Friday, December 17, 2021

2022 bookmark plus Joy to the World quilt pattern...


Unlike previous years when my free BOM has been a quilt, themed stitchery blocks, or a fabric book - in 2022 we'll be making a pretty Books & Roses themed bookmark each month!

I thought it would be nice to give you a bonus one to stitch this month in preparation for next year, after all I usually share a dated pin cushion or bookmark at this time of the year.

My free gift is the stitchery design itself, but you're free to take inspiration from the way I've used it to create a bookmark, or be creative and make one of your own liking. In fact if you make this one please tag me on Instagram HERE or use the hashtags #jennyofelefantz and #2022booksandrosesBOM
Also, you could email me a photo and every so often I'll have a show and tell on the blog. 

What to use for your bookmarks? I have some lovely laces and small pieces of vintage fabric in my stash, plus my much loved cotton/linen blend stitchery background and small scraps of wadding...all perfect for sweet bookmarks. Have a look through your own bits and pieces.

Each of the 2022 Books & Roses designs have been stitched with a very simple blue, red, green and brown palette on white cotton/linen fabric, but what you'll also find in the twelve designs next year is a tiny pop of applique - something I chose to omit for this bonus bookmark. Of course the applique is optional, but I loved including tiny bits where I could. 

If you're after some last minute gift ideas, or perhaps something pretty and useful to post in a New Year card, spend a few evenings making a handful of these bookmarks. Choose colours you know your friends or family will love.

Use the link below to download the pattern.

DOWNLOAD the 2022 Books & Roses pattern.

I received a number of requests to re-share last year's free Christmas stitch-along quilt, Joy to the World, after my last blog post.

I'm happy to do so! Last year it was shared in four parts over a month, but I have now compiled the complete pattern into one file for you.

Use the link below to download the pattern.

DOWNLOAD "Joy to the World" quilt pattern

I mentioned the other day that I had been working behind the scenes on a project featuring the next Tilda range of fabric, Cotton Beach, which arrives in shops on February 1st. 

For those who have emailed to ask how I get Tilda fabrics months before they are available in quilt shops, the answer is that I am one of many designers who are gifted fat quarter bundles of these fabrics many months in advance in order to create projects which Tilda Australia can use in their social media to promote the fabric range.

When I first saw Cotton Beach it was clear that I'd be stepping out of my comfort zone, using prints and colours rarely seen in my designs...but something I use to help me think outside the box when I need to, are quotes. Words mean a great deal to me and I collect inspiring quotes and Scriptures in a small journal for 'one day' when they will be needed in a stitchery design, or for when my own heart requires a fresh dose of encouragement or direction.

Here's a portion of my Tilda "Cotton Beach" project, still in the making, which was inspired by a Louisa May Alcott quote - "I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship." I found some of the fabrics in this range to have an almost stormy feel about them, and so I let my creative thoughts take shape, incorporating that quote within the scene.

Blossom has requested it to be completed as a cushion for Charlie's room, and so it shall be. 

I had hoped to share some thoughts with you today, a topic which has been roaming around in my mind and heart for many weeks, however we had an unexpected concern this week with our Charlie David who became quite ill for a couple of days. I brought Cully May and Rafaella over to our house so that Blossom and Ross could focus on their little boy.
The girls and I did many things together and even though there was concern over our Charlie, we made sure to create memories together and learn a few new things. 

They love the Frozen movie so I printed up some free colouring pages.

Rafaella is learning to stitch with wool and a large plastic needle. Every lesson we have she improves so much!

The girls have a dress up box at my house, and as soon as they arrived Cully May dressed up as a princess. 

For lunch they always ask me to make pancakes with jam and this time we had a cooking lesson so they could learn the process.
Rafaella found a cotton dress with little baubles on it in the dress up box and changed into that because she wanted to look like a Christmas tree. For the rest of the day she kept telling us "Look, I am a Christmas tree!".

Their hard work in the kitchen paid off and they even had lessons in cutting their own pancakes. 

Mid-afternoon, after a walk up to the corner shop for ice-creams and a lovely long bubble bath (they were very sticky after their melting treats), the girls settled down under their favourite quilts for some quiet time and a movie - Frozen of course.

