Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New tutorial and my UFO project for November...


This time of year I know many of you are looking for quick, simple, useful and pretty projects as gifts for your sewing friends, but I also think today's needle-book tutorial would be good for those who don't stitch or quilt.

Why? Because it holds packets of needles and a pair of scissors - and these are useful in any homemaker's tool box. At some point we all need to mend a tear, sew a button in place or repair a fallen hem, right?

Another bonus is that you can make use of any small UFO stitcheries which you weren't sure how to display, and the completed project will post very nicely in a small package or medium envelope.

I first made this design in 2017 for my old Stitchery Club, using one of the stitcheries in THIS sampler pattern, but today I printed up my original pattern and re-made it using another of my little stitchery designs, "Sew", which you can find HERE

I'll take you through the tutorial today on the blog for those who don't have access to a printer, but I also have it prepared as a free download if you'd like to save it to your computer and print it out later. Use the link below...

Let's make the needle-book!

The fabric cutting instructions are for the aqua floral version, so just substitute your own fabrics/colours to suit.

You will require:

* One small stitchery which will be trimmed to 4” high x 3 ¾” wide. (IDEA: You could also fussy-cut a pretty section of fabric, or make a tiny paper-pieced flower.)

* Two different fabrics - one peach tonal, one aqua floral.

One, ½” x 9” length of aqua cotton lace

One, ½” x 26” length of aqua silk ribbon

One, 5” x 9” rectangle of thin Pellon or quilt wadding

From the aqua floral fabric cut –

o   Two, 1” x 4” lengths

o   Two, 1” x 4 ¾” lengths

o   One, 4 ¾” x 5” rectangle

o   One, 6” x 9” rectangle

 From the peach tonal fabric, cut –

o   One, 5” x 9” rectangle

After trimming the stitchery…

* Create a floral border around the stitchery block by sewing the 1” x 4” lengths of fabric down both sides and the 1” x 4 ¾” lengths across the top and bottom. Press the seams away from the stitchery.

* Sew the 4 ¾” x 5” rectangle of fabric to the left side of your bordered stitchery. Press the seam open. This is now the front of your needle-book. Put this aside while we make the lining and pocket.

Fold the 6” x 9” rectangle of floral fabric in half along its length to make a 3” x 9” pocket and sew the 9” length of cotton lace along the top folded edge so that only half the lace shows above one side.

* Fuse the Pellon behind the 5” x 9” rectangle of peach tonal fabric.

* Lay the pocket over the peach fabric, the raw bottom edge of the pocket in line with the bottom edge of the peach fabric.

* Draw 4 very faint pencil lines down the peach fabric and over the pocket. These will create the two smaller pockets for storing packets of needles. Use the walking foot on your sewing machine (if you have one) to stitch these lines.

* The two outer lines need to be placed 1” from the side edge, and the two middle lines are to be made 3” inside the outer lines. In the photo below the white dashed line represents the middle of the needle-book lining – do not stitch this yet.

*Lay the right side of your needle-book front onto the pocket lining so that all sides are even. Pin the two sections together.

Sew around the outer edges with a ¼” seam, leaving a 3” opening along one side of the needle-book.

*Turn the needle-book right side out and press it flat with your iron. Ladder stitch the opening closed.

* Find the middle of your length of silk ribbon and pin it onto the centre seam of your needle-book front. Machine-sew a line down the length of the centre seam, catching the ribbon as you go.


Fill with packets of needles, fold the ribbon around the needle-book and tie in a bow!

I've decided on my UFO finish for November, well two actually.

Firstly, I need to keep working on the hand-quilting of my Simple Days quilt, but as it's so ghastly hot and won't cool down until next May or even June, this will be slow going, even with air conditioning.

One I can work on this month and complete is a table runner using these two blocks I made four years ago from a pattern called "Pollen" by Jen Kingwell, which had three other blocks but I chose these two as my favourites and never progressed any further.

I just need to find complimenting fabrics and then I can get moving with it.

