Thursday, October 14, 2021

NEW Stitchery Club launch!

Today I can finally share with you my NEW stitchery pattern club - "Faith, Heart & Home".

Behind the scenes I have been working away on this for about eight months, which meant plenty of designing, plenty of discarded ideas, lots and lots of delicious cups of tea, mountains of cake, months of hand embroidery whilst listening to audio books or watching re-runs of my favourite Agatha Christie tele-movies - and more prayers than you know. 

In the past I have had two distinct club themes - one was Bible-based and very popular among fellow believers, the others had no religious tones. 

This time I'm combining both, and here's how.

Included in the first year there is a 12-part block of the month, and you will have a choice of stitching either Scripture or a home-themed quote. At the end of the 12 months we'll combine all the blocks to make a quilt, and I've kept this simple because I think the verse/quote blocks should be the feature.

Here's how it will work. You have a choice of making either "Heart of Psalms"  or "Heart of Home" blocks for your quilt - both versions will be included in your monthly pattern set. I won't be stitching both versions (at least not in the foreseeable future as I don't have time) but you may want to stitch both blocks each month and make two pretty and inspirational quilts.

Here's block 1 of "Heart of Psalms"....

I'm using a fat quarter bundle of Brenda Riddle's "Sophie" fabric for this quilt project, and purchased  extra of one print for the final border.

For those who would prefer to stitch the "Heart of Home" blocks, in the bottom corner of the photo below you can see the quote and wording which sits inside the same floral block.

Both options are in your monthly pattern set, ready to trace, and each month the same thing will happen. For one quilt I'll have an inspiring verse from the book of Psalms, and for the other quilt I will have a lovely quote about home.

Here's the cover of the November issue of "Faith, Heart & Home"...

There are three new patterns each month, and over the first four months of the Club I will be including a seasonal mini-quilt. In November we will stitch "autumn" and this will be followed by "summer" in December, "winter" in January and "spring" in February. I'm hoping this will suit everyone in both hemispheres. 

And then we have a beautiful hooped design, Blessed. I find that being grateful each day for all we have in this life is simply another way of saying "I'm blessed", no matter what our beliefs, don't you?

All my patterns include detailed step by step embroidery instructions, photos, tips, and full size pattern sheets for tracing. If a project is included in any month's set of designs I will also have detailed steps for you to follow. 

Would you like to join my new Club?

The patterns arrive via email on the 30th of each month, direct to your inbox, and the monthly cost is $9.95 AU (around $7.50 US). 
Use the link below to join today.

The individual patterns will be added to my Etsy Shop the day after Club members have received theirs. They will be $6 AU each so you'd be saving a bundle by becoming a "Faith, Heart & Home" member. 

Joining Gift...

Oh, yes, I must offer you a free joining gift! 
Within 24 hours of signing up for my new Club you will receive your free "Where Flowers Bloom" mini quilt pattern via email. 

NOTE: "Where Flowers Bloom" will not be available in my shop, it is for Club members. 

You can also pop over HERE to the Club page and join from there if you prefer, and as with any of my clubs, I understand life situations can change so you are welcome to leave anytime you like, with no penalties, but I hope you choose to stay and stitch with me a while. 

Now that I've finally shared my secret sewing from this year and opened the doors for a brand new stitchery club, I guess regular newsy and fun blog posts can return to normal again. And friends, that makes me really happy. 

Have a blessed day, and may your hearts overflow with gratitude as you look around at all you have, and the people who love you. 



Tammy said...

How beautiful Jennifer. These are absolutely breath taking designs....

Allie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. These are just STUNNING....honestly, girl, you have such a gift!!!!! Absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous. I may lay down my floss for my own designs, but yours always give me the itch to stitch!

CarolE said...

This is going to be a beautiful quilt. I also have the Brenda Riddle fat quarters I plan on using. I would like to purchase some extra fabric for the border before I cannot get anymore, but how much is needed for the border?

Dots said...

Hi Jennifer, You really outdid yourself on these designs. Very appealing. So much talent!

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
2022 is filling up with a lot of lovely projects !

May said...

How Beautiful Jennifer... I just had to sign up... gorgeous designs... can't wait x x x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

1/2 yard/metre

Donna P. said...

Jennifer, this will be lovely. Thank you for sharing your God given talents with us.
I do have a make this into a quilt, how large will the quilt be?
Thanks and blessings

Anonymous said...

Jennifer!! You and the Lord have given us such a delight for the eyes and for our hands! These are beautiful and all of your hard work blesses us beyond measure. Luscious is a word that comes to mind when seeing these and the fact there are TWO possibilities is over the top generous! Thank you dear lady. :)

CarolE said...

Thank you!

Julie said...

Oh Jenny ... your designs are just SOoooo beautiful & your stitcheries take my breath away!!! How lovely these all are. xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I'll have a blog post about this next week. :-)

Susan said...

Wow you have a wonderful talent that The Lord has given you! Thank you for sharing this talent with us.

Ondrea said...

Such a fantastic idea! You have put a lot of thought into this so stitchers have a choice of making 1 or 2 quilts. One can see that you have put a lot of time, energy and love into it. Your creativity is shining even more brightly bringing joy to others.

Susan said...

Thank you for the choices. Both are beautiful and spiritual. Our homes are spiritual foundations for our families, and holy places of safety.