Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The power of finding beauty...


After almost three weeks, my home came alive again with spontaneous laughter and the creative delights of Cully May and Rafaella. 
Oh how I'd missed them, and this only heightened my sorrow for those of you who have not seen your own grandchildren in many months, perhaps over a year or more. ((hugs))

Blossom and Ross really needed a day of peace after being so ill for the past few weeks with head colds and chest infections, so I gathered my little granddaughters early Monday morning and we headed here to "have an adventure". Cully May calls all our days together 'adventures' and I do try and make our activities fun and varied. Initially I'd planned a morning-tea picnic down at the beach but it had rained all the night before and the ground was very wet so we popped into the supermarket for a few necessities before heading straight to my place.

We had a lovely morning tea and read Ruby Red Shoes, a favourite book for both of them, The girls got to drink from bigger tea cups which I'd found at the op-shop last month (because they always ask for more tea when we use the little ones) and nibbled on fresh blueberries, blueberry crumble cake, and Messy Monkey rice bars.

After a while the sun came out and boy, did it get hot! Considering we're two weeks into winter, though admittedly our winters are more like a mild spring, I was surprised when the temperature climbed to 30C (86F). After morning tea the girls wanted to paint so I set everything up outside and they put their cotton smocks over the pretty dresses Blossom had made them to avoid any colourful accidents.

I'd promised them pancakes for lunch and Rafaella stood on her little stool to watch me mix the batter, exclaiming, "Nana, that's a lot of ingredients!" She gobbled up three large pancakes with strawberry jam (she would have strawberry jam on everything if we let here), and Cully May had two with lemon juice and sprinkle of sugar. 

They went back to painting for a while, but soon came inside to make button necklaces and watch Lea read from Little House in the Big Woods (you can see this here, it's wonderful for small children!)

After some colouring, it was time to bake choc chip cookies. The girls watched as I made the cookie dough and then helped me roll the balls and place onto the cookie trays. Rafaella pulled her little stool over to watch them bake, she couldn't wait to eat them!

Later on Cully May and I made a Feta, Tomato and Pasta Bake to take home to mummy and daddy for dinner. She was amazing, doing most of the process herself, apart from the chopping. 

As the afternoon was still so hot we walked up to the corner shop for ice-creams, and then it was time to swim in the pool. The water was lovely and cold, so we played around in it for about half an hour. By then it was getting close to dinner time so I bundled the girls up in thick beach towels and we headed inside so they could have a warm bubble bath before going home. 

The day reminded me of this quote by Louisa May Alcott - "The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely." Little children have a way of finding delight in the simplest things and if we take the time to look at life through their eyes, it can fill a weary heart with pure and humble joy. That's what this day with my two little princesses did for my own tired and weary heart.

They had walked with me around the entire garden to smell every bloom, touch every plant, all the while exclaiming with such confidence, "Nana, this rose smells so pretty!" or "Nana, can we eat that when it grows bigger?" and "Nana, how long will the strawberries take to grow?"...everything they saw delighted their senses and in turn, they delighted me. 


I've almost finished a remake of an old pattern, this time a little larger than my original. On Friday I'll be sharing this as a free download, and probably with a tutorial as it will become a small wall quilt. This was meant to be ready yesterday but after that big day with my girls, yesterday I just needed to slow down and not think too much about work, blogging or sewing. Instead I pottered around, cleaned out and reorganised a few kitchen drawers, did the washing and ironing, and vacuumed the house. None of it was rushed, and I took a few peaceful breaks for tea, reading and baking. There was a punnet of raspberries in the fridge that I'd forgotten about so I made two dozen raspberry, lemon and almond muffins. I kept a dozen for us and put aside the other dozen for Blossom's family.

Some were served today at morning tea when my neighbour dropped by...they truly were delicious! No recipe, I'm sorry, as I make up my muffin recipes as I go along using whatever is on hand. No measurements, just adding the basics and then the extras until I have the right consistency. 

My neighbour enjoys the regular baked treats she receives from my kitchen, as much as I enjoy her thoughtful gifts of flowers. Today she gave me these gorgeous green chrysanthemums. Aren't they lovely?!


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I hope your week is travelling along nicely, with no bumps in the road or heavy trials to face. It's my prayer always that whoever reads my blog experiences the tangible love of God each day, and that His strong arms will hold you up when you cannot stand yourself, that His still small voice leads you in the path you should follow, and His gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ becomes more and more profound in your thoughts. 

God bless and big hugs,


gail said...

Thank you Jennifer. A beautiful day with your little treasures.
Blessings to you,

Tammy said...

Oh Jennifer what a wonderful and magical day with your sweet Grandies....What treasured memories you are creating for them to always remember and share with their little ones when they are grown... I love reading about your days and adventures with the girls...Those flowers are so pretty and unique in their coloring...And my those muffins look delicious...I just had a orange cranberry scone for my breakfast that I baked 2 days ago for me nd my daughter Savannah as no one else her eats scones but us.. said...

molto bella la tua giornata

Gill said...

Such a lovely adventure you all had! Those girls are precious and they are lucky to have you as their grandmother! I have been following your advice and taking my home keeping gently and with great satisfaction in the little things. A curtain laundered here and a few shelves emptied and contents sorted and replaced there; a quilt blowing dry on the line, and flowerpots watered in the evening light. An apple and rhubarb tart prepared and popped into the freezer, ready to bake on Sunday. Blessed days of summertime, and a peaceful thankful heart.

Kay said...

What a perfectly lovely post. x

Julie said...

How wonderful your day was Jennifer & they really do teach us to live in the moment don't they ... & find the joy in the small things. xxx

Jenny said...

Oh such a lovely day with your sweet girls. I enjoy three days a week with my 3 yr old grandson. What a treasure the days are.

Lace Faerie said...

As you delighted in your granddaughters’ delight, so we are delighted at yours. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, pictures and your lovely girls!
Thank you for sharing the video of the book reading. Our oldest granddaughters at 2 and 3 are becoming more content at sitting still upon my lap as I read to them. So many delightful books to share.

Águeda said...

A perfet day . God bless your family. Hugs.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What fun!

Ondrea said...

Those beautiful grandaughters always have such a wonderful time with you. They are both such pretty girls and know how pose for photos lol. I wish the weather was warmer here. All that yummy food is making my mouth water. Good to hear that Blossom and Ross are well again. I made that stitchery of yours into a heart to hang up. Your designs are so versatile and a joy to stitch,

Susan said...

I'm definitely feeling God's blessings, and counting this lovely post about your day with the girls as one of the best ones!

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Punnet ! That's what that is called.
Those gorgeous green chrysanthemums go well with gardenlife green by your stitchery photo :)
What a wonderful day you all had. Thanks for sharing :)
hugs, take care,

Anonymous said...

Another awesome post and thank Jenny for the reminder about Blogger. Bloglovin is a great way to follow, as well as your newsletter.

Allie said...

Oh my goodness Jennifer what an absolutely lovely day - and how I MISS having little ones around!!!! Not all the time, mind you, but gosh what a treat. Now get enough rest, girl! Love you!!!

Lin said...

What a lovely day Jennifer and lucky little girls to have such a fun Nana. Glad everyone is well again. xx

Kim said...

I am eager to do similar days with my granddaughter who will be born in early August, Lord-willing. My 3 grandsons are too far away, so we don't get to see them often. The little embroidery is so cute.

Winifred said...

You certainly give them some lovely days but in return you all share such happy memories. Priceless treasures! xxx

Sherry said...

You have the most wonderful girls to be Nana with. I adore how you get to spend quality time with them and what fun you all have together. Priceless!