Friday, March 22, 2019

Taking in the view....

What a week this has been!

My sweet Blossom has been quite unwell so on Monday I whisked 2yo Cully May away for the day and we had the best of times strolling by the beach, picking flowers, cooling by the waterfall, home to my place for lunch, a movie and plenty of play with her favourite thing - stickers. 

One the way back to mummy we stopped by the 'sticker shop' and after she chose a few new sheets of them to take home we slowly browsed a while so I could find a treasure or two myself and it wasn't long before I found something perfect for a project I had in mind.

A gorgeous cream hanger, perfect for a mini quilt.

Monday night I was about to make a start when a migraine took hold so I set it aside and then on Tuesday afternoon Mr E came home from work rather ill with a nasty virus. 

He continued to get worse on Wednesday and by Thursday morning we knew some medication was needed as an infection had set in as well. 

While he slept (a lot) I cooked a pot of chicken soup, made nourishing smoothies and did little bits toward my mini-quilt project...

Once the antibiotics kicked in late Thursday evening he picked up quickly and by this morning my beloved was much improved. Great sigh of relief!

No longer needed as a nurse at home I set off to help Blossom for the day as she was well again herself and had a number of errands to run so an extra set of hands to watch Cully May and Rafaella is always a good thing - besides I love spending time with them!

We walked a lot, got all our errands done and had a lovely relaxed lunch in a cafe we often go to.

My feet are sore tonight and my body weary as it has been a long week but I am also happy to have been there for my family and rather surprised that in between everything I was able to turn one of my stitcheries into this gorgeous little mini quilt!

The pattern for "Taking in the View" is here in my shop and if you make it I hope you email me a photo because I'd love to see your version.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll show you how I finished my vintage style needle-book but for tonight I am going to put my feet up and enjoy some apple pie and a movie with hubby.

May the Lord bless you and I with a peaceful, healthy and beauty-filled weekend,



  1. Glad everyone is well again and you were able to create such a beauty! The hanger is adorable! You deserve to put your feet up, have apple pie and a movie with Hubby. And time with the Grands is so precious!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Mini quilt and wall hanger! a perfect project for such a full week! Lots of texture there this week with all those stickers!
    It is amazing how the days can fly by! It's Friday afternoon, a sunny warm 14C, but much warmer in the sun, afternoon! Windows and doors open!

  3. Sending good thoughts to the Mister and Blossom. Sounds like you had a great time with the children. I love your mini quilt and hanger. Be sure to take time for you now.

  4. Oh golly that is gorgeous, and what a find on that hanger!!!! I hope you get some rest sweetheart, being a caregiver takes a toll...glad everyone is on the mend!!!!

  5. Great wall hanging projects. Love the hanger....What a winning combination. So sorry to hear about all the illness this week in your family. I know Cully Mae and you enjoyed your lovely day together though. Good to hear everyone is better. Hugs and prayers for you and your family

  6. I would buy that hanger in a heartbeat as this is entirely my style too. Glad you're all on the mend, in California flu season came late this year and many are ill.

  7. So glad Mr. E and Blossom are back to good health. Always so hard when those we love are ill. I'm sure Cully Mae enjoyed spending the day alone with you!! Have a lovely weekend.

  8. the warmfireplaceMarch 23, 2019 at 5:02 PM

    Glad you are all well, there is nothing like spending time with the grandchildren. Have a lovely restful weekend.

  9. Good to hear that the patients are getting better. I love your little hanger Jenny. xx

  10. So glad you are all well again after a traumatic week. What a lovely hanger it really complements that gorgeous mini quilt which amazingly you made amidst all that health mayhem.

  11. Dear Jenny, I really like the hanger! Now that is not to say I don't like the mini quilt as I do. Anything avian is going to get a second look from me and then I will probably keep my eyes on it. I couldn't help but notice that the hanger is hanging on nails! How does that feel after so many years of never being allowed to put a nail in a wall? It is so nice that you are close to Blossom. I get the feeling that this is the first time you have been so close to your grandchildren. When our's were young we didn't have any family nearby. I count it such a blessing to have my grandchildren nearby. It is wonderful that I can step in in an emergency and help out. So often I had wished for my mother to be close by. I do not take it for granted. Have a great weekend with your Mr.E.

  12. Jenny Dear you are the very best Wife, Mother and Grandma. Taking care of your family is Priceless. Healing Energy for your health and migraines dear. Lovely mini quilt and sweet hangar to display it on.


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