Friday, January 31, 2020

Psalm 23 - block 2 and the page construction...

I don't work on Saturdays so if anything is due that day (like the next BOM pattern) I'll be sharing it the day before. So, dear ones, you can begin stitching the February block from The 23rd Psalm today...

This month it is verse 2 which I find to be such a comforting passage to ponder in my heart.

There's a tiny applique bee in this block but you could stitch it instead of applique if you prefer because there are lines draw inside it's body on your pattern sheet.

And because you've already completed block one I can also show you how to make the double sided page which will eventually become a sweet fabric book encased is a removable cover.

The blocks each month are trimmed to just outside the embroidery edges and then sew onto a piece of background fabric (mine is pink gingham) which has been backed with thin Parlan. 

You can omit the Parlan if you like but it will make the pages rather floppy and I created this book version of Psalm 23 to be given as a gift and wanted it to be easily handled by anyone, especially those in ill health or young children.

I cut two pieces of pink gingham measuring 6" x 7.75" and two pieces of Parlan the same.

Fuse the Parlan behind the gingham.

Trim your completed blocks to no more than 1/4" outside the edge of the embroidery and stitch them onto the parlan backed gingham with a raw edge straight stitch.

Lay the two stitchery pages right side together (make sure they're facing the same way and one isn't upside down) and sew around three sides with a 1/4" seam. You want the left side of block one and the right side of block two to be unstitched/open when you turn the page right side out.

Push out the corners with a blunt rounded tool, such as large knitting needle, and press the page flat.

Cut a piece of wide cotton lace 6" long. My lace is 1.25" wide.

Fold it in half over the open raw end and pin in position, not snug though. You want a bit of the doubled lace free from the page as we will be stitching through that at the end of the BOM.

Machine stitch a straight line along the edge of the page, catching the lace to enclose it. 
Trim away the excess lace.

Put your page away until the end of this project.

As I mentioned recently my completed book of The 23rd Psalm is going to be gifted to a dear friend so I'm currently stitching along with you as I make a second version, this time in pastels and without the fabric backing to the blocks.

My blocks this time have been stitched onto larger pieces of background fabric and once complete will be trimmed to the same size as the gingham pages of the first version, 6" x 7.75"
I quite like the idea of all white pages with just the embroidery/applique.

My plan was to have this second version of a page ready to show you today but it's been quite busy here and I'm still in the midst of cardiac tests. Hopefully I can do it at the weekend and show you on Monday in my next Homemakers Heart post. 

It's rained here all week and the garden has loved every drop, though it certainly got a bit more than it needed so when it finally settled last night we breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness for gumboots or I'd not be so pleased about wading out to feed the chickens or the wild birds. 

We had about 10 inches of rain in three days, which is a good soaking, but thankfully not like the floods a year ago.

Plants really show their beauty amidst raindrops, don't you agree?

The mint, oregano, basil and lemongrass are booming...

...but so are the weeds!!

Hidden between the weeds my replanted spring onion (green onion or scallion) root-ends have grown a treat.

Betty the cockatoo decided all week long that heavy rain was no excuse for not putting out seed in the feeder. Mr E and would laugh when she arrived each morning as we were having breakfast at the outside table because she'd sit there and give that loud cockatoo screech looking directly at us - which for a cockatoo is side on.
Then she'd fly two feet over to perch on the clothesline as my cue to fill the seed cup, pull on my gum boots and wade out to fill the feeder. As soon as I turned to go back under cover she'd stretch her wings and literally drop over from the clothesline to the feeder and happily munch and crunch away.
Never a thank you, mind you.

In the kitchen I've been making my own almond butter and cashew butter, pickled red onions and pickled radishes, bulgur & vegetable salad, more black bean brownies, rice paper rolls and a Vietnamese noodle salad with veggies. Everything is vegan and delicious!

