Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rain rain, sew sew...

It's been unseasonably wet the past few days but fortunately I love these rainy days.
Our bird visitors tend to hang around for hours as the rain showers fall steadily across the day, squawking loud to let me know their feeder is empty and would I please address that situation quickly with a top up...there may have been a please in there, or there may not.

Anyhow, I do top them up and the nice thing is that the usually warring cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets share their breakfast, lunch and dinner rather contentedly together.

Everyone waits their turn, usually three or four feeding at one time, two waiting on the roof of the bird feeder, and you can't see here but there are about six to eight more birds waiting in trees by the side of the yard or on our roof.

Due to the wet weather we've not had to tend the garden, it's being wonderfully watered from on high and hopefully the beans Mr E planted out front (to break up the soil and add nitrogen before we plant a proper food garden there) will sprout strong and healthy in the days ahead.

Hubby has occupied himself working on the Jeep (yes, again) under cover in the carport, and I cook and then disappear to the sewing room.

Our tomatoes are booming with produce and I collect handfuls of these cherry variety every morning.

If I miss any ripe ones my beloved snacks on them during the afternoon, but there's always more ready and waiting for harvest the next day.

We use to snack on bags of lollies but since ditching sugar about seven weeks ago we snack differently...cherry tomatoes being a happy substitution. Even Cully May and Rafaella love nibbling on them so I took a tub of the smaller ones, about the size of blueberries, over when we visited on Sunday morning. 

In the kitchen it's been soups, fish and these delicious curried pumpkin and chickpea patties.

I popped a tomato in each pattie before giving them a light spray with olive oil and baking in the oven to give them a bit of crust. It's much easier to freeze them this way and I was able to give some to Blossom and Ross as well.

When we're having them for a meal I simply spray the pan with olive oil and fry them until golden. 
Served with salad and greek yoghurt they are delicious!

In the sewing room I've worked on two projects. 

Firstly I made a sewing bag with little pouch to hold scissors, needles and threads...and I even took photos for a tutorial. But my computer ate the good photos I put aside and they quite literally disappeared because of a glitch in my system. 
So I'm looking through the second rate photos to see if I can still share that tutorial.

The second project was to piece together My Scrappy Vintage Kitchen quilt.
Excuse the dark photos but with rain all around every room was in shadow...

I personally love the scrappy effect of the nine blocks coming together. 
By adding a red check border and then a simple floral border around the outside those scrappy blocks within were really emphasised.

Last night I hand basted the quilt top, wadding and backing...

...ready for hand quilting a bit each night.

Have you stitched the first block yet?

I've set up a page for the My Scrappy Vintage Kitchen stitch-along over HERE
The link for the first download is on that page.

I'd like to ask for prayer for our sweet Blossom who has been unwell now for quite a while.
Over the past week she's gone downhill and is undergoing a barrage of tests which will include an exploratory hospital procedure under anaesthetic. 

You don't need to know any more than that - our sweet Lord knows all and will hear your prayers.
It's just such a comfort and faith builder to know others who love Jesus are holding you in prayer when life is dark and a little frightening from 'not knowing'.

Just this morning I was reading John 1:16

"From His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."

And that's what I'm praying for Blossom, grace upon grace as she navigates this path to a diagnosis and healing treatment.

May the days ahead be a blessing to you, days where grace is showered upon your own lives and where grace is offered to those around you.



jrtemps said...

Praying for Blossom and you as well.

Linda said...

Prayers sent for your Blossom and family.

Chris said...

Prayers from here, too. Sending hugs to all of you, as well.

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
positive thoughts and well wishes to you all.
The vintage kitchen looks great! Home grown snacks from your own garden! Yummy!

Carla said...

Sending prayers up for Blossom and the family. Hope she's feeling better soon.
Love that Vintage Kitchen quilt. Love the colors.
God Bless

barcord said...

Praying for your lovely daughter. I've downloaded your free pattern and look forward to stitching it. Thank you so much.

Kay said...

