Monday, April 8, 2019

Allie's Own Sweet Needle-Book and a visit to the ER...

Our precious little Rafaella was rushed off to the ER early this morning. She'd woken with a high fever, non-stop vomiting and shaking so Blossom bundled her off and out the door after calling the hospital in advance.

The doctors gave her paracetamol to bring her temperature down and she snuggled into Blossom's arms dozing on and off for the morning, having little drinks here and there between naps (she is breastfed). Slowly her fever came down enough that by lunchtime Blossom was given the all clear to take her home but to stay vigilant for any changes. Rafaella has continued to sleep a lot today (unusual for her) and kept up with the paracetamol and liquids, playing with Cully between naps.

I asked the Gentle Ladies in our group to pray and from all across the world they rallied. Honestly, we are so blessed in our group to have prayer warriors right there, day and night, to hold our needs before God. 

Rafaella had her first birthday a month ago and at the time I mentioned here that I would show you the dress Blossom and I made for her.

It actually began a long time ago when I designed and stitched the bodice.

Blossom gave me the template for the size 1 bodice shape and I designed the stitchery and applique to sit inside.

Then she chose the fabrics for the dress and I used that as my guide for choosing the embroidery threads.
Once completed it was handed over to Bloss who is an amazing seamstress and she sewed it into a gorgeous dress for Rafaella.

Rafaella wore it on her birthday and didn't spill a thing on it...amazing.
Hopefully she'll get to wear it a lot before she grows out of it. 

Question: Are you interested in the bodice embroidery pattern?? It's for a size 1 but would also suit a size 2 dress.

My dear friend Allie turned 60 recently, just weeks after my own big 6-0 birthday. We're oceans apart geographically but are rather sure you could describe the two of us as 'sisters from another mother' because over the past decade we have almost begun to read each others mind (emails?) and find ourselves mirroring the other in the oddest ways. 

Late last year I drew up a stitchery with Allie in mind and when she saw the photo on my blog she left a comment to say how much she loved it! I laughed and laughed 'cause she had no idea it was for her, but I did keep my mouth shut and waited for the right time to finish it as a needle-book...

Close to her birthday it was wrapped up and sent over land and sea from my local post office in the tropics of northern Australia to her home in the USA.

Mind you, I get a tad nervous posting overseas, after all it's a LONG way and things can get lost or side tracked along the journey. Just recently it took two months for my order of Apple Butter to arrive from the Fat Quarter Shop, but bless them, they hunted it down and discovered it almost lost in a depot near Chicago. Praise the Lord it was found and sent back on the right path to my door because it's one of those things that has held up the finish of Phyllis May's Kitchen.

Inside the needle-book I made four pockets for storing packets of various needles, lace, thread or scissors. Across the top there's a couple of cotton quilt wadding rectangles for safe keeping of pins and needles currently in use.

There's true delight in the making of a gift for someone you care deeply about, carefully considering how you can add that touch of something extra...and of course, there's no touch quite like a cup of love is there?

When Allie emailed, 'squealing' that her surprise gift had arrived, I breathed a great sigh of relief. 
Thank you to the postal service in both our countries and to the angels who I prayed God would send to watch over this delivery until it was safely at Allie's door.

Would you like to make a similar needle-book?

I've written up the pattern and included a full alphabet so you can stitch one for yourself and all your friends too...

You can make it your "own sweet needle-book" and bless others as well.

The pattern is ready to download HERE in my Etsy Shop.

I have also put together a handful of kits for this project which include everything you'll need to make one...

These are also in my shop but due to the high cost of postage overseas they're only available to post within Australia. 
I'm testing the waters with regards to offering kits. 

Now that Rafaella is improving my nana heart can rest and as Mr E and I settle in to watch a new movie tonight (about Agatha Christie) I'll continue with my next crochet project which is my way of using the yarn I already have, the leftovers from Rafaella's first birthday blanket "Sweet Pea" by Lucy at Attic 24.

This time I'm following Lucy's Hydrangea pattern and oh it's lovely!
Not sure how I'll place the colours but it doesn't matter because it's relaxing and pretty regardless.

I'll be back tomorrow with the next section of our book study but right now I'd best make those rissoles and mash I promised my husband for dinner.
May your evening (or morning) be restful and calm, your heart light and your smile bright,


Allie said...

I'm so glad Rafaella is home - such a sweet little snuggle-bunny!!! Jenny that dress is so gorgeous, what a keepsake. I can see that being handed down through generations!! It's hard to believe she didn't spill anything on it, lol! You can tell how much she adores her big sister!
I love my needle-book so much - it's by my side being used constantly. Such a treasure dear heart, like you are. I'm so thankful to God for you.
Those yarns are perfect together - gosh I miss sitting and crocheting. Enjoy the movie!!! Love you!

e said...

What an absolutely adorable dress. I would absolutely love to see that bodice pattern made available to us. There isn't a thing I don't love about it!!! Just so precious!!!

Jacqueline said...

Glad to hear your little one is home with Mom and doing well.
Love the dress. You and your daughter make a good team. I too love sewing with my daughter.

crochetgirl said...