My prayer for you this weekend is to seek and find calm contentment with where the Lord has you at this season of life. So many of us are walking in valleys or climbing difficult mountains, but we must remember that we do not walk or climb alone...Jesus is holding our hand and will catch us if we stumble. Never feel as though you cannot call on Him, reach out to Him or simply cry in His presence if you can't find the words.

I cried this week, long and deep sobs from the depths of my heart and when that was all said and done, He filled me with precious peace and my world turned right side up again even though not every issue had not been resolved or explained. Some things are not for us to know, or are too high for us to understand, and that's where being content and trusting in how God directs the circumstances of our life becomes so very important to a peaceful state of mind.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:8-9

“Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

Bless you always, dear ones,


Karen said...

Beautiful Jenny. Been thinking and praying for you as you had your heart ultra sound yesterday. Wishing for the best results. Arohanui

Caroline said...

Thank you for another beautiful stitchery. Thinking of you with your health issues

Chris said...

Dear Jenny, your words are always such a joy. Thank you. Continuing to pray for you from here in our little corner of the world, far from yours here in north Idaho. Isn't it great that God hears from all corners?

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
oh the joy of rain for the garden :) Looks wonderful! And great meal ideas! Thanks!
Love your stitching! enjoy the weekend!

Tania said...

I am loving all the photos of your vegan food Jenny.

So great that you had rain. We are still waiting for some rain here, it was suppose to happen today but has passed us by so far.

Your garden looks so lovely especially after rain.

I hope all your tests come back with good results, so you can put your mind at ease.


Allie said...

Oh goodness how I love this psalm - and the lovely way you bring it to life with needle and thread!!!! Thank you! Your garden looks very happy, so glad to see the rain. Praying for you dear heart while you undergo the more ways than you so very very much!

Farm Quilter said...

Your garden looks so lovely and refreshed after the rain. Praying for answers from all the tests you've been having. I'm battling a nasty cold here, praying I don't give it to my dad.

Tammy said...

Jenny thank you for February's block and the page instructions as well. ....Now about your garden....Just gorgeous your herbs look magnificent. the rain definitely makes them happy. I love to see the birds at your feeder. I often shoe the pictures to Momma when I see her and show her what you are up to...Oh how she loves your birds , gardens and everything I show her that you create. Praying for you Sweet sister.

PurplePossum said...

Jenny thankyou for another block but can you tell me what is Parlan ???? Is it like interfacing thankyou

Allcrafts said...

Blessings & thankfulness for your kindness in sharing your beautiful patterns & tutorials dear Jenny. Praying God will instill His will for your treatment & care into the minds of your medical practitioners & His peace & joy fill you & your family's hearts & minds.

Linda said...

Thank you sweet Jenny. You are such a blessing!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Parlan is an iron on batting/wadding interfacing that feels almost like soft felt. It can be used behind stitcheries to stop shadowing or distortions (though I find it too thick for that) and can be used to line bags or any project you want a slightly soft padded look or a bit of body without being stiff. Google it and see if you can find it locally at a quilt store.

Susan said...

Thanks for the lovely pattern piece. Also thanks for sharing all of your feelings with us, makes me realize that I don't go through mine alone. Keep well and once again thank you for sharing!

Winifred said...

Take care Jenny. Remembering you in my prayers & lighting candle at Durham Cathedral tomorrow.

Susan said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful second pattern. I love that you added the bee. Bees are always busy, and we are to be busy, too, about the Lord's work. Finding the bee there is one of the little things that we need as a reminder. I'm grateful for your calm and reasoned posts, and grateful to know that I'm not the only one who sits and cries sometimes with God. Your cockatoo is a cheeky little fellow! Your diet looks absolutely delicious, too. You are such an encouragement in so many areas! God bless you and keep you strong, Jenny, as you bless others with your wisdom.

jrtemps said...

Jenny, I'm praying the Drs find a solution for your heart issues. Please take the time to rest. You are such a joy to so many and we are standing together praying for you/.

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shirpatch said...