Saturday, August 1, 2020

Psalm 23 block 8...

Do you know what 'surely' means?
I looked it up in the dictionary just to be sure, and 'surely' I was correct in my thinking.

"Surely" in this scripture passage is an adverb and it means that the writer, in this case King David, had a firm unwavering belief in what he said and would have been surprised if there was any doubt about it.

David, described in the Bible as a man after God's own heart, had a firm, unwavering, confident belief that goodness and mercy, two holy and exceptional attributes of God, would never fail him, never leave him, never be absent from his life.

I receive emails and messages from sisters-in-Christ who question God's goodness and mercy because life situations have not worked out as they'd planned, finances haven't arrived to cover an expense, healing didn't happen after all that prayer, and family members still have not turned to/back to Jesus - and I hear the confusion, sorrow and even a sense of abandonment in their words. I feel incredibly sad for them because many, in not being given what they wanted, lose sight of all Jesus has done to bring them into relationship with the Father.

When we see 'good' things happen we rejoice in the blessing and give Him praise, often sharing the news happily with others, but when 'bad' things happen we often whine and complain, not just to God but those around us.

But how often do we miss the unseen blessings, protections and provisions. They would be far too many to count and I imagine when we're lamenting the latest unanswered prayer we may really be walking in unseen goodness and mercy but can't consider it due to focusing on what answer,  provision or result we didn't get.

I'd love to only ever write soft and fuzzy things about our walk with Jesus, but in these last days I sense an urgency to clean up my own relationship with Him and encourage other believers to do the same.
King David made mistakes, indulging in a very deadly sin which cost him the life of a child, but he acknowledged his failings and instead of wallowing in them he looked up at Who had a calling on his life and chose to follow God no matter what, and then lead Israel and Judah into a closer walk with God by his own example.
So when he sings (for the psalms are songs) "surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life" he has no shadow of a doubt.

Let us have no shadow of a doubt that GOD is for us and not against us and His ways are always right and just. Trust that in every circumstance you face His response is the best in His eyes and fits in to the bigger tapestry of what is now and what is to come.

My own life has deep heartaches, unresolved relationships, betrayals, sickness, trial and pain...and yes, I'd like it all to go away, I'd love for God to 'fix' everything. But the truth is that through all of it I turned in toward Him, I leaned closer to His heart and offered my life in His service...and I made my peace in accepting His decision with regard to every prayer. What comfort and strength I found from Him when I did this.

No matter what you face today, no matter what you will face tomorrow, GOD will never leave you nor forsake you, and when it comes to unanswered prayer you may never get the result you want or you may simply have to wait for His perfect timing. But never lose hope, never lose faith, and never imagine anyone of us can twist the arm of God to do something against His holy will.
All His ways are perfect and just. His love is beyond our comprehension (would you send your own child to die for others?) and when we walk in His ways and follow the narrow path which leads to salvation we shall one day join Jesus when He arrives on the clouds of heaven and never again shed a tear or have a need.
For "surely" what He says He will do.


Sherri said...

Jenny when you wrote about waiting for His perfect time it reminded me of a quote I put into my journal just a little earlier today. "It is amazing what God can do if we will give Him a little time to work His plan out." Robert H. Schuller.

Allie said...

So well said, dear Jenny. I used to tell my boys all the time, God is not Santa Claus - He's not there to see you have a good time in this life. He will use whatever is needed to bring you to Him and eternal life.

Tammy said...

Thank you so much Jenny for Block 8 Julys installment in this BOM. You are so right...Their are always blessings to be had ...You only need to open your eyes to the bigger picture . I always tell people to find at least one thing to thank God for each day. As it is a blessing they have received. Life was never promised to be all roses....We win some and we loose some...We just have to be thankful and keep on going and growing with Christ

wendy said...

Thank you Jenny for giving me the words I needed to hear today. I have grown children who are going through divorce and it's effects on our family. I have a hard time watching them struggle and don't always know how to comfort them. God bless you and your growing family and thanks for your beautiful scripture patterns.

Cat Lady said...

Thank you Jenny, I always appreciate your inspirational words. I am reminded of a line from a Garth Brooks song "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers..."