What a wonderful day we three had together, but the best thing of all was that Charlie improved over the day and began his recovery. Thank you Lord God, for You are so faithful!

I'll possibly do one more blog post before Christmas so between now and then, be kind to yourself, don't push beyond your limits (or your budget), and take time every day to sit quietly with Jesus and just and out, slowly. 

It is true, you know - life is a journey, one precious moment at a time to gratefully embrace and be a part of.



Susan said...

Glad Charlie is better. When I read "sit quietly and breathe". I could smell the nice smell of cut grass. Hubby is busy cutting the lawn in a hurry before the next rain. So thankful here for all the rain we have had recently, had a drought for some years now.

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
It's so warm there !and humid ! Googled Townsville weather.
Thanks for sharing all these patterns and creative family moments that fill your days:)
I like the quote and the new Tilda " sneak peek " then I googled Louisa May Alcott quotes.
Such a cozy photo of the Christmas tree and the two girls under quilts :)
take care,

Little Quiltsong said...

So thankful Charlie is better - and that you had a special day with your two granddaughters. Thank you for all the free patterns you keep sharing with us. Love the boat block that you will be turning into a pillow - the colours are so vibrant for this. Enjoy your sweet family, Jennifer.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I rarely comments these days but I always read your posts. I love seeing how Cully May and Rafaella enjoy being with you and seeing them grow up through your photo's. My G.daughter is all grown up now and I miss those days together when she was this age. Merry Christmas to you all from a cold, wet and slightly foggy UK (my part anyway) :) x

Donna P. said...

What a blessing to hear little Charlie is better - and what a wonderful day with the girls!

Farm Quilter said...

So glad Charlie is on the mend! What a special time with your granddaughters!!! You are teaching them how to be homemakers and creative in the kitchen and with their art. What a blessing for them to have this wonderful time with you to learn from a grandmother who cherishes creating a home filled with love, joy and peace. Of course, they are a blessing to you as well - blessings multiplied!!

Ewespecial said...

Thank you for your inspiration!

Karen said...

I am glad to read that Charlie David is improving, thank you Lord! But I also want to thank you for your encouragement with each post I read. And thank you for reposting Joy to the World as I think I will make it my monthly project beginning January 2022 and sing as I stitch and sew preparing for Advent next year. What a joyous reminder that one day Jesus will rule the world with truth and grace and make known the wonders of His great love for us.

Brenda H said...

I would love to see what others have done with some of your patterns. Would you be open to someone starting a Facebook page for people to share their projects? I feel this is NOT something you would be interested in handling, as it would not make your life less stressful :) but it would be great to share some of the patterns you have shared with all of us. What do you think?

Tammy said...

I am glad to hear that Charlie David is better. How scary it is when little ones are unwell... But at least you got to have time with the girls having fun and teaching stitching skills.,. Never too young to learn how to sew. That's how I learned at a very young age. sitting in the floor in mothers scrap pile As she sewed garments for her private customers . I learned to sew with a hand needle and fabric scraps my 2 sisters , my older brother and I seeing who could make the best dolly quilts and doll clothes. What fun memories to revisit.

Megan's Mom said...

I am so glad Charlie is on the mend. Nothing is more worrisome than a child who is ill. Trust in the Lord always.

Sandy in WA said...

Wonderful treasured moments with the girls..... Such grand memories. So good Charlie is better. Thank you for your wonderful writing & designs......

Winifred said...

Glad to hear that Charlie David is improving bless him. What a lovely time you had with the girls.

I do like those Tilda fabrics, your design is really lovely. Complements the fabrics beautifully.

God bless

Mydearduane said...

What a lovely post!..we have 23 grandchildren 10 and under..I still try to teach them to sew and embroider...I embroider washcloths for Christmas Operation and other needy to you from USA💕💕

Mydearduane said...

What a lovely post!..we have 23 grandchildren 10 and under..I still try to teach them to sew and embroider...I embroider washcloths for Christmas Operation and other needy to you from USA💕💕

Ruby Jay said...

Hi there, I'm relatively new to (intentional) embroidery. I have a book on embroidery stitches and have done a few a cross-stitch projects. But I'm looking forward to learning to embroider "properly". Thank you for your free downloads, I am sure they'll help me get started!