Thursday, February 9, 2023

Join my free stitch-along!


It's been a while since I wrote a post updating what's going on in my sewing room, but here is one at last.
Last September I showed you the beginnings of my remake of Phyllis May's Kitchen, which I renamed Jennifer's Kitchen (you can see the updated photos HERE), because I'm sewing the blocks into a quilt this time. The original version was a fabric memory book with pockets, dedicated to my darling Nana, Phyllis May (you can see all the original photos HERE)

In the above picture, I'm showing the new flour canister and mixing bowl block, which was recently completed, plus the comfort food embroidery done and ready to be bordered as a 10.5" quilt block. 

Right now I'm almost finished the preserving block, just a bit more detail to add and I can add lace and borders on it too. 

I love having a few things on the go at once, especially during the long summer days. Oh, and bless you for the care and prayers about our flooding rain! The rain has cleared for a while and though the yards are still sodden mud slides, the sun is shining once more...regardless of the heat, I welcomed the sunshine. 

But as I was saying, having a few things in process, sitting pretty and inviting beside my stitching chair, is wonderful. I tend to get most of my chores done in the morning, or I use that time to visit with Blossom. These early afternoons I brew a cuppa, or pour a large iced ginger water, perhaps indulge in a scone or slice of cake, and with fabric, needle and thread on my lap, I stitch and listen to an audio book. Around 3.30pm I pack everything away and begin the afternoon chores, and then start preparing dinner. 

Having something to stitch is good for the soul, whether that be a long term project, such as my Jennifer's Kitchen quilt blocks, or quick makes when you're in the mood for something smaller. And that's what I had in mind for this new free stitch-along...

I have been meaning to to do this since 2021, as I had flour sacks and some lovely fabrics ready to make a few kits (I am always getting enquiries for kits)...but you need time to plan this sort of thing, and my time last year was happily taken up with home and family, garden, health and regular Elefantz business commitments.

The project for this stitch-along is what my Nana would have called a supper cloth. She had a fairly small kitchen table, but always covered it with a tablecloth, and when afternoon tea was served, or when guests called, she'd throw a small supper cloth across the centre of the table before placing the large tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug and a plate of home-baked treats upon it. 

My "Little House Corner" supper cloth has been made from a beautiful unbleached flour sack, which I purchased from an Amish supply store across the ocean in the USA. In every corner there's a different little house, hence the name...

The sides are bordered in a pretty floral gingham print, many years old.

The border is added to the supper cloth before any embroidery is added, so that's where this stitch-along will start. I'll have the border tutorial for you, along with the first of four little house stitchery patterns on Friday, March 3rd. Then I'll share the remaining three little house stitcheries over the following three Fridays. 

I made a blue bordered cloth for a friend's birthday last year, and it's just as pretty as the red bordered cloth I have kept for myself. I suggest you choose your favourite print to border your own Little House Corner supper cloth. Choose threads which blend with your fabric - my number one embroidery rule.

As I bought a lot of the flour sacks (with this idea in mind), I have made up 18 kits to sell, which are now listed in my shop. The kits include a genuine unbleached flour sack measuring 33" x 36", and plenty of pretty fabric to border your supper cloth. 

The fabrics are not the same as the floral gingham used for my own cloth, but there's a choice of five beautiful prints which I think you will love. Unfortunately, due to postage costs, these kits are only for sale within Australia. 

For those of you who want to join this stitch-along and supply your own fabrics, you will require one large square of flour sack, calico, homespun, linen, or other solid cream fabric. If you can get a piece 36" square that's great, but as the flour sack I've used is slightly smaller, my supper cloth (after trimming the hems already in place) ended up being 35" x 32". I could have cut it smaller to make a 32" square, but didn't mind having it finish as a rectangle. 

However, as I'll be making another one with you, I may go for the square this time.

To purchase one of the limited flour sack & floral fabric border kits (with free postage) go HERE to my Etsy Shop. Remember, these kits are only available for posting within Australia and as soon as they are sold there are no more. 

(green floral)

(turquoise floral)

(pink floral)

(aqua & blue floral)

(red & blue floral)

Anyhow, I'd best be away and get back to the sewing room...because I'm busy cutting kits for other projects, things I'm fairly sure you'll like - but I'll wait till next week to show them. 

Bless you heaps,

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Emma Christian said...

These little tablecloths are so pretty! I love the unique embroidery in each corner and the pretty floral border is lovely. You have such an eye for colours and patterns. There is something so calming about hand stitching, though I don't do enough of it really.

I have been holding you in my prayers for your lovely home to keep safe and dry and for you to feel God's peace and presence during such a stressful time. I'm pleased to hear its drying out for you and hopefully, you can begin to breathe a bit now.

Much love,

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Jennifer's Kitchen ! Looks like a fun stitch-along :)
Fresh cheery colours and lace combined in patterns to celebrate kitchen life :)
Those kits you are making will surely be flying off your etsy shelves !
hugs, take care,

Lin said...

I love the floral fabrics you have chosen Jennifer - lucky people who get one of your kits! The little stitcheries look very sweet.
By the way my server wouldnt let me send a reply to your last email - lets hope it is just a blip! xx

Jenn said...

Oh Jennifer! Now, you KNOW I’ll need to create those “Jennifer’s Kitchen” blocks!
And this sweet little stitch along, I would love to join in!

loulee said...

I love to see your stitching it is so neat and lovely. The kitchen blocks are beautiful.

Susan said...

What a wonderful idea! I have a round, very antique table in need of a refinish - badly needing one. A supper cloth would definitely improve things! The little houses are wonderful, and I'm going to try to get things together to do this. I have some prints very like what you've shown for your kit ... actually bought with your stitcheries in mind, but they've not been used yet. I may use those, or there's a large green polka dot ... What fun, Jennifer! Thanks for a great spring project!

Magda said...

Hi Jennifer

I have just purchased one of your kits in the aqua/blue colour way. Can't wait for it to arrive and for me to start something new. Thank you so much for your blog too. I am currently re reading it right from the start and enjoying it immensely, especially your devotions. They have been very thought provoking and once or twice have been enough to bring me up short and acknowledge that my walk with the Lord has been less then committed. Thank you again. love, Magda

Lorrie said...

What a pretty supper cloth. This looks like a lovely stitch along, Jennifer.

Tammy said...

Dearest Jennifer,
The super cloth is gorgeous and such a beautiful idea. Looking forward to the stich along. Blessings to you and your family.... Oh how I wish we lived in the same country and I could order a kit. But goodness postage is so expensive these days. I totally understand about limiting to Australia. That was very smart.
Love Always,
Tammy Lyons

Anonymous said...

Sew Cute! Thank you for sharing.
Carol O