Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A birthday, a recipe, wallpapers and stitcheries...


Charlie David turned one year old last week.
And hasn't the year flown by?
He started walking at 8.5 months, and now he just runs everywhere, especially chasing after his two big sisters. 

Charlie loves to chill out in the baby rocker, swinging gently, his quiet time. That's why it's not packed away, even though he grew out of it a long time ago. He knows his chair and loves the soothing back and forth motion.

We had a very low key birthday lunch, just the way we like things. Ross and the girls wore hats, and everyone enjoyed mummy and daddy's pesto pasta and the apple and blueberry tea cake I baked. 

We played and laughed and really enjoyed our time together as a family. And you know, that's a beautiful thing about simplifying and being there for one another - every occasion is less stressful, more deeply appreciated, and memorable. 

The next day however, Blossom, Ross and all three children came down with head colds. Fortunately hubby and I were fine, and their head colds cleared in a few days. Don't know about you, but we find summer colds to be the worst, and we're right in the depths of a very hot summer right now.

So that's the final birthday of the year for our family.

So far this month I've had some painful issues with sciatica, more migraines and a quick trip to the dentist, but between things I've been able to package parcels to post, design new patterns, clean the house, re-arrange the bedroom, (finally) hem the bedroom curtains, tend the garden and play around with tweaking a delicious recipe. 

This dessert slice was originally based on apricots and incredibly yummy, but then I made another and replaced the apricots with raspberries. Well this was so good that Cully May came back again and again for more. Her and Rafaella love sour fruit, and their favourite is raspberries. 
Rafaella ate the raspberries off the top of her pieces and kindly handed the creamy coconut base to me - no complaints as it's like baked custard on a caramelised biscuit base. 

The original recipe is HERE, but you can replace the apricots with most fruits in season.
Next time I intend using plums, and the time after that, pears and ginger...and then - well, whatever takes my fancy!


With the heat of summer taking a toll I moved my desk again in order to catch the cool breeze from the air conditioner on my back and neck; and in the process made more space on the desk by moving the printer onto a small table nearby.

I also changed the wall quilt above my computer to the Christmas one I shared as a stitch-along last year - "Joy to the World".
If you'd like me to share that again just leave a note in the comments.

I change my computer wallpaper every few weeks, always choosing a Scripture which resonates with what I'm reading, studying or experiencing at the time. 

If you're after some lovely free wallpapers for your computer look HERE 
There are some beautiful ones to choose from. My photo shows this verse very bright due to the lighting from my window, so here's the actual wallpaper so you can see it as it is on my screen each day.

Being surrounded by Scripture - whether in a frame, on a stitchery, or as a wallpaper for my computer - has a very grounding, encouraging and strengthening effect on my thoughts, actions and choices throughout the day. I highly recommend displaying passages of the Word within your home.


For those who would like to see what's coming in January for both my stitchery pattern clubs, here's a peek...

(patterns emailed on the 1st of every month for one year) 

(patterns emailed on the 30th of every month) 


I have a topic which has been on my mind to write about, plus there will be a free bookmark design for 2022 and some peeks at a new Tilda project I've designed and am currently working on (it's a bit different to my usual style) using her next fabric line due out in February.

In the meantime, I do hope you are managing okay in your part of the world, that you're taking time to ponder our Saviour in this season of wonder and grace, and that you find pockets of time (and perhaps a nice cosy corner) each day to rest, pray and settle your thoughts.

May the favour of God and the abundance of His generous grace be poured gently over your life today, and in the days ahead...



Brenda H said...

I would love for you to share the Christmas patterns again. I was just introduced to you at the beginning of 2021. I joined your club in March and have made so many of your patterns into gifts for family and friends. Those stitcheries have been such a blessing to give. I gave one “Have Faith in God” to a friend who had a double mastectomy last month. It was a reminder to her that there is ONE greater than us who has all things in control. I have enjoyed your blogs and patterns that you have shared throughout the year. Thank you so much for being the giver of gifts to us who can follow directions but maybe don’t have the same ability to create. You have been a blessing to us all.

Lin said...

Such a lovely family Jennifer - that year has flown by! xx

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
A year filled with a lot of love and laughter indeed :)
Coconut and ginger sounds so good :)
Thanks for the heads up about the new Tilda line coming.
Your new work area looks so fresh and a great place to create !
A cozy corner, comfy chair and good lighting and I'm ready for a handwork project :)
Hugs, take care,

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, I would enjoy your Joy to the world pattern again please

sjaoce said...

I would really enjoy making your "Joy to the World" pattern. It's beautiful, as are all of your designs/patterns. Thank you for offering to do this again this year. Your family is lovely. Blessings on your Christmas.

Donna said...

Please share. Your patterns are so enjoyable.

Deb E said...

What a lovely little one! I really enjoy reading your blog each time...the last Christmas I spent there was under banana trees on the Gold Coast in a heat wave. Here I am in our new (to us) home nearly 50 years later in Northern California looking forward to a break between rain storms as we are soon to enter winter. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I would LOVE to see how you made the "Joy to the World" wall hanging as I'd like to make one to display during Christmas time in my quilt room. Deb E

Susan said...

I would like to see the Joy to the World pattern again. I can't believe Charlie is a year old. Of course, at my age, everything seems like it was just yesterday. :-) I pray you stay healthy and God bless you for consistent witness to His goodness and grace.

Val said...

Love your blog Jennifer and your work space is lovely. I especially like your wee printer table and am wondering where I could find one like it?

Jenny said...

What a beautiful family, thank you for sharing Charlie's first birthday photos. And I must say how much I appreciate your recipes, several of them have become favourites in my household.

Tammy said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Charlie David. He has grown up so quickly this past year. He looks so much like his sisters and parents. You must tell me how the pears and ginger turns out....It sounds divine to me...I love your new office set up. Enjoy the Christmas season as it seems to pass quicker and quicker with each passing year.

Farm Quilter said...

Three adorable grands that live so close - what a blessing! I'm sorry you have been plagued with pain as it does make everything more difficult. Your work is so beautiful - always brings me joy to see what you create. May the season celebrating the birth of our Lord bring you joy and peace.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Jenny Happy Birthday Charlie David ,what sweet grandchildren you have . So good to watch them growing up and seeing their beautiful personalities grow.
We are back down to Winter here today Jenny ,heaters going ,I am looking forward to next month . Wow such beautiful designs there ,well done .I also love your computer wall paper,and I hope you are feeling a lot better Jenny xx

Susan said...

How lovely to see Ross with the children. Now I can see they look like him, too. They are a nice blend of both parents. That is a special picture of Charlie David in his swing. Probably one of the few times a day he is so peaceful. =) Thanks for sharing family, recipes and stitcheries with us.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday to Charlie David. They do grow up so fast. So nice to see his father in the picture. So sorry about your health woes. I deal with some of my own. Thank you so much for the beautiful patterns and delicious recipes that you so generously share with us all year. May God bless you, Jennifer, and your lovely family as well.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

We bought it three years ago at Fantastic Furniture.

Christine M said...

It's hard to believe Charlie David is one year old already. That went very quickly. He looks very cute in his special chair. I'm looking forward to seeing your new Tilda project. The new range looks beautiful. xx

Susan said...

Love the screen picture. Thanks! Great family moments. Happy Birthday to Charlie!!!!

KingsailK said...