Saturday, December 9, 2023

Free Christmas gift pattern number 3...


With finances tight for many families and singles these days, creating small gifts which can fit inside a card, whether for Christmas or birthdays, means we can still reach out with love to family and friends near or far. 
The three little gifts included in this one pattern today can be sewn using small scraps of fabric, and embellished with beads, lace, ribbons, tiny buttons - the small bits and bobs we save because they are pretty and we hope to use them one day. 

Inside this free pattern you will find not just embroidery instructions, but tutorials for making the sweet gifts. The lavender sachet below can be kept under a pillow, in an underwear or nightgown drawer, or hung as I have done from a coat hanger in the closet. 

The bookmark is a lovely gift to send to an avid reader, and could even be gifted inside a book. Are there some lovely books on your shelf which you will no longer need or read? Consider regifting them with a pretty bookmark, or perhaps you could sew a pretty cover for the book using one of the little embroidery motifs in this pattern set? 

For many years I would gift Blossom one of my vintage novels every Christmas, and she was thrilled to receive the beautiful works of Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott and other favourite authors which I had read with her during our homeschooling years. Now they sit on her own shelves, awaiting the day when she can begin reading them to her own daughters. Perhaps you can do something similar with treasured books to be handed down?

The gift card is such a cute way to dress up a wrapped present, but is also lovely just as it is because it can be used as another bookmark. 

One of my projects for 2024 is to make a box of these kind of gift cards, using small fabric pieces such as vintage or recycled linen, lovely cottons, sweet satins and old lace. I'll also make some of the lavender sachets and the bookmarks, because there's nothing more satisfying than to have pretty handmade, useful, gifts on hand to send away in a card. 
Oh, and I'll also be making cards, something I have planned for the longest of times, but which has not been followed through on thus far.

Use the link below to download the free pattern.

If you missed the first two free 2023 Christmas gift patterns they are HERE and HERE

Not a lot has been happening here at home. There's been no rain other than the hour we received a week ago, so the garden is a bit worse for wear. My roses easily scorch on the tips of their petals if I don't pick them first thing in the morning, when still at the budding stage, yet they smell divine and grace my desk with beauty and dignity. 

Blossom bought me a bunch of sunshine yellow chrysanthemums last weekend and they are still as fresh as ever! That's what I enjoy about mums - they last and last, decorating your home with their presence for weeks. 

As we need to stay indoors more at this time of year due to the intense heat and humidity, once the housework is done I settle down for a bit of reading and a cuppa. I have all three of Rhonda Hetzel's books, and have read them a few times each, but this little one is brilliant for a condensed read and I have highlighted and made notes all through it - adding more each time I read it. 

If you haven't got her two large volumes, or don't have finances for them, then let me assure you that this small book is simply marvellous for learning of her journey to a simpler life, the success and freedom she and her husband found, as well as the challenges along the way. Its available here on Amazon Australia
It's also available here on Amazon US and I just checked and the Kindle version is only $2.99 at the moment. 
I am NOT an amazon affiliate, just really love her books and think this little one is a great place to start. 

Molly-dog is now one year old, and has become our little shadow, no matter where we are. The funny thing about pugs is that they don't look happy, and yet I have found them to be very happy dogs. Molly loves her toys but her favourite is a piece of checked fabric which I tied with a knot in the centre. She was getting into mischief in my sewing room, you see, pouncing on any bits of fabric I I thought, "Aha, you are fabric lover too are you, Missy? Then you shall have your own." Since she got her own large piece she has not touched mine. Yay. 

Many of our sunflowers have gone to seed now, which has brought even more birds to the garden. A gorgeous pair of red-winged parrots visit each afternoon to feast, and they are joy to behold! 
The cockatoos prefer to eat from the bird feeder, as do the rainbow lorikeets, but these parrots swing back and forth on the sunflowers and have dinner there instead. 

I have been doing some more crochet edging, but mostly for my older daughters. I'm sending them new crochet-edged tea towels for Christmas (they live in other states far from us) as they both prefer something handmade for gifts. I bought tea towels on sale at Bed, Bath & Table yesterday, in a mix of styles as both girls (and Blossom too) have very different preferences. These are a few I'm working on today...

I finished this blue one last night. It only takes an hour and keeps my hands occupied while we listen to a sermon, or teaching on various subjects like gardening in the tropics or health related seminars.

I always match the cotton yarn with the print of the tea towel, and leave a few pairs on the table at a time so that even if I only have twenty minutes or so of free time (while dinner is cooking perhaps) I can pick one up and make a start for later in the evening.

This is the new runner I'm working on for the top of a chest of drawers in our bedroom. I'll get back to it once all the girl's gifts are made. It's more of the Cath Kidston cotton duck fabric I have had on hand for years. 

Today is Charlie David's 3rd birthday!!
But I am going to ask you to pray for him as he has been ill for a few days - dreadfully high fever, vomiting etc. It has gone through all of Blossom's children, plus Ross (and it was his first week on his new job), but little Charlie got it last of all. So we shan't see him today as he needs rest and healing. Your prayers would be the best birthday gift. ((thank you))
Did I ever tell you that the 'David' in his name was for King David? Blossom always knew that if she had a son she'd want him to be a man after God's own heart and that she would have David in his name so that she could teach him all about his namesake and how God was able to use him. 

