Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Things to show, family and a short extension...

 We had sunshine today and it was wonderful to hang the sheets and towels outside again. Everything dried quickly and then just as I was walking back inside with the folded washing in my basket down came the next big shower. Perfectly timed, thank you Lord! 

Today Blossom and the little ones came to visit as everyone is well again and after two weeks stuck inside due to head colds and the endless rain the girls were more than excited to come play in the cubby and collect eggs from our chickens. 

Charlie David is 5 weeks old now and such a calm relaxed baby. I had lots of cuddles as he pretty much sleeps most of the time, especially snuggled in loving arms. 

Beautiful Blossom simply glows with motherhood, indeed she 'wears it well'...

Cully May and Rafaella always have cups of tea with Bloss and I but up until now I've served them in melamine tea cups. Today I thought they may just be old enough to begin using my pretty Cath Kidston china mini-cups...

The girls were thrilled and drank their tea like proper little ladies. In fact they thought it so wonderful that they asked for more after quickly finishing their first cup full. They also polished off quite a few scones and two cupcakes each. I did serve grapes as well...which Rafaella was very happy about as she's a true fruit-lover.

It's amazing how a visit with loved ones can shine extra joy over the day. My heart goes out to all of you who because of Covid have been separated for great lengths of time from your loved ones. ((hugs)) Blossom and I pray that you will be reunited very soon. xx

Last year I shared an embroidered Psalm 23 fabric book as my free block of the month and at the time said that the patterns would be removed on December 31st. Well, I have decided to leave them HERE for you to access until January 31st just in case you missed one or two along the way. Or perhaps you never saw them as you are new here?

Recently a couple of lovely ladies sent me beautiful photos of their completed Psalm 23 books and I am very excited to show you today because they have added their own unique touch and this always helps to imagine a project in different colourways and fabrics.

From Sandy...

...and from Eveline.

This year's free block of the month is the Posies wall quilt and back in late December I shared a free bonus pattern for a Posies pincushion (here).

Block 1 was shared on January 1st (here) and another new block will be shared each month through 2021.

The other day Joanne sent me photos of her completed Posies pincushion as well as block 1. She chose to fussy cut her applique tea cup with a snip from Tilda's little birds...lovely.

Thanks ladies, it was so nice to see my designs remade by your nimble stitching fingers!

I'll be back on Friday to announce something new, something I've spent a lot of time on and am really excited about...but no more hints. 

Bless you heaps,


  1. Such fun! After exactly a year I was able to see my nephews again. They were shy at first, but it didn't take them long to start playing with us or plopping down in our lap for a book to be read to them.
    It is very interesting to see how others have stitched your designs.

  2. What a beautiful family you have! The stitcheries done by others are quite lovely

  3. Hi Jenny,
    A joyous Wednesday blog post !
    I'm still amazed how acess to wireless Internet makes the ease of sending photo's, emails and communication work so well !
    The photo's look great after being around the world a few times :) Thank you for the inspiring posts and stitcheries :)
    Looking forward to Friday !

  4. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your beautiful family,

  5. Oh Blossom is definitely glowing . Shes such a pretty youn gb eoman and her girls are beauites as well. Charlie David is a beautiful babe as well. I know ot did you all good to get a visit in. It seems unreal tbat Bloosom now has 3 kids and tbat Cully Mae has grown up so quickly. I can still remember praying for Blossom when she was expecting her. Time flies my friend. Eveyones projects are bezutigul and unique. Shows you how one pattern can look so different

  6. Thank you for the 23rd Psalm stitchery. I finished mine. It means so much to me. Reminds me of God’s love and care for me.
    Your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Those girls are growing up so fast. And Blossom has become such a beautiful young woman. You and Mr. E must be so proud. Your stitching always makes my heart sing. It is always so beautiful and just what I would choose for myself. I am so happy that I found you and that we became friends across the pond!

  8. Hi Jenny!

    What lovely photos of your beautiful daughter and her children! You must be so proud! So nice of you to share! I love reading all of your adventures and getting all the updates along with your lovely testimony. I've been saving all the embroidery but as yet haven't tackled it. That's on my "to do" for this year. Thank you for all you do and share. Blessings to you and your Family! Diane

  9. Blossom, baby, girls and all.....just beautiful! Aren't our grands sweet pleasures and blessings to our lives.... I finished my seed organizer, too, and posted today over at Lilypadquilting. Thanks ever so much for sharing the pattern freely with us.
    I'm clinging to the Lord's hand to try to keep going. So much sadness and conflict in this world - we believers know that He is in control, but we sometimes still get discouraged. Thank you for your encouraging posts from across the world, dear friend.

  10. Adorable Family and great artworks!Congratulations on the new baby!

  11. Thank you for extending your 23 Psalm book. I've been layed up with my back injury and missed this. It will be a much loved piece for me to stitch up. You and your blog posts are such a blessing to me. May you receive a 100 fold return to you and your family for what you give to all of us in cyberspace!

  12. Blossom looks so happy and the girls proud of their skills with 'real' cups and saucers. I love the little books you have shared - always good to see different interpretations of patterns.xx

  13. Thank you for extending your 23rd Psalm book. Bless you for sharing your creativity, your insights, and your life. It's been truly inspiring.

  14. Once again it's good to see your granddaughters, darling new grandson, and Blossom. Pictures like these make me long for the time when we can travel (a great distance) to visit our own. Though Coronvirus vaccinations are rolling out here in Florida, by the thousands, and my hubs and I are eligible to make an appointment, we're holding off so as to allow those with greater medical needs (we are in good health for our ages) to get theirs first. Also, the process hasn't been without glitches (some people who got their first vaccination have no idea when or where to go for their second), so it seems prudent to wait. Also, another vaccine manufacturer is coming out with a "one (injection) and done" version, and that would sure be preferable to me. So, seeing family again won't likely happen until late spring or summer. I'm sure by then I will have forgotten how to act when out in public! Though I understand that masks and distancing will continue to encouraged for many months to come. Oh, how our lives have changed. I'm glad you're offering such a pretty BOM to distract people. Those of us who are creative cherish our gift and desire to make.

  15. It's a joy to see pictures of your family and home. I finished all of the Psalm embroideries, too. I'd like to send a photo but get a message that your mailbox is undergoing work and updates. I'll try another day. Thank you for all you share.

    1. That's odd because there are no work or updates at the moment. Use the contact me details here -


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