Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Books & Roses, a new giveaway and home life...


This month for our bookmark I decided to add some wording, and just use the floral contrast fabric as a narrow border above and below the centre block, which was stitched onto white cotton/linen.

I really like this effect of five rows, alternating stitcheries onto the white linen, with two narrow rows of that very old pretty rose print Tilda fabric. 
(I do wish Tilda would once again design those beautiful soft floral prints...sigh)

Yesterday Blossom, Cully May, Rafaella and Charlie were here for the day, and Rafaella presented me with one of the double hibiscus flowers from our tree in the front yard. The colours blended well with this bookmark, don't you agree? And to be honest, it's just as pretty as a rose.

Some months I stitch two versions of the same Books & Roses stitchery, but the first one is always in the blues, greens and reds of my original theme. 
Have you been stitching a few different colours? They make wonderful gifts to post away or pop inside a book gift.

Use the link below to download the June Books & Roses pattern.

Here's the original version of June's design...


Perhaps you'd like me to send it to you in the mail?
You could do with it what you like - make a bookmark, or place it in the centre of a patchwork block to frame? So many ideas.

If you'd like to win the blue and red version of this month's block just leave a comment on today's blog post.
Make sure you have also included a way that I can contact you, otherwise I'll have to draw another winner if you haven't.

I'll keep this giveaway open until Monday June 13th, when a random name will be drawn. If you're the lucky one I'll send it off in the post that same week.
So once you finish reading this blog post pop in a comment, and let me know how you'd display the little stitchery.

Winter is here!! Oh joy, oh delight!!
It may not yet be cold, in fact it is not, but it is cooler, and that causes my heart to sing and my fingers to delight in the work of tending soil and growing flowers, herbs and produce.

Winter is the most wonderful time of year to grow food in a tropical climate. We have planted out tomatoes large and small, long English cucumbers, pumpkins, passionfruit, blackberries and rocket so far. 

There is beauty in an abundance of colour from the calendulas, zinnias, marigolds, roses, petunias, schlumbergera, chrysanthemums, elderflowers and even older herbs which have gone into flower now.

It's pure delight to be outside each day and tend to the garden beds, hang the washing, and sit with a cuppa to watch the tiny honey eaters flitting in and out of the trees.

I found these strawberry blonde marigolds as seedlings at Bunnings, and because my Nana had strawberry blonde hair in her younger years I decided to plant some in honour of her.
(she confessed one day that many redheads would refer to themselves as strawberry blonde)

There's a lot of weeding and pruning to be done this week so that's what the next few mornings will hold for me.

Now that winter is here, I will get back to hand-quilting Simple Days. 
Our early spring last year turned into summer within days and even with the air conditioner running it was far too hot to have a quilt laying across my lap, even though I longed to see it completed.

I only managed to hand-quilt the centre block, and the other eight just had to wait, but I have Simple Days ready and waiting to begin the very relaxing process of hand-quilting during my afternoon rest time over coming weeks. A little each day will add up over these next three months. 

If you're new to my blog, and would like to see all the blocks in my Simple Days design, pop over HERE for a look. 

And for those of you who have ummed and aahed about starting this project, I have a SALE on all nine Simple Days block patterns in my Etsy Shop until June 7th.  The patterns are 20% off until then, but you will need to use the coupon code, which is one word - SIMPLEDAYS  - at checkout.

OR use the link I am providing to get the discount automatically ... use THIS link.

In the evenings I am continuing to grow my Hydrangea crochet blanket. It's coming along beautifully, though there is one colour of yarn I'm almost out of, and I want it for the border, so I may have to purchase a skein unless I can choose a different vibrant yarn in my cupboard. But you know when you have a picture in your mind of the completed blanket and can't seem to alter it? That's me with this yarn I'm almost out of. Oh well, I shall figure it out, no doubt. 

Well, dear friend, that's it for today from our little quarter acre near the river. I hope you're doing well and also managing the change of seasons with delight as I am. No matter what though, put your hand into the hand of God, like a little child, and pray for Him to show you the beauty around you in His marvellous Creation. 
I've found that one important thing I can do when times are hard and another valley tempts me enter, is to look intentionally for beauty, and cherish it close to my heart. 

God bless, and have a truly wonderful day.

Missed the Books & Roses free patterns from previous months? You'll find all the links HERE


Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Jennifer! Your flowers are lovely. 😊
My grandmother was also a strawberry blonde red head!

I would use the stitchery to decorate the front of a journal.

Today, June 1st, is my birthday!

Blessings to you!

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
It's June ! That arrived pretty quick !
Thank you for this months stitchery and sharing a day with you in your garden!
Yes I agree :) ...when there's a plan in my head
Take care,

Lin said...

