Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Nana-ing and Blossom sews...

 I've not had time these past days to think about blogging, nor much else to be honest, as with our sweet Blossom attending a few hospital visits (one for another ultrasound)  and our dear elderly neighbour having fallen and broken her ankle, more important things have been attended to. 

Like cooking meals and baking for three households, plus the joyous task of babysitting Cully May and Rafaella. 

Firstly, the news about Blossom's little boy is that he's still far larger than average and the doctors have decided she should not go further than 38 weeks (she is 36.2 weeks at the moment) so unless she goes into spontaneous labour it looks like she'll be induced around December 2nd. Now, my girl would much rather avoid induction so has asked if you'd join us in prayer that she goes into natural labour just before that date. 

The hole in the baby's heart  has not closed but she has been assured that he'll be fine. 

Today when the girls came over I had baked cinnamon scrolls (Blossom's favourite treat and her request every year instead of a birthday cake) and made fresh blackcurrant jelly (jello) as Cully May has fallen in love with my homemade jellies and asks for it quite often now. 

It's very hot here with summer just two weeks away so I doubled a quilt on the floor, spread soft fluffy pillows around, brought out their favourite books, coloured pencils and toys, and cranked up the air conditioning before putting the original Care Bears movie on for them to watch.

Bob the dog came to visit as well and  every so often all three would wander outside to play in the cubby house, watch the chickens or ride the rocking horse... then they'd scurry back inside to cool down with bowls of jelly and lots of strawberries. In fact, for lunch they asked if I would make strawberry sandwiches! And I did! Rafaella thought they were delicious but Cully May decided cheese might have been a better option so she munched away on that instead. 

As the day wore on more and more toys found their way into the loungeroom but they had so much fun and asked if we could always have pillows and a quilt when they visited because it's so comfy. 

Nana is quite tired now, but my heart is full to overflowing. When your 4yo granddaughter says "Nana, I love you" and hugs you so fiercely you cannot breathe, well, there's no words which well enough describe the depth of love which flows between the two of you. 
And then 2yo Rafaella curls up in my lap like a baby and kisses me over and over, before wrapping her arms around my neck and squeezing as hard as her little toddler arms are able. Love, Joy. 
Nana-ing is a rather favourite pastime.

Now I have a couple of quiet days ahead so I'll be taking tea, enjoying slices of sweet impossible pie, and sitting with a sketch book and pencil to see what pretty little ideas will find their way from my mind to paper in preparation for  next year.

Blossom Sews...

Blossom was asked by her IG followers whether she'd been sewing for her soon-to-arrive baby boy and indeed she has! Thought you may like to see his increasing mummy-made wardrobe?

Won't he be the best dressed boy in town?! 
Everything is made with the softest fabrics and perfectly lined. She has such a gift with dressmaking skills. Unfortunately she's had to put aside any more sewing for the time being as it's far too uncomfortable now, but before she decided to have a break a few more sweet outfits for little girls made their way into her Etsy Shop. Here's a peek at some...

There's only handful left now so if you'd like to see them just pop over HERE to Blossom's LUCY & MAY Etsy Shop.

I'll leave you today with a photo sent to me by Theresa who made my "Willing Hands" mini quilt in lovely autumn's beautiful!

My original was made in 30's reds, greens and blues so it's wonderful to see how it looks in different colours.

I've written blog posts in years past about how a design can be altered by replacing one colour palette for another, but when you actually see it for yourself it does inspire you to think outside the box. 

Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to write up a few recipes to include in Friday's free stitch-along blog post, but if not that's fine. All things eventually come about when the time is right. Don't you find that?

Bless you all sweet friends. May your own days overflow with joy.


  1. Hi Jenny,
    There is so much going on there! Thanks for all the lovely photo's, stories, adventures and stitcheries that you share on your blog:)
    A great invention that airco ! Enjoy the wonderful moments and surprises the days bring you.

