Thursday, October 6, 2022

October bookmark pattern...

This month's bookmark is finally done, thanks for your patience. 
I drew up a sweet stack of teacups to applique, perched them on a stack of books and popped a couple of red roses in the smallest cup. 

On your pattern sheet I've drawn little roses inside each tea cup, just in case you'd rather stitch them than add applique. 

Something else I did this month was to hand quilt the top and bottom feature fabrics, one with diagonal cross hatch, and the other with squares. I also made this bookmark much larger than previous months as some of my reference books require more than the average size to save a page. 

A triple layer of lace and ribbon completed the October bookmark. 

Hope you like this one! Use the link below to download the free pattern.

DOWNLOAD Books & Roses October stitchery pattern


Early each morning there's been cloud cover for a few hours, so usually I'm found pottering around the garden, doing what I can to prepare beds and pots for the very hot months ahead. 

There's not a great deal of food you can grow here outside of the winter months, strange as that may seem to most of you, but I'm studying up on what might work. So far, we've got two new pumpkin plants doing well, sweet potatoes just kicking off, more spring onions (green onions) which always do well year-round, radishes, rocket (always does well), a capsicum plant which resides in a pot of snapdragons, and beetroot greens. Much of these are under shade cloth in the raised beds, or for the smaller pots I've used old net curtains to shade them. 

I roasted the last butternut pumpkin yesterday. It was only a small one, but perfect...

For fruit we have a paw paw tree which has established itself well the past two months so we're hopeful of fruit (probably next year), and the passionfruit vine is vigorously spreading over the structure hubby built for it. Our sole blueberry plant surprised us with six blueberries last month, and has suddenly had a growth spurt, so we're hopeful for future fruit. The blackberry bush was so dormant the past six months that we though it had died, but no, it's sprouted to life and is beginning to spread it's limbs across another structure hubby built for it. 

Ginger, which we're growing for the first time, has burst to life in a pot, so I got keen and planted another ginger corm in the raised bed where we had grown tomatoes over winter. 

With regards to flowers - the geraniums, snapdragons, calendula, roses, dianthus, seaside daisy (which grow in the shade of the elder tree) and zinnias are all doing fairly well. Amazingly, the chrysanthemums are still bringing forth a few blooms as well! I have to keep my eye on everything though as our sun is already scorching petals if I'm not checking often and moving pots around to shadier spots if needed.

Harry-dog will be eight weeks old tomorrow, and loves exploring the gardens. When I am outside he is right there adventuring in and out of the plants, trees and garden tools. He's also intent on grabbing the towels or sheets off the clothesline, but being so tiny he's not yet been successful. 

After browsing one of my garden books, I picked some chive blossoms the other day to make a flavoured vinegar. 

I only made half a jar as I didn't have enough blossoms for the full recipe, but it will be fun to watch this jar turn a deep pink over the next two weeks...

Apparently the flavour is delicious, and as the only ingredients were chive blossoms and white wine vinegar, if we like it I'll make more each year.

This is the book I'm reading - full of garden ideas!

Remember those pretty china teacups and saucers I showed you in the last blog post? Well, Blossom and the children were over on Tuesday and the girls couldn't wait to have a tea party! They even asked for a refill. 

Charlie is almost two now, can you believe it?! 
Every time I try to get a photo though, he's jumping around and not wanting to stand still so the photos are blurry...but, you can still see how he melts my heart!

Migraines are hitting very hard at the moment, so blog posts have slowed...but I didn't want you to wait any longer for the new bookmark stitchery, so thought while I have a free hour I'd give you a catch up on home life as well. 
Harry is settling beautifully, and is absolutely besotted with hubby. It's the highlight of Harry's day when Mr E arrives home from work. :-) Of course, when it's he and I at home, he's pretty besotted with me too. Ha ha!!

I truly hope that each of you are doing well, that you're finding joyful things to put your hands and minds to...and that you remember to give thanks each day for the sacred gift of life. Beginning each day with prayers of praise and gratitude, we set our thoughts on the Father above, and this in turn brings blessing to the hours that follow. 
Since we've had Harry, 12 days now, hubby and I are waking much earlier, around 4.30am, and though our days are longer and we're much wearier by nightfall, we're thoroughly enjoying the extra time spent reading God's Word before breakfast, as well as after. My beloved, who has a stressful job, drives off in a much calmer state of mind. Spending that extra 60 minutes each day in our Bible study, on top of the 40 minutes we had before Harry arrived, has been, and is, incredibly life giving. In fact, I hear my husband let out a sigh when it's time to close his Bible and go get ready for work...and I think, that's what it should be like, right? We should love reading God's Word so much, that we don't want to put it down. 