Sending prayers and hugs for Blossom and all of you. x

Karen said...

Praying for dear Blossom, and her doctor that he might be guiding by the Lord.

Beth said...

We have a line up of birds, not waiting for food, but for the birdbath. They will be in the apple tree, on the neighbour's roof or on the fence! Birds of all different sizes, from tiny finches to the big crows (although I think they may actually be ravens). We haven't had a pelican drop in, but they do fly overhead!

Little Quiltsong said...

Loved seeing the lovely bird pics and your beautiful quilt coming together. Praying for Blossom - thank you for sharing!

Michelle said...

I will be praying for Blossom. Your Scrappy Vintage Kitchen quilt looks so bright and sunny and full of those wonderful kitchen designs. I love seeing the photos of the birds.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Love your vintage kitchen quilt!!

Ondrea said...

Many angel healing hugs to dear Blossom. Your scrappy quilt is looking beautiful. Those birds are very well mannered. I was watching the V8 Supercars on the weekend and saw how wet it was up there. At least it is good stitching weather.

Cindy A. said...

Praying for Blossom and had her added to the prayer list in our Sunday School class. It's so hard to be a sick mother with two very young children. I hope the doctors are addressing her diet since I believe you mentioned digestive problems and dehydration at one point. I read an interesting article just last week by Kelley Herring(?) who's written a book on breads because of her own battle with digestive issues. Maybe some help could come from reading her article. I think it was at ketobread.com, but a search on Google should find it if that address doesn't work. Changing what one eats is much easier than having surgery of any kind. Praying for you as well because being the mother of a sick child isn't easy either. Hugs to you both!

Little Penpen said...

Prayers for Blossom! And I just love the scrappy quilt you are offering to us.

Diane Garton said...

Always a joy to read you posts Jenny & to see how you are progressing with the garden. We are also in our first year of a new garden and have runner beans and courgettes aplenty. It's still a little early for tomatoes, but we are expectant! Your mini quilt is beautiful & am looking forward to having the time to sew mine. Prayers to our Heavenly Father for sweet Blossom, may she know the peace only Jesus can bring while she is waiting for a diagnosis & may complete healing follow quickly.God Bless you. Diane Garton xx

Lin said...

Great pictures of your birds Jenny and your Vintage Kitchen quilt is looking good. My block is finished - are we sharing them on facebook? Poor Blossom - love and prayers to her. xx

QuiltE said...

Prayers and Blessings to Blossom and all of you.
Thank you SO much for showing us your Vintage Kitchen.
No longer a mystery (for those of use who hate mysteries!).
It's all come together with that special vintage feel to it!

Susan said...

I really like the new Vintage Kitchen quilt. So colorful. Blossom will definitely be in my prayers. I pray that God will give the doctors wisdom to diagnose correctly and for a plan to fix the problem. Peace and Grace to all of you.

Debby said...

I will pray

Helen L said...

Prayer said. I'm sorry to hear she has not been well. I've been through that with both of my daughters. It took 7 years of doctor after doctor and so many tests before we got a diagnosis. But thank goodness for a wonderful doctor at Stanford University Hospital which is abt 2 hours away. God certainly blessed us that we were within driving distance!!! The other daughter is still searching for answers. So I know your anguish!!! We would take the pain and illness from our children if we could!!! Bless you and your family!!! Hugs, H

Unknown said...

So lovely. You have great talent.

Nanna Chel said...

I was thinking about Blossom this morning for some reason, Jenny. So sorry to hear she has been unwell. It is hard not to worry and just give the situation to the Lord when you are a mum but I am sure you have had lots of experience doing that. I pray that the prognosis will be good for your lovely girl.

Carrie Ando said...

Oh most definitely we have Blossom and all of you in our prayers. Grace is truly all around in the most unexpected places and ways.

darlynn said...

Just started following you. Love the "exotic" free birds that are not available in The States unless in a cage~ The "benediction" at the end of your posts are so sweet and peace - filled. Thank you