  2. Jenny - you are such a blessing to cook for 3 households - and attend to your cute and adorable little granddaughters. We keep praying for Blossom and her 'little one', and will keep praying. Love her sweet outfits - she has such wonderful taste in patterns and fabrics. May you all feel God's surrounding love in the days ahead.

  3. Thank you for sharing your life to lift ours. Blessings from Tennessee. I love the little button front suits for boys.

  4. Such a happy post, you clearly have so much joy being a grandmother. x

  5. Saying a prayer for your daughter and that her delivery goes well. I want to come to your house for the "party." What memories you have with your grandchildren.

  6. Oh, Jenny, you sure do have your hands full. I have been praying for Blossom, but will pray fervently that she goes into natural labor before being induced. She is right. It is better to not be induced if at all possible. Extra prayers for her precious boy that the they are right and that he will be fine.

    His wardrobe is adorable and he will be the best dressed boy in town. I look forward to seeing pictures.

  7. Praying for you, Blossom and all your family.

  8. Blessings to you and yours Jenny, you are a treasure as a Granny, a Mum and a neighbor. As the wind howls here and the snow flurries dance through the trees I consider how blessed we are, each of us, in different ways. Best wishes and thank you for the photo's of the girls, they are adorable. Blossom's little boy outfits are adorable. Much like the ones I made 40+ years ago for my boys.

  9. Praying for Blossom! I did the induction 3 times and would prefer her to skip that! So glad you have had the granddaughters...time well spent!! Sweet of you to be cooking for Blossom and her family as well as your neighbor! It is grand to be a blessing to others and I know they appreciate it...much more important than blog posts!!

  10. Jenny, I will definitely be praying for your girl. My daughter was overdue a few years ago so had to go to hospital to be induced but once she got there her waters broke and she delivered without any intervention. Enjoy those gorgeous little girls.

  11. Prayers continue for all of you, especially Blossom and the baby and you. What previous memories you are creating with your granddaughters.

  12. Prayers for Blossom as she awaits the arrival of her son. Your grand girls are so sweet. Hugs from them are the best. The last time I was with my grandkids, we couldn't hug. We had to social distance and wear masks because of covid. Rest up, Jenny!

  13. Prayers for Blossom as she awaits the arrival of her son. Your grand girls are so sweet. Hugs from them are the best. The last time I was with my grandkids, we couldn't hug. We had to social distance and wear masks because of covid. Rest up, Jenny!

  14. What a lovely time you had with the girls. Praying for Blossoms safe delivery and for your poor neighbour. How is Mr E? xx

  15. Such beautiful little girls! They look so happy with their grandma. Will continue to pray for Blossom and the baby and the rest of your sweet family.

  16. Such fun times with your beautiful girls. Being a grandparent is sheer joy that always fills our hearts with so much love. You have been very busy cooking for everyone so please take time for yourself. Wishing Blossom all the best.

  17. Oh Jenny I wish the best for Blossom. Seeing her grow up from a child to a great woman it almost feel like seeing a neighbor on your very own street. Blessings to all of you.

  18. Oh dear - a broken ankle - how horrid!! Bless you for helping her. You are truly loving your neighbor! Praying so hard for Blossom and the wee lad....
    I have pictures of my boys like that, watching a movie with quilts and pillows and toys and even a dog - thank you for giving me hope I'll be able to do that with grandbabies! What a great way to entertain them when you need rest. Blossom's skills are truly exceptional, yes he will be the best dressed little boy around!!! I love Theresa's version of your design - so calming! Love to you all!

  19. You have a very full life! I'm tired just reading about your granddaughters, but those soft words and hugs make everything worthwhile, don't they? I want a Nana just like you. I hope all goes well with Blossom's delivery. Oh my... but then won't you have your hands even MORE full of wonderfulness!? It's good you get quiet time now and then. Obviously, time spent quietly designing is what's good for your soul.


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