Bless you heaps, lovely ones. I've got notes for the next book study chapter, but with this barrage of migraines (weather related) it's not been easy to assimilate it all into a blog post. Soon, though.

Hugs and blessings
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Kristy said...

The bookmark is adorable! It was worth the wait. I am sorry you are having migraines again. I am having one today too. Charlie will melt all the girls hearts too! Oh is he ever handsome already! Mr. Harry has done a good job of becoming part of your family and it is blessings he has brought by bringing you both to spend more time in the Word. What a huge blessing. Thanks for your faithfulness in sharing your heart and life. You are a huge blessing to us all. Have peace and rest and relief from your pain. K-

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for a fun stitchery today ! Love the towering teacups :)
On the weather "station" on my phone I programmed in a few cities, one being Townsville. It's looking quite warm there ! Our high today is not even reaching your low temperature. Whishing you good harvests this Winter :)
Looking forward to hearing how your chive vinegar tastes and what dishes you will use it in.
Take the time to rest when there is a chance to enjoy it.
Thanks for the great tea cups in action photos and sharing what
's growing in your garden :)
hugs, take care,

Kim said...

Thanks again for the lovely pattern and inspiration in making it.
I, too, am thankful that this season in my life allows for a longer time in Bible-reading, prayer, and other good reading early in the mornings. I'm currently going through "Dancing With My Father" by Sally Clarkson along with my regular Bible reading and I've been so encouraged and strengthened by it especially as I take notes and journal my thoughts and lessons.
I pray that your migraines slow way down.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Jennifer. Your posts are so calming and peaceful. Your grandkids are so sweet. I pray your migraines let up. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are a blessing.

Seeing your little doggie makes me want to go get one just like it. My 14 year cat died last week and it's been so quiet and sad around here.

We are just beginning the changing of the leaves here in New Jersey. It has been a cold fall so far. We had the remnants of hurricane Ian with rain for days. This morning the sun is shining.😊 I will take a walk later before work and soak up the sun while lifting up prayers to The Son.

Susan said...

No matter the time of year, your gardens are always a beautiful respite in the day. Some plants inside and outside are thriving here, and one or two die for no seeming reason. I feel bad for my son who buys them all, as he's so disappointed when they do. They bring beauty as long as they can, though! I love Cully Mae's little finger sticking out with her teacup. What precious gifts all three children are. Thank you for the bookmark pattern, and all the lovely things you inspire in my life.

Sue said...

I'm sorry you're suffering with migraines. My daughters get them and it's hard to watch your loved ones suffer. I hope the weather improves so you get relief. The gardens are beautiful and your puppy is just too cute! He'll keep both of you on your toes! Thank you for another delightful bookmark! I plan on stitching each month and giving them to my book-loving daughter for her birthday. She will absolutely adore them! Your finishing is always so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love this month's bookmark with the tiny tea cups. Thank you for sharing it.
Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

Anonymous said...

That little Harry is darling! Love how his little body still looks so babyish. And I can so clearly see Cavalier and Dachshund in his face! ❤️❤️❤️

Julie said...

I am catching up on your recent posts dear Jennifer. Gosh Harry is delightful! I just want to reach into my screen & give him a gentle hug. And those wee grandchildren are adorable too ... I love how Cully May has her pinkie finger sticking out when she drinks tea. Just so precious. Thank you for the new bookmark pattern to add to my folder my dear friend. ❤ xxx

Susan said...

Thank you for the book mark. I especially like the bigger size as we have many oversize books. I pray your migraine's ease up. I know what they are like. Your garden is always beautiful.

Patti said...

Thank you for the bookmark pattern. It has been fun to see what the pattern of the month will be. Thank you also for taking the time to write your blog. They are a joy.

Allie said...

Hello my darling friend - ok the raised pinky on Cully May slayed me! I have pictures of my grandmother doing the exact same thing, drinking her tea. My gosh the children are growing way too fast. Thank you for the lovely bookmark, dear heart, and the glimpses into your lovely garden, and the Amazing Harry. I am praying for you tonight, and every night - love you so much!

Lorrie said...