Oh yes Jenny, that dress is gorgeous with the beautiful embroidery. I made all my daughter's dresses when she was little, one for every birthday til she was about 11. I do miss sewing for her but now I have HER daughter to sew for (our grand-daughter) but so far I haven't made a dress for her yet (she has just turned 2). These days they come so cheap to buy, but of course you run the risk of everyone with the same! Maybe this one could be it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I would love to purchase the embroidery pattern for the dress bodice - beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

The dress bodice is so lovely..your design fits perfectly! So understand about the delay in receiving your Tilda fabrics, my order was close to lost too, held up in getting out of China. My fabric is now on the way, maybe it will arrive in time for the start of you Block of the month. This would be just perfect timing! I've loved your little peeks at this project & each is so adorable, looking forward to seeing more. - Greetings from northern Minnesota, where the snow is still 2 feet deep - Diane

Lin said...

What a gorgeous little dress, she looks so sweet in it and I pray that she continues to rally. The needle book is so delightful - a perfect gift for Allie. xx

Jenny said...

What a beautiful little dress. What a joy to be able to make such an exquisite gift with your daughter.

foraseasonfarm said...

Glad Rafaella is doing better, never fun when they scare us like that. The dress is so cute! I would like the embroidery pattern, but the bodice pattern too, unless it is a boughten pattern. I have a great niece that just turned a year old and was thinking of making her a dress. And, the needle book is cute, I should make one for myself and my DD sometime.

Grammie said...

I would definitely be interested in buying the pattern for the beautifully embroidered bodice. But where would I find the dress pattern. It is adorable. Such a cute back, too.

jennifermj said...

So glad your little Grand angle is feeling better. She looks darling in her lovely birthday dress.
I look forward to your posts and admire your work.


Dee said...

I'm glad your little angel is doing better. Love the birthday dress. I wasn't blessed with granddaughters, I got 3 grandsons instead. I do love them all. Looking forward for your posts. Yours Dee

africanaussie said...

It is such an anxious time when one of your little ones is ill, but I am so glad you have that prayer circle of love and support. OHMIgosh I just love that dress. I made a dress for my little grand daughter with an embroidered butterfly pocket. Sent it over to America (gosh the postage is high!) and now I see photos of her wearing it. I see though that I made the back elastic a little tight, and next time might just make a ribbon tie instead as it would make it more adjustable. I might use your idea to embroider a bodice next time I make one - my pattern is very similar with the cutaway back. Your little needlcase is so lovely - it would bring a smile to my face every time I reached out for a needle. You are so talented, everything is so beautifully matched and finished.

Farm Quilter said...

So happy Rafaella is on the mend!! Is Mr. E completely over his illness too? Rafaella's dress is so cute!! That is definitely one of those pieces of clothing that a mom hangs on to so she can pass it on to her daughter when her daughter has a little girl. Your gift to Allie is so beautiful and definitely stitched with love and prayers infusing every stitch! Have a blessed week!

Debby in Kansas, USA said...

Oh, goodness! Babies do tend to do those fever things on occasion and scare us all! I'm glad your little Rafaella is healthy and back at home. That dress that you made her is beyond adorable and what a precious thing that you embroidered that bodice! I wish my mom were alive to show her as she'd swoon! She loved that homemade touch that made something so special.

And that needle book. Jenny, you have such an eye for mixing fabrics and turning the ordinaries into beauties. I can imagine that she was just giddy when she opened that package to such a treasure! My old college roommate made me some pretties for Christmas. It feels sooooo nice when someone takes the time to make something.

Bailey said...

So glad to hear about Rafaella! The World needs her sweetness for many years to come! Her dress is beautiful both in the embroidery and the stitching of the dress. So feminine. I hope Rafaella continues to improve and gives off her best smiles for you!

Nanna Chel said...

Dear me Jenny, what a fright to have the little one so sick. Praise God she is on the mend. I love the birthday dress you and Blossom made for her. She is very blessed. I hope the migraines aren't as bad now the weather is cooling.

Jill said...

Hi Jenny, I am glad to hear that your little Rafaella is ok - I have 3 children and they used to frighten me the same way when they were young. I have only one grandchild, a boy. I kept all of the beautiful dresses and shawls that my mum knitted for my 2 girls and all of the dresses that I made as well with no grand-daughter to pass them on to. I definitely would love the embroidery (and possibly, the name of the dress pattern) as they are both gorgeous. You and your daughter should be very proud of your creations. Keep well.

Ondrea said...

Many angel hugs to you all. Poor little Rafaella. You would have all been very worried. I hope she is on the mend now. The little dress us absolutely beautuful, something to be cherished long after it is used. Allie's gift is gorgeous and I am sure she is thrilled with it. You always put so much thought into your gifts and your designs.

Kay said...

I am so glad to hear that your little one is improving, I am sure we worry more about our families than we do ourselves. The needle book is just beautiful, no wonder she squealed to have such a thoughtful present. x

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
So pretty!

Winifred said...

Thank goodness Rafaella is getting better. It's terrible when your little ones are ill.
Love her dress, you make a great team combining your talents.

Your needlecase is really lovely, what a great present & so useful