Always lovely to watch your garden grow Jennifer. Another pretty bookmark and despite my good intentions I dont seem to have made any yet! So of course would love to win your little stitchery to turn into a bookmark. Stay safe and enjoy your cooler weather. xx

Kay said...

What a lovely bookmark, this design has such a lovely feel about it. I have a collection of bookmarks in a drawer near my bed and have to choose the right one to go with each book. Thank you for a lovely giveaway, I would use the piece to make a special bookmark. It’s summer here but the weather is so cold that I will be making soup for lunch. X

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I think I would work the little stitchery into a hoop wall hanging.

GrammaGrits said...

Your flowers are all beautiful!

So interesting to read about your gardening in your winter months. Here in the Pacific NW, we've had three tomato plants freeze even though we've covered them. New stems are coming off the roots of two of them. This happened to one plant last year, and it grew great tomatoes.

Not sure how I'd use your lovely needlework, but it would be a treasure.


krislovesfabric said...

Those flowers are gorgeous as is all your handwork, I would love to make your stitchery into a bookmark!

Susan said...

Thanks for the new bookmark pattern. I really love the colors in it.

I don't have a garden this year as we had to tear out all plants/vegetation with in 10 feet of our house as the foundation needs repairing. The company is supposed to come this week to repair it.

My first thought of what I would do with your little stichery would be to put it in in a little frame and set in on my bookshelf. My second idea is to make a Bible or journal cover and put it on the front side.

CarolE said...

I love your Simple Days quilt. Your little stitchery will be a lovely gift to the lucky winner!

Tammy said...

Dearest Jennifer ,
I love Junes block with the books.... I think it would be gorgeous framed hanging over my craft books in the sewing room . Your flowers are all stunning. I can't wait to see how the English cucumbers grow for you.... I tried the Armenian cucumbers year before last. But had no luck with them. I am enjoying looking at Chamomile grow in my herb garden. This is the first year it flowered for me. Last year it barely did anything at all. I have planted more in hopes of collecting the flowers for herbal tea. Thank you for the June bookmark pattern my friend. I haven't ever seen those new strawberry blonde marigolds . They are a pretty shade. I have got calendula seeds but haven't gotten them planted as of yet.

mammacarol said...

I love this month's bookmark stitchery. I hope to make it into a bookmark to give to someone for a gift.

wendy said...

Always enjoy your pics! I love flowers, books, and sewing so I think I would put it on a little floral bag or small zip purse for sewing items.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

This cooler weather is just lovely isn't it? Your garden is looking lovely as is your hydrangea blanket. Maybe you can put a call-out to Aussie crocheters for that colour you were looking for your border. I know a lot of us order the stylecraft yarn from wool warehouse and might have a spare.

Deb E said...

What a lovely post to come home to. We went out to get wood (to build a 16 ft long firewood storage rack that is double width), plus looking for blocks for some other projects. As we are ordering 2 cords of wood soon its time to get this built and be ahead of the game! It's 90+ degrees out so I am envying your cooler weather. I would use the stitchery to add to a simple scripture or poem and frame both together. If I were to win, that is! What a lovely quilt the 'Simple Days' will be...thanks for the lovely post and the lovely giveaway... Deb E

Michelle said...

It kind of you to have a giveaway. I love the colorful crochet blanket. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. I hope as a Grandmother to help some of my kids with a little of their homeschooling like you have been doing. Enjoy homemaking, stitching and crocheting.

Deborah said...

It is strange to think of gardening in the winter! Here our winter is so very cold and snowy and we have a very short summer growing season never planting until mid to late May and risk of frost by first of September (if not earlier). I hope you enjoy the cooler weather and have a bountiful harvest.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite bookmark stitchery so far. I love it. My moms birthday was in June. She passed away suddenly when she was only 49. She loved books and so do I. This one reminds me of her.

Anonymous said...

My email is
April Lopez

Sharyn said...

Hi Jennifer. Just love the bookmarks. We are at the opposite end of the weather scale.only 7 degrees and raining. It is snowing only 40 km away. Rey windy too so no work in the garden today. Thanks for the chance to win. Sharyn.

Colleen Ann said...

Hello Jennifer. I look forward to your emails so much. Your soothing words and projects are a breath of fresh air in these trying times. I think I would use the square as a quilt block for a small wallhanging next to my desk. As always, your designs are lovely. Take care.


Mary said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your garden and envious of the tropics you live in to be able to grow such an array of fruits an veggies.