Hello, dear Jennifer,
I do hope your migraines ease soon. Love the photo of your little granddaughters sipping tea ever so properly from their china cups. I can sympathize with the inability to capture a busy grandchild in a photo - our almost two-year-old granddaughter is a whirling bundle of energy. Thank you for the pretty bookmark pattern. Your garden is wonderful!

Ondrea said...

The bookmark is lovely as always. Each one is my favourite until another comes along lol. Charlie is a cheeky munchkin and so cute. Glad your new cups are being enjoyed . Hope your migraines settle down. X

KingsailK said...

Thanks Jennifer.Lovely design and gorgeous photos of your grandchildren.I am going to check out that book!Sorry for the migraines you get.I pray they will go in Lord Jesus name.xxMary-Lou

Anonymous said...

It is always great to hear from you. I'm sorry it had to be while you had your migraine. Does the change of seasons make it worse? So happy you adopted a little furry child, I believe animals raised with love give nothing but love back. Take care., Robin. quiltyladyrr at gmail dotcom

Lu said...

Thank you Jennifer for the darling bookmark pattern. I must try my hand at this one. So sorry to hear of your headaches making a come back. The Native American healers use Lavender as a remedy for headaches . It might be something to look into for relief. Have a wonderful day and again thank you.

Susan said...

Hi, hope you feel better soon. Pets give all their love for us to enjoy! Sadly our Lucky boy went to doggy heaven on 9th Oct. Here we are taking life easy as hubby had a back operation. He is doing great. This made me realize that The Lord gave us these drs and nurses and technology to make our lives easier. So thankful for how the nurses took care of him even though they are understaffed. Your grandbabes are so cute each with their own personalities starting to show. Our eldest grandson 21 yrs old surprised us with a visit. We are truly blessed. Take care and thanks for the cute bookmark!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, love the new book mark. I love your garden and wish I had a green thumb. And I can't forget about those darling grandchildren.
Carol O

Benice Kok said...

Dearest Jenny, thanks for your generosity in sharing your life and your joys with us. Your pain is also a comfort for those of us that deal with similar challenges and gives me the comfort that I am not alone. Here in South Africa we are also battling with heatwaves at the moment and our bodies are not all wired to deal with it. At least we do not have to battle the humidity that you are exposed to. I am sending you lots of loving kindness and great appreciation for the difference you make in your readers' lives.

Tammy said...

Dearest Jennifer
Harry is a gorgeous pup. We have 5 cats. Always something going on here cat related. We used to have Dachshund's but after our last old girl passed away we decided on no more dogs just cats as they live so much longer. Pets bring so much joy to a household and lots of love. And our pets bring lots of love to my special needs son and to all of us. Enjoy the puppy stage. I know the grand kids have to be madly in love with Harry. I hope your cat will get better very quickly Dear friend. Your garden is always so green , gorgeous and productive. The deer have eaten my veggie garden to the ground. Except for the pineapple bushes, and except for my herb garden that is on and around the back patio and not out in the yards. We are finally feeling some cool weather here past couple weeks. It is just heavenly. Charlie David has grown so much. I know Mr. E is so happy he has a grandson to teach to garden and fix things in the coming years. Thank also for the lovely new book mark pattern. I too have mellowed with age .

Tammy said...

P.S. Jennifer praying your headaches go away very quickly.

Beth said...

Just a note to thank you for the darling bookmark, to tell you how much I love seeing the photos of Blossom's sweet children, and to say that I, too, have a little pup whom I love dearly. My boy is Leo. He is four now, the youngest of our five dogs, and very much still the "baby of the family". I do believe Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent this specific boy my way--I needed a little dog to shower with love and this fellow loves to be loved. His favorite command is "Snuggle!". Upon hearing that he dives under the quilt and curls up next to me, and falls fast asleep. Such a sweet little companion. Still naughty, and gives me lots of reasons to get up and go outside, which is good for me. All of the other dogs are quite patient with him. In return he is very loving with our eldest dog, looking after her and watching out for her like the granny girl she is. So it is with great interest that I will be following the adventures of young Harry. Please give him love from Oregon, USA.

Createology said...

So sorry you are experiencing migraines dear. Little Harry looks so cute and will be a wonderful companion. I love how the girls are sipping their tea in fancy cups and saucers complete with proper pinkie placement. Your gardening is amazing and such a worthwhile effort for eating healthy. My thumbs are not green like my Grandma and my Daughter. I pray for your wellness…