Monday, November 2, 2020

A word of encouragement to begin your week....

Are you weary? Physically, mentally, emotionally? 

Our world moves at such a fast pace today that weariness is often knocking at our door. It can arrive in obvious ways such as after a time of trial or during periods of especially hard work; it could be as a result of illness or through increased responsibilities which have taken a toll. 

Weariness can be general overwhelm from spreading ourselves too thin over far too many tasks or an unrealistic attempt to ‘be there’ for everyone else whilst ignoring your own body or mind’s cry for needed rest and refreshment. 

Time out at the feet of Jesus, resting in His gentleness and love, is where we need to begin when our physical, emotional and spiritual tanks are empty. We can’t give out to others when we ourselves are parched and weary, and to keep pushing ourselves when energy has drained or is at a minimum can at times be prideful, not helpful at all. 

Till Jesus returns to take us home we shall regularly be faced with the temptation to push beyond our means, stretch beyond our human capabilities and for some, beyond their physical and mental health. 

Today, if you’re feeling the weight of weariness, let me encourage you to stop. Seek a quiet space and lay every burden at the feet of our Saviour; soak in His life-giving presence; linger in His Word; find rest for your soul in the One who made it.

Slow down, remove some things from your to-do list, cancel extra activities, make simpler meals, plan your own quiet time each day - even if it’s just 20 minutes with a cup of tea, a little treat and a view of the garden.

And pray for His peace to surround you, that He would bring clarity to your situation, that His promise of peace and rest would cause the weariness of your body and mind to slip gently away. 

True peace, gentle rest...forever found in Jesus.

May you know this deep within your heart today.


The Matthew 11:28 pattern is here.


  1. What a beautiful stitch, Jenny.

  2. Your thoughtful words will be a balm for many readers. Time spent with Jesus is never wasted. You've designed and created a beautiful stitchery that I'm sure will be attractive to many others. Bless you for sharing your gifts.

  3. Beautiful stitch and wise words for us all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi jenny,
    Hope you're doing the same :)

  5. This is beautiful post and stitchery. We are just about to go into full lockdown in England again and i am weary of the worry and not seeing family and friends. I am a person that likes to plan and with the shops closing for all but essential food shopping I am now in a dither about Christmas, I like to get everything bought and ready by the beginning of December so I can miss the really busy time in the shops but this year will be difficult for everyone. Have a good week. x

  6. Thank you for your calming words. Sitting quietly at the feet of Jesus is the best way to calm my anxious heart.

  7. Thank you my beautiful wise friend. Just what I needed today. To take a break from the world... And these days of craziness and turmoil our world is in.

  8. Thank you Jenny . A prayer for you hoping that you have the same too.
    Have a nice week and hopefully a “sweet “ November.
    Big hug,
    Miriam from Italy

  9. I love this. It hit home today. Our DIL is having surgery today. She’s never had surgery before. And she’s in her late 40s. Thank you for sharing this.

    Did you make the spools for the floss? If so, can or will you do a tutorial on how to make them? They are awesome.

    1. They were a gift from a friend. Here's a tutorial I found...

  10. Thank you Jenny! I fractured my hip on Thursday, was operated on Friday and released from the hospital Saturday. I needed to hear this more than ever. Please keep me in your prayers!!

  11. Wonderful words, thank you, my husband is ill with lymphoma and UK about to go into another lockdown, your post is a timely reminder to leave everything at our dear Lords feet.

  12. Que belleza de comentario,Dios te bendiga !


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