Have you chosen your November UFO project? What is it?

The other day I showed you my latest UFO finish, a sewing pillow, and Gayner asked in the comments if I could show her how I use it. As I explained in the last post, I do not use a hoop for my hand embroidery, but rest my hands on a small firm pillow which sits on my lap.

I've been doing this for about ten years and have found it to be wonderful for thread, needle and stitch length control. 

If you'd like to know more have a read through THIS blog post where I share a free practice pattern and backstitch tutorial. 

That's all for today. 
It's getting on in the afternoon and once I get the washing off the clothesline, fold it and put it away, I'm going to bake one of Nana's desserts - bread and butter pudding. This is real comfort food for me and some days I just find baking things she used to make is like gentle and soothing medicine, especially after this run of back-to-back barometric migraines lately. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Rosie's for morning tea and stitching, and then I'll drop in to Blossom's on the way home for a little catch up with her and the children.

God bless you all, and may the days ahead be full of hope and joy, grace and provision, kindness and hugs.


Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for a fun tutorial :)
Will be giving it a go !
Enjoy your visits :)
hugs, take care,

Allie said...

Oh my goodness how precious is that - so darling, thank you! I have the needle book you made me sitting next to me in the living room, where I'm still hand-quilting Rachel's quilt, and probably will be for the next year, lol. Enjoy your time with Rosie and Blossom and the children!

CarolE said...

Thank you so much for the lovely needle book tutorial.
Have a wonderful day.

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time with Rosie! You are always so good at explaining exactly how to do something. Thanks for this wonderful needle book tutorial.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Jenny thankyou for the beautiful needlecase pattern ,it’s gorgeous. Have fun with Rosie and Blossom and the grandies xx

Jill said...

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for a big reminder - I actually stitched a few 'Sew' blocks when you first introduced them and they remain UFO's to this day. They are such sweet blocks and I guess I should now make a few needle cases. Thank you also for showing how you use a pillow for embroidering. It may help with my wonky, uneven stitching as nothing as helped me thus far.

Ondrea said...

All I am thinking of is bread and butter pudding now lol. Yum! Haven't had it for decades. Your gift idea is so perfect.

Christine M said...

Lovely little needle cases, Jennifer. The fabrics you have used are so pretty. Your Pollen blocks are so different for you but they are lovely.

Dots said...

Hi Jennifer, Adorable needle book. I was thinking about doing one of these for my 10 year old granddaughter. She got a beginner sewing machine for her birthday in October. So this would make a great addition to her sewing. Plus give her a view of something she may want to make later on. Most of my granddaughters (I have 4) are very creative. Two crochet, one is quite the artist, one cross stitches. So learning to sew for two of them is the new adventure. Fun stuff! The needle keep is very nice for gift giving. Thanks for the tutorial.
Be well, Jennifer.

Tammy said...

Good Morning Dear Jennifer. Thank you for the beautiful needle book tutorial. It is gorgeous and would make beautiful gifts to treasure for stitching friends and family. Thanks for also sharing how you use the small firm pillow in your hand embroidery. Have a wonderful weekend Dear.

Deb said...

I was wondering where I could get the patterns for the stitcheries on the needle books. I looked in your Etsy shop and couldn't find them. I love your patterns and have made several for friends. Thank you for your lovely encouraging posts. You truly point us toward our Lord and Savior.

Lin said...

Such a sweet little needlebook Jennifer. xx

Kay said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I have printed it out for doing later in the year. I envisage making a few of these for Christmas presents this year. Sharing your skills brings me such pleasure, you are so kind. X

Ingrid said...

Que cosa más bonita! Sabes qué? A primera vista cuando miré los paquetes de agujas en el guarda agujas, pensé que eran bolsitas de té jajajaja. Creo que también sirve para eso. Voy a hacer uno para las agujas y otro para mis bolsas de té.
Gracias por compartir y tómate todo el tiempo que necesites. Nosotras esperamos con todo el amor tus siguientes publicaciones.