Sunday, March 1, 2020

Free Psalm 23 BOM block 3...

How are you doing with this year's block of the month? Have you stitched the first two blocks yet?

Today we're making two blocks, the first is the next verse from Psalm 23 and the second is one of the extra blocks which I've included to remind us of God's character.

Last month I showed you how to make a double fabric 'page' for this project if you're intending to display the blocks as I did, in a pretty book format...

I'm currently stitching a second version which was also going to be a book but I have since decided to complete it as a wall hanging so I'll likely share more about that in the months to come.
Here's my alternate version of Block 3 for those who like to see how the same pattern can look when stitched in different colours...

Are you ready to stitch block 3?

Questions asked:

I've received emails and comments asking where is the pattern for the book cover. This was answered when I shared the first block (please read entire posts before asking questions, thank you x) but just to be clear I'll share my answer here again.
The cover page stitchery and the cover itself (shown below) will be the final instalment of this block of the month and scheduled to be shared with you in October, 2020. 

Links for this project:

Psalm 23 BOM (includes photos of the completed book)

May your stitching time this month be abundantly blessed and your spirit ministered to from the Word of God as you bring Psalm 23 to life with needle and thread.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  2. This almost hurts it's so pretty! I cannot wait to get started - maybe when my club is done? My hands are itching to be stitching!

  3. Thank you Jenny, beautiful blocks, as always

  4. Thank you Jenny, your an inspiration, as I become closer to God I hope I become as knowledgeable as you x

  5. You send us so many good things. I’m so jealous of you closing down Facebook. I run a big homeschool organization on there so I can’t leave it but would love to.

    I wish people would read for the answers but they won’t . They say that is how society is today . They want a one second answer, and if not found, they want it handed to them.
    I adore you , I love all your posts. I am going to make this a year of just gifting as often as I can , and your designs are the perfect gifts. I have someone very special in mind for my Psalm 23 book. I can’t decide between two people actually so I think I’ll make two, each a bit different color way.

  6. Thank you for the latest pattern installment in this years BOM....And thank you for the bonus pattern as well. I hope your weekend was well Dear. Praying for you my friend.

  7. So excited to have #3 and a bonus block! Thank you xxxx

  8. The word 'restoreth' is full of wonder, richness, and forgiveness. Thank you for the reminder. Just what I needed today.

  9. Beautiful blocks!! You know I don't do much hand work, but I found myself needing to outline some machine embroidery so it was more visible and used one of the stitches you use for flowers (see, I don't even know the name of the stitch!!), but I remembered you saying to use little stitches to have smooth turns so I did and it worked beautifully!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us...I certainly appreciate it!! Continued prayers, dear friend.

  10. Nope...not stitching them, but I save them for later ��. I'm stitching the Faith in Hand and I want to make a quilt from the FIH blocks.
    So when that is finished I can start making Psalm 23.
    Thanks for this lovely BOM. xxx

  11. And may you be blessed for your patience with us. =) These are the loveliest blocks, and the bonus block is perhaps my favorite, the attributes of Jesus AND our Heavenly Father! Thank you so much, Jenny!

  12. You are going through so much Jenny in your private life right now and yet you still maintain a caring demeanor on your blog. As you are editing your input (and justly so) I wish you His peace and wisdom.

  13. Wow is not enough for the talent displayed here. I loved your works, and it is my first time visiting your blog. I assure you that I will follow all the links given here. You can copy the patterns or models, but the color sense that comes with the artist is unique to them. I just loved your choice of subtle colors, Jenny!!

  14. Jenny, Thank you so much for these lovely embroideries. I have just completed page 1 and am about to start page 2. I am making two of each, planning on making a book for each of my dear daughters. They are a joy to stitch, and the perfect thing to keep me busy while we stay home. May the Lord bless and keep you, Jenny.


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