Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Children, chickens and breathing...


It was overcast yesterday when Blossom and the girls came to visit so the little ones spent most of the day in the backyard adventuring, riding the rocking horse we found at a garage sale recently, picking flowers (weeds actually, but we shan't tell them that), gathering 'favourite' rocks and exploring the 'forest' which is in fact the chicken enclosure. Their delight in everything is infectious and makes me appreciate all the more what we have within our 1/4 acre.

They crouch under the hibiscus and guava trees and the inquisitive chickens wander over to see what they are doing. The girls gather some greens from the garden (spinach and silverbeet usually) and hold it out to our three hens - Penny, Bernadette and Amy. The chickens love this and eat from their hands, though I think Cully May and Rafaella love it more!

Finally it seems that Penny has settled and her aggressive ways are becoming less and less - possibly because Bernadette started giving as good as she got, and she's also as big as Penny now and still growing. Amy is still timid and doesn't stray far from her 'champion' Bernadette. 

The girls loved the new coop but I needed to explain it was not another cubby house and shoo them out of it. 

Cully May found the first egg...

...whilst Rafaella was more interested in picking pretty hibiscus flowers for her mummy. 

Blossom stayed outside the coop and took videos of the girls for their daddy to watch later. 

What a wonderful way to spend a Monday and begin the new week!

We shared morning tea and lunch, the girls eventually coming inside to eat but then disappearing outside again. They absolutely love the old $5 rocking horse and kindly took turns riding it.

Before going home they joined us inside for a story and some colouring, milk and cookies. The perfect end to a beautiful day.

Over the weekend my dear husband finished setting up my new computer and transferring all the business files from my old laptop. I've only  used a laptop for the last decade so it's taking some getting used to having an actual computer. Of course, as with anything new to the office or sewing room I do a bit of freshening up and this was no different. I'm very inspired by the lovely calm layout of my 'new' corner office and think the coming months may be rather creative in more ways than one. 

I'd planned to share a few recipes today but as I'm still acquainting myself with this computer I'll leave that until Friday when I share the next double block of Joy To The World. 

Hope you're doing alright and not letting things crowd out your peace? My husband often tells me "Breathe Jen, just breathe" and it's been the best advice he ever gave because as soon as he says it I respond by stopping what I'm doing and thinking about how to stop and slow down for a bit. Perhaps you need that advice today?

God bless you dear ones, and I shall see you again in a few days...



  1. I remember when we first got chooks. We would sit on the edge of the garden bed beside their pen watch them peck and scratch, and poke bits of grass through the chicken wire for them. The first eggs were exciting. My dad had built the hen house himself, making sure we could access the nesting boxes from flaps at the outside of the hen house without even needing to go in the pen.

  2. What a cute rocking horse. Loved seeing all the lovely pictures of Cully May and Rafaella 'exploring' - oh how I enjoyed that too, when visiting my grandparents place. My grandfather had pigeons - lots, and lots of different types. I was only allowed to go into the coop when he was there. He was very particular about having genuine pigeons and sold them all over North America. Little children find joy in the most unique ways, and these pics bring back fun memories for me. Enjoy your little ones, Jenny. Also love your new computer and cute corner.

  3. Oh my goodness the girls are growing up....They are adorable as ever.. I know they enjoy every second with you and outdoors. When I was a little girl we lived in the country on a farm had chickens, pigeons, duck, pigs and outside dogs.We loved it running around all day outside . Gardening gathering nuts and fruits and helping to can and freeze and pickle and bake and sew....It is the best way to raise children. Sadly mine weren't raised that way as my husband was in the military and they were raised near military base in a subdivision. But I fenced in the entire back yard. part of it was the play ground and the rest was flowers and vegetable garden. Love your near computer. The table topper under the computer is beautiful. I'm still in love with your white walls. If I ever get to repaint I want all my walls white too. Hugs to you Dear Jenny

  4. What a lovely, charming, and quite entertaining way to spend a day... with granddaughters. It looks like everyone had a good time. And yay you, finding a bargain on a rocking horse! Your computer set-up looks lovely, and I'm glad it works for you. I don't think I could give up my laptop. It's just so nicely portable, and therefore useful for the many online workshops I've been taking - four of them now, with a fifth one coming up November 27, with a woman in Melbourne, Australia! Virtual workshops may be one of the few positives to come out of this pandemic, and I'm taking advantage of those opportunities to satisfy my curiosity and interest in different things. Stay well! We're continuing to "battle" COVID-19 outbreaks, which means continuing to stay at home.

  5. What a most perfect day! Those girls are a delight. I'm glad Penny is finally settling in....and being stood up to!

  6. Most bullies back down when stood up to. I am glad Penny is changing her ways. Sounds like a most enjoyable day. It is fun watching kids explore. One person's weed is another person's flower. As a friend of mine likes to say, "There are no weeds, just plants that are in the wrong place."

  7. Your office corner area does look calming & peaceful Jenny. I always use a large computer in preference to a laptop ... for some reason I just prefer it much more. Gosh those grandy girls are growing up so fast. What a perfect day you got to spend with them. I hope those migraines are becoming less & less my dear friend. xx

  8. Your gran-babies are so cute.. Glad you get to spend time with them. I love your 'little farm', it looks so peaceful there. I, myself, can remember growing up on the farm, playing outside, chickens, gathering eggs, etc. Ahhhh, those were the days, if only more kids would have that chance today. Stay well and hope the migraines are less.. HUGS from Oklahoma, USA.

  9. Jenny, $5 for that rocking horse is unbelievable as they cost a fortune when new. The girls would love it. Blossom doesn't look too far off delivering her bub. I hope she isn't too uncomfortable in the heat up there. We have some 35C days ahead of us at the weekend. I might just melt away 😳

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Now that's a work space to run a businees from ! Great new computer set up and a good chair that's better for posture, back and neck muscles. Lots of light ! Enjoy the creative space!

  11. Lovely pictures of the girls and your garden. The hibiscus flowers are gorgeous! The rocking horse was a great find. xx

  12. Que bonita entrada Jenny ,las niñas están preciosas como tus flores y tus gallinas ,tenéis mucho amor en tu familia .
    Besos y feliz semana.

  13. What a lovely description of a day with your granddaughters and your daughter. Blossom is certainly very pregnant! How exciting the coming weeks will be. I am praying for her health and the baby's and a safe delivery. God bless you all even more than he has.

  14. I love my chickens although I only have two right now. Such fun to watch—almost as much as grandchildren! Such blessings——

  15. Thanks 😊 Jenny!Lovely to hear your family stories and see your little grandchildren.xxMary-Lou

  16. I love the names of the hens. One day we hope to add chickens to the Rock'n K. We eat a lot of eggs so it will be nice. The girls are adorable. The Rocking Horse was a nice find. Staying safe here. Hugs


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