion. Continue to take care of yourself and be at peace...His timing is perfect. Enjoy your early spring, a time of renewal and new growth!


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