(Charlie David pretending to be Nana at her desk - :-)

How are YOU?? What's been happening in your life this past week? Is there anything you need prayer for? Just ask. xxx

My love and prayers go out for all of you who read along, knowing that our God hears them and acts on your behalf because He loves you so much. His answers may not always be what we wanted, they may not come as swiftly as we'd hoped, and for a while we might think He is deaf to our needs...but no, He is our Father and He always answers prayers in the way that is best for us because He is outside of time and knows the beginning from the end. So, we must have faith, hold fast to hope, always choosing to live according to God's Word, and remembering we were bought at a great price by the blood of His Son.

We have a cyclone on the way, and the Bureau of Meteorology expect it to hit somewhere around our region on Wednesday if it follows their predicted trajectory, however, having lived in this cyclone region for more than fourteen years now, I know that cyclones can change their track at any time, so it may move further north, go south, or decide to make landfall here. For the next few days we'll just watch and prepare 'in case' it comes close to home. Thanks for all the emails asking me about it's proximity to us. I'll update on Monday when I share the fourth free pattern. 

God bless you all!

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Lin said...

That young man is growing up so quickly! Poor boy missing his birthday treats. And of course he will be in my prayers. Pretty patterns Jennifer, thank you .

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Three already ! Happy Birthday !
The heat wave in Sydney, Austalia made the news here this morning. I can just imagine how you are trying to cope.
Those birds on the sunflowers look great !
Cool looking teatowels with an applique look. bought like that ? So many possible creative crochet combinatiations !
Looks great !
Have a great weekend !
hugs, take care,

Anonymous said...

dear jennifer, yes i would greatly appreciate prayer for my husband. he is in much pain because of a needed hip replacement and he can have the surgery till feb. please pray that the dr. will give him something to alleviate pain or that the Lord would see fit to heal this. thank you for your prayers, Bonnie--usa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer. It's always so lovely to read your posts. I will definitely pray for Charlie David. It's so hard to see a little one ill. If you have a moment, please pray for me. My dear husband passed Oct.14th and I'm having to deal with so many things that need doing. Also, it's been so hard going thru Thanksgiving here in the US and Christmas coming without my beloved husband by my side.

Hugs to you and your precious family.

Winifred said...

I hope Charlie David is better soon poor little soul. There are always lots of bugs going around but children seem to be hit harder by them. He's on my prayer list!

Thank you for the lovely patterns Jennifer. I loved the pin cushions you posted earlier, the colours are gorgeous and the embroidery so neat. My favourite colour is blue, all shades. Hopefully now I've had both cataracts removed I will be able to sew & embroider more easily.

You take such beautiful photos Jennifer. Those parrots are gorgeous, the colours are amazing, really vivid and it's so nice to see your roses when our gardens here are looking so poor. Last week they looked beautiful covered with pristine snow. It didn't last long a really heavy downpour during the night cleared it.

Seems strange when you're experiencing such heat I have finally given in & bought an electric blanket. The hot water bottle just didn't do the trick any more and as you get older you do feel the extremes of temperature more.

Sherry Bobak said...

Prayers for healing for Charlie David I can't believe that he is three already! Praying , also, that the cyclone misses your area. I always love the pictures of your beautiful garden and the birds that come to visit. Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts you create for us. Prayers and blessings for you and your family

Allie said...

Oh what gorgeous little stitcheries! So beautifully presented as well, and those gorgeous tea towels! You certainly have the gift of making everything so special, girl. Love seeing your beautiful flowers (those yellow mums are spectacular!) and darling Molly. What a sweetheart! And Charlie, oh gosh he's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!!! Hard to believe he's three already! What a blessed nana you are! Praying you are out of the path of the cyclone!

Tammy said...

Jennifer thank you for the beautiful stitchery patterns. I'm so sorry that he and Culley Mae or ill. I will be praying for them my sweet friend. Charlie looks adorable playing the part of Nana with those glasses on....He is too cute. How quickly the children are growing up. I will also be praying about your cyclone. Please pray for my husband to find a job . No luck yet. Prayers are greatly appreciated. I know it is all in gods hands and on Gods timing not ours. Love you Dear friend. Those birds are gorgeous as are the flowers

Mary-Louise Parker said...

Dear Jennifer, prayed for wee Charlie, he is a wee pet! Lovely tea towels and Birds!! Please pray our daughter Megan has moved house yesterday with her husband, she is Exhausted! We are married 32!years today. Every Blessing Mary Lou. Thank you I love all you do and for new books!!

ginabishop0404 said...

Jennifer, I just want to say how much I appreciate your blog. The free patterns are so nice but what really touches me is the presentation and spirit behind everything you post. I find myself smiling as I read and enjoy the pictures and it just touches my soul. I sent up a prayer for little Charlie David and hope that he is feeling better very soon.
Thank you for everything. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday season.

Susan said...

Praying for Charlie (he's so cute sitting there with your glasses on). Praying for the whole family as one sick person impacts everyone else. Maybe Charlie can have a "make up birthday".
I am still trying to regain my strength and stamina since I had surgery (unintended) 6 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Prayed for little Charlie David and the rest of the family, that they would be made well quickly and have a burst of energy to return to normal life. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas - and thank you for SUCH a wonderful blog. It brings hope and a bit of serenity to my heart each time I read it. Deb E / California