Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March books and roses BOM bookmark pattern...


Digging into old favourite pieces of fabric from years gone by is a soothing way to spend a morning, especially when your heart is heavy with prayers for those in the world who are facing tremendous challenge and danger right now.

I am speaking of the Ukraine/Russia conflict and also the southern corner of my state, Queensland. 
Both the horror of war and catastrophic floods can shatter the spirit, and regardless of what we may be personally facing in our day to day lives, when we consider the impact such events are having on millions of lives elsewhere our own troubles are greatly minimised and put into perspective.

Pray for those who are inside the raging battles of war and flood. Though each circumstance is very different from the other, the human spirit of both is susceptible to extremes of emotion, fear, courage and health consequences. 

This month I decided to stray from my blue, green and red palette and choose softer tones inspired by a lovely old piece of Lecien's Antique Flower Collection fabric.

I was saddened to discover that Lecien no longer manufacture fabric, as their prints have for many years been a favourite choice of mine. A number of year's ago I was chosen as a Lecien Ambassador and would receive some of their prettiest prints to design with...always made my heart swell with delight at the talent of their designers in creating the prettiest fabrics.

The March bookmark is quite simple to make with just a fabric border top and bottom of the stitchery centre, so I decided to make the ribbons a point of interest - one of pink satin, one of soft green seam binding, and a lovely vintage length of cotton lace to complete the trio.

Together these three pieces give a luxuriously feminine edge to the completed bookmark, don't you agree?

Use the link below to download the pattern.

If you missed the previous month's bookmark patterns you'll find them HERE

God bless each and every one of you, today and always,


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Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for the March roses :)
hugs, Joanne

Pink Rose said...

Hi Jenny thankyou it’s a beautiful pattern and design ,I also was a lover of Lucien fabrics 💕

Susan said...

This is a pretty bookmark. Thank you.

Cynthia Arneson said...

Thank you for the beautiful book marks! Your stitching is exquisite! God bless you for your generosity. I am praying for the people of Ukraine, I so hope God will have mercy and spare them the tragedy that has come to their borders.

Rita Lynn said...

Thank you
Yes it is distressing to hear of all the bombing and fighting. I didn't know about the flooding. Bible prophecy is coming true.

Tammy said...

I am praying for the Ukraine people also. This is just horrible to go to war with this country unprovoked....Thank you for March's beautiful bookmark design .

Christine M said...

Another lovely bookmark. It is so sad to see what is happening here and in the Ukraine. xx

Kim said...

As always, extremely beautiful and a delight to use. Thanks again.

Createology said...

Our world has definitely given us all great angst and feeling helpless to do enough. Thank you for this sweet bookmark design. The ribbons and lace really do “top it off!” Marching on…

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Beautiful bookmark, its so delicate and pretty :)
I've just restarted my blog at emeraldcottage.blogspot.co.uk , would be lovely to see you over there :)