Marie said...

True words, Jenny, true words! Thankyou

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Food for thought !

Susan said...

Thank you so much for this post and also the block.

Farm Quilter said...

God always answers prayers with a "yes", "no" or "wait". God's timing is always perfect and I have experienced that in my own life. It is so wonderful to recognize that God's plan for you, at that moment, is being fulfilled in a way that only God can do!! He has provided exactly what and who I needed when I needed them...and I definitely tell them they were sent to me by God!!! I am dealing with a health problem that requires surgery, but God kept me healthy so I could care for my dad until he went to heaven. He also made sure I had good health insurance to cover everything!! When we ask for specific things from God, we need to remember that we can only see the float in the parade that is in front of us, but God can see the whole parade!!!

FlourishingPalms said...

So well-spoken. How I'm living challenges me to ask myself, just as the criminal hanging with Jesus on the cross did, "Will I be with Jesus in paradise?" My earnest desire is to purge myself of pride - humble myself - and ask Him to deliver me, even unto death. We can't know or understand God's will, but must remain faithful, nonetheless. I want to measure up.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Agreed - eloquently spoken words about the Verse! We are a living testament that God knows better. Without the NY eve accident for Clay, he would not be here, as long story goes, it was discovered his Aorta Valve was shot! Finally on 2 June it was replaced with a bovine value through the groin. Home within 3 days. All systems working and he was released to go back to his life. He was in great shape except for the Heart Valve and without all the stress we went through with the trauma (accidental gun shot wound to the left hand) he would have died this year out in the yard or doing something strenuous. God gives us good and bad and we must take it all in stride. I began to realize that the gunshot wound was a blessing the night before he had an ER run for a slight POV which led us to a great heart doc who saved his life - told him to do nothing until he could have a Heart Cath and then surgery and new valve! Great Post!

Susan said...

Amen, Jenny. The life of Jesus was filled with sorrows and thorns. He has said that he descended below them all, in order to be our example and our savior. I always bear in mind, or try to, that whatever I'm facing, Christ already faced, and He was conqueror of all things. So can I be.

We tend to be like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: I want what I want and I want it now. That's not the way God works with us. There are lessons we have to learn, and there are only certain ways we can learn them. Which is stronger, the tree that stands in a safe place and never has to resist the wind, or the one on a windy cliff? Through it all, if we look for them, there are many blessings, and we are strengthened.

Additionally, because we all have our agency and can choose things for ourselves, sometimes the completely innocent suffer for the choices of another, or we bring about our own trials. Through no fault of his own, young Daniel in the Bible suffered great torments and captivity, and he was a faithful follower through them all. Our faith in Christ and His Father are what see us through these oh so temporary trials. If we are faithful and endure cheerfully to the end, all that God has is ours. He promised us that, and I want to become that person he sees I can be. Thanks for your thought-provoking post. And for the psalm block.

Carrie Ando said...

Recently I found a movie on Netflix "The Shack". WOW. A lovely story that certainly talks to us personally about who God is and, and what our relationship with him often is during crisis, and what would benefit us most of our choosing. I have been a Christian for decades but this movie had me wanting to watch it again and again to absorb all it had to offer. God is still working on me.

Then a friend gave me the book "The Shack" to read. OMG. If you are having trouble in your faith - this reflects your reality and explains what is going on - giving you peace (as only He does). I pray that this may be helpful for someone.

Thank you Jenny. Your insights are perfect for me at this time of growing.

Bobbie said...

Jenny, you truly spoke to my heart. I have had several prayers for friends and family over the last several years that were not answered in the way I would have liked. I am well aware that God does not answer to me or anyone.but it still hurts when those you pray for do not get the answers you desire especially when the diseases are terminal. But thank you for reminding me that we still have much to be thankful for and we are so very blessed who believe in Him and the eternal life to come.

Erica said...

Thank you for these words Jenny!

lvkwilt said...

Beautiful post! Sometimes it is hard to remember that God has a plan and to just rest in that. So important to be thankful. I love to remember that we are supposed to be like children in our faith...such wonder in the world! Thank you, Jenny!