Thank you for the stitchery, it is so lovely and I am a avid reader, so, I would display this stitchery in my bedroom on my night stand cause that is where I read, I read every day for hours but your stitcheries are gorgeous and always has such special meanings for everyone young and old.
God Bless
Mary (from the USA)

WayMooreFunQuilting said...

What a lovely gift to share with us! Thank you for your thoughtfulness ad generosity. I would just love to have something of yours - handmade by you. I think I would enjoy it as the bookmark it was intended to be. Blessings in this new season! Barb in Tucson

Vallie said...

Lovely flowers and patterns. Thank you.

Life's a poem said...

Jennifer, I love bookmarks- certainly a special love. So your sweet and gentle bookmark would be popped in the current devotional I am reading: 'Jesus Calling' by Sarah Young- such a different devotional it is taking a bit of getting used to, but loving the challenge and your bookmark would soothe that transitional from thoughts of a morning's work to a few moments alone with Jesus. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and encouragement to us all. Lorraine

Lori said...

What a lovely bookmark! I would frame it and hang by my “homemaker” books or perhaps make it into a Bible cover.
I love your flowers! I especially like the one rose that is yellow in the center with shades of pink/orange on the outer edges. Do you know the name of it?
Bless you, Jennifer!

hennies.pennies said...

Dear Jennifer, I so look forward to your emails sharing your daily life and your lovely patterns. June's bookmark is wonderful and so recognizable as being designed by you. Thank you for being such a bright spot in my day! Be especially blessed in all things. Katherine Hawkes

Busy Lizzie's Pink Patch said...

Thank you for your post. I would love to cherish your embroidery. It is just so lovely.
Liz said...

love love love
work photo flower

Christine M said...

This book mark is a gorgeous one. I would display the block on my pin up board until I came up with the right project for it. You have so many lovely flowers in your garden. Your Simple Days quilt is beautiful. So is your blanket, Jennifer. xx

Rebecca said...


Your little pattern would be the cover for a little lavender sachet/pillow for my bed because books and lavender are both relaxing. Thank you! ❤️

Miriam said...

The pink rose is gorgeous as your crochet blanket and your handmade quilt. I would put your embroidery in a frame and put it near my crucifix on the wall, because you are a beautiful person of prayer, the giveaway worldwide?
Have a nice week end,

Janni Harlick said...

I do love reading your blog posts. It’s a tad cooler here in south east QLD and we have had the log burner on to keep us warm! I love your stitcheries and would make a lovely bookmark with this one. Happy gardening Jennifer!
Gods blessings to you

Sue said...

If I had the little stitchery I would use to make the front of a book cover.

all your work is so lovely and I find you to be up lifting to me in your walk
with Jesus. You help me in my walk too. Thank you for all your lovely work and
inspiring words.

ssjmommy said...

I love everything your write about including your stitchery, gardens, grandchildren, recipes, and everything else. It's so interesting to read about you on the 'other side of the world!' I love the book mark stitching and would complete it into a book mark for my new Bible. Thank you for allowing us to share in your life. God bless you!
Deborah W.

Karin said...

I love the bookmarks you have been providing! I am an avid reader, as are most members of my family, so it is a blessing to share the bookmarks I make with all of them. Our change of weather here in the Southwest U.S. (Arizona) is not the same as yours at all, in fact it is downright hot! LOL!! My garden does well though.

Lorrie said...

Books and roses are two of my favourite things. I think I would frame it in a wee frame and put it on my bookcase.
Your pale pink rose is so very pretty. I'm glad things are cooler for you now, and you can enjoy quilting and crocheting. We have had a very cold spring, and it's still cloudy, but temps are reaching 20 some days, which is a huge improvement.

Ondrea said...

Before I forget, what yarn do you need? I have quite a few of the Stylecraft Special DK from the UK from making a few of Lucy's blankets. Love your quilt...haven't finished all my blocks yet. This month's bookmark is so sweet. Each month becomes a favourite lol. Glad you are enjoying winter as it is no fun here. It is very chilly and gloomy most days with early nightfall. Your garden is absolutely beautiful, a credit to you. X

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Such a lovely post and your garden looks inviting. I would use the stitched piece to top a wooden book box I have. You can reach me by email -

Kristy said...

I’m new to your blog, your stitching is beautiful! I hope to browse your site for more beautiful inspiration!

Anonymous said...

So love the beautiful flowers that God has blessed you with, and that you so generously share with us. Thank you for all you share with us, you are a blessing in my life

Anonymous said...

I love all of your stitchery patterns and ideas! So inspirational!

Donna Godfrey said...

Your flowers are simply beautiful. I know you enjoy them.
The bookmark is so pretty. I would love to have one you do. Your work is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